8 Extremely Cool Songs to Make Your Halloween Party Unforgettable

You are throwing out a Halloween party? If that is the case, apart from cool decorations and outstanding costumes, you will need numerous great Halloween songs to make this Halloween party special and unforgettable. Songs comes with wicked tunes will increase the scary atmosphere of the party and lead all the people who take in part of this activity to a scary spirit. What? You have no idea what songs to bring to the Halloween party? Don’t rush. We will get you a list of cool Halloween songs that can bring inspiration to your party and rock everybody! Let’s now have a look!

1. Super Freak – Rick James

Super Freak is an excellent choice to first introduced in the party since it can break the walls between strangers. We all know that Halloween party is all about wicked costumes, funky atmosphere and staff like that. Using this song as the start of the party must be a strike of the cool night. You will be quite amazed when the very first note comes out.

2. Ghost Town – The Specials

All the people take part in Halloween party pretends to be a monster, vampire hunter or some classic ghost from a certain story. As one of the greatest hits from The Specials and one song that represents the creepy Halloween party, Ghost town is considered to have excellent background vocals and ghost sounded moans. When you play this song, you may be able to feel the dance floor of your party shaking with a conversion of joy.

3. Monster Mash – Bobby “Boris” Pickett

Halloween party can be described as an actual party that matches Halloween with the presence of “Monster Mash.” This song is the most popular rock and roll song over the years without doubt. Produced by Bobby Pickett, Monster Mash hit the top 100 music bill for three times, which is a rare event in the music field. This original song just goes to the top place when it was first released on Oct 20, 1962 in US. The sales of this song have reached 4 millions at that time. Due to the original, exciting and catchy tones of this song, it has been used in Halloween days for numerous times.

4. Halloween – Helloween

Halloween is a customized song for Halloween! Yes, you’ve heard it! Perhaps this song is the most powerful metal song that you can hear in a Halloween party. The impeccable vocal along with the thrilling beating will not disappoint you in this day! Just wait to be banged as if there is no tomorrow!.

5. Season of the Witch – Donovan

Season of the Witch is definitely another scary selection you can pick at the Halloween party. Not all the songs have the same impact on B horror movies produced by George A. Romero at 1972 which tells a frightened story of a housewife who gets involved in witchcraft. This Season of the Witch by Donovan makes create a sexy witch surrounding with mysterious feelings in your Halloween party, which makes you wanna cover your eyes or not able to sit tight in the bench. Just dance!

6. Ghostbusters – Ray Parker Junior

Can you imagine put rocky dance and ghost stories together? What buster result could they possibly bring? Ghostbuster is another song that follows the same name of a film and brings Halloween music to a new level. It has been put to a Halloween party since the very beginning. Just hear about the name of the song, you will be able to get a blur impression of this holiday. Once you dance with it, the tune will never go off your mind because it just feels so right!

7. High Way to Hell –AC/DC

“Highway to hell” was another classic song of AC/DC’s album in 1979 since it was released to the public. You will never find a more suitable Halloween tune that shock you deep down to the heard and get you high even at the end of the party. The creepy sound and lyrics will get you chills and make you forget troublesome errands whenever you hear at a party. Wish you have fun with this song at a Halloween party!

8. This Is Halloween – Marilyn Manson

“The Nightmare Before Christmas”, the theme of Tim Burton’s animated music in 1993, was covered by Marilyn Manson in 2006. It would be the last thing you wanna miss from the Halloween party,

All played by right chords, you will be brought to a vivid Halloween scenery with scary atmosphere when this song is played out there. This song will make you have goosebumps immediately and hit right in your mind just so easily.

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