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Hacking is one of the few things that intrigues the majority of computer users. More specifically, social media account hacking. If we go back 7-8 years when Facebook was rapidly growing, everyone was showing an interest in finding an account hacker that worked. Of course, there were only a handful of solutions that were effective back then. As a result of how many hacking attempts there were back then, websites have taken action to enhance their security. This means that nowadays there are only a few hackers that can be used for accessing other people’s accounts.

We saw that there was a lack of hacking tools out there and this is what brought us forward to create KidsGuard. For those who aren’t already familiar with KidsGuard, it’s a fantastic all-in-one account hacker. It is the best way to hack into Facebook, Instagram, Kik, and many other accounts. Setting KidsGuard aside for a moment, there are other tools that you can use. However, we don’t recommend searching for another tool as it will likely lead to you getting a virus. So, let’s jump right in and look at KidsGuard.

What is KidsGuard – World’s Top 1 Account Hacker?

Following on from what we said above, KidsGuard comes with a lot of features that makes hacking as simple as possible. From beginner to expert, anyone can get going without any problems. Below are some of the key features that KidsGuard has to offer.

  • This powerful cell tracker tracks the live location of any Android or iOS device.
  • Monitor text messages and phone calls.
  • Block the usage of specific smartphone apps.
  • All user input is tracked by the keylogger.
  • Gmail password hack and  tango hack into someone’s account; Spy on Snapchat, Instagram, Kik, WhatsApp, Facebook, and other social media accounts.
  • Try out the demo version before you buy the full version.
  • Safe and secure data transmission, KidsGuard doesn’t store any data.
  • Online dashboard for easy monitoring.

After you have KidsGuard set up on your target’s smartphone, you can access all of these features and many more. All of these features are incredibly easy to use, and you can access the monitored data from a convenient dashboard.

How to Set Up KidsGuard

Convinced yourself to get your hands on KidsGuard? Fantastic. The method that we’re going to explain below will walk you through the steps to get KidsGuard set up. Doing this should take no longer than 10 minutes. So, let’s get right into it.

Step #1 – Go to the Instagram hack tool – KidsGuard website and create an account via the sign-up page. You’ll see some questions to answer about your target; it’s important to select the right smartphone type (Android or iOS).

Sign up KidsGuard Account

Step #2 – Next, download the KidsGuard app on your target’s device.

iOS: All you have to do is sign into the iCloud account which links with their device.

Android: Get the target’s device and go to “Settings > Security”, and enable “Unknown sources”. Go to the KidsGuard website and download the APK file and install it. Open the APK, allow the permissions, sign into your KidsGuard account, and click “Start” to complete the setup.

Step #3 – Return the target’s device and go to your own computer. Sign into your KidsGuard account to access the dashboard.

Step #4 – Use the sidebar to browse the different types of data that you can track. Make sure that you enable the “Feature Status” slider to begin tracking new data types.

From now on you can spy on your target’s smartphone activity by simply signing into your KidsGuard account. As the best account hacker out there, we strongly encourage you to try it out.

Know More about Account Hacker – KidsGuard

Part #1 – Instagram Account Hacker

One social media platform that KidsGuard can hack into is Instagram. Given that this is one of the most popular social media websites, it’s only natural that users would want to find an account hacker to gain access to other people’s accounts. To hack an Instagram account, use these steps:

Step #1 – Set up your KidsGuard account and install the app on your target’s smartphone. Use the previous method if you are unsure of how to do this.

Step #2 – Head over to the KidsGuard dashboard and log in to the account you are using.

Step #3 – Using the sidebar menu, click on “Social Apps” and then “Instagram”.

Instagram Account Hacker

After you’ve made it to this menu, you’ll be able to access their photos and messages. However, this won’t get you direct access to their email and password. If you want their password, then consider using the keylogger feature of KidsGuard instead.

Part #2 – Viber Account Hacker

Viber is another social media app that KidsGuard can intrude on. When using KidsGuard as an account hacker for Viber, you get to view all of the messages that they send as well as any photos or attachments. If Viber is the platform that you’re interested in hacking then follow the guide below.

Step #1 – Use the steps from the “How to Set Up KidsGuard” method to create and set up your account. You’ll need this account to access the target’s Viber data, so don’t forget it.

Step #2 – Log in to KidsGuard’s dashboard using your newly created account.

Step #3 – Look at the left sidebar and click “Social Apps” followed by “Viber”.

Viber Account Hacker

Enable “Feature Status” if you haven’t already done so, and you’ll then be able to track their Viber activity. Luckily, if you use this account hacker, then you’ll be kept anonymous. To get more information about their smartphone activity, check the “Keylogger” feature.

Part #3 – Kik Account Hacker

Kik is undoubtedly one of the most popular messaging apps. It quickly gained popularity as it was compatible with both iPhones and Android devices, requiring no extra fees. The app has grown to the extent that teenagers, parents, and even businesses use it. So, if you want to hack someone who falls into any of these categories, here’s how.

Step #1 – Create your KidsGuard account using the guide at the beginning of this article. It’s important to select the correct system (iOS or Android) as the processes vary.

Step #2 – Open KidsGuard on your computer and sign into your account with your details.

Step #3 – Click on the sidebar and click the “Social Apps” drop-down menu, and then “Kik”.

Kik Account hacker

Kik messenger is continuing to grow and has a consistently high userbase. Whether it’s a child or friend that you want to hack, KidsGuard is the account hacker to use for best results.

Part #4 – Line Account Hacker

Another smartphone messaging application is Line. Even though Line isn’t as popular as Kik, it’s proving to be a tough competitor. Line’s secret chat feature is similar to Snapchat’s regular chat features. When you send a secret chat on Line, it is only available for a limited amount of time before wiping. To access these secret chat messages after the time limit, you can use these steps.

Step #1 – Create a KidsGuard account and prepare the target’s device, if you haven’t already done so.

Step #2 – Log in to the dashboard using your KidsGuard account and click “Social Apps”.

Step #3 – Click on “Line” and enable the “Feature Status” slider.

Line Account Hacker

Both normal chat and secret chat can be seen when you use KidsGuard. This is one of the many things that makes KidsGuard a fantastic account hacker.

Part #5 – Facebook Account Hacker

KidsGuard wouldn’t be complete without the ability to hack Facebook. Just as we said before, Facebook was one of the original social media platforms where hacking began. Although they have taken more steps to improve their security, there are still a few tools that can hack it.

Step #1 – Start by creating your KidsGuard account and following the setup steps. If you are unsure about anything, then you can refer to the setup process above.

Step #2 – Sign into your KidsGuard account to access the dashboard.

Step #3 – Click on “Social Apps > Facebook” and enable “Feature Status”.

Facebook account hacker

Whenever your target sends a Facebook message, KidsGuard will track it for you. Furthermore, if you use the keylogger feature, then you will also be able to view the statuses that they post and their comments too.

To Conclude

We think that it’s clear how reliable KidsGuard is as an account hacker. Not only does it support social media hacking, but you can track the live location, text messages, and endless other types of data from your target’s smartphone. Don’t be skeptical of KidsGuard because regardless of your hacking expertise, you can use each feature with ease. All it takes is a few minutes of your time to set up, and from then on you can monitor your target. Even better: after you’ve set it up, you don’t have to obtain the target’s device. Simply enable what you want to track on the dashboard!

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