Top 10 Apps to Add Text to Photo on Android in 2021

Today, people take so many pictures that no one could imagine in the past. Almost everyone owns a mobile device and holds social media accounts, where they keep on posting special moments from their life with others every now and then. However, sometimes, your pictures require a bit touch-up before you share these photos online. If you add text to photo on Android, it could make a big difference to how others perceive it. In addition to this, you can express yourself in a far better way and show off your creativity.

Whether people like to display a proclamation on their profile pictures or like to tell a joke to their friends, it creates a long-lasting impact when they add text to photo Android. It even helps businesses by offering better exposure on various social media platforms.

So, people who have an Android device can insert text to photos using the following applications. These applications are designed especially to add text to photo Android. Now, let’s know about these incredible and free applications right below.

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10 Best Applications to Add Text to Photo on Android

1. Textgram

Add Text to Photo on Android with Textgram

Everyone can click photos with a mobile device. However, it requires some efforts to add text to photo on Android and edit it. Textgram is designed especially to make things as straightforward and quick as possible. This application also features an option that enables users to share their edited pictures directly on social media applications like Instagram.

There are lots of filters, backgrounds, and stickers that you can select to customize your pictures in the Textgram. The settings for aspect ratio allow you to produce Facebook covers. With Textgram, you can resize the pictures for any social media platform. It is a great application, but you need to spend money to release all of its editing features.


2. Phonto

Add Text to Photo on Android with Phonto

Phonto is a great application for people who are looking for a well-designed application to add text to photo Android. This application comes with a user-friendly interface. There are more than 200 fonts available. These fonts assist you in expressing your feelings, which even make your picture stand out. If these fonts are not sufficient for you, you can download more exciting fonts.

The application enables you to position the text in various directions. Plus, it lets you modify the alignment, color, and other things. The best part about Phonto is that this application is available for free. If you like to skip ads, you can even go for its premium version.


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3. Salt

Add Text to Photo on Android with Salt

Salt is one of the well-admired applications that enjoy more than 500,000 installs. People admire this application due to its simple-to-use interface. Plus, it is so easy to add text to photo Android with Salt. For carrying out this task, all you need to do is to double-click on the text box. It is a perfect application for businessmen who like to put their logos on various social media posts.

With Salt, one can even crop and resize pictures. Here, you can also insert logos or watermarks with quite ease. That’s why professionals all across the globe find this application very handy. However, average photographers may find it quite overwhelming.


4. PicLab

Add Text to Photo on Android with Piclab

If you are a professional smartphone photographer, you definitely require an editing application. These applications make it possible to add text to photo Android. With PicLab, you can do more than that. Here, you will find plenty of fun fonts.

PicLab enables you to resize and rotate the text hassle-free. In addition to all these things, it even comes with lots of photo filters, effects, and artwork that will increase your options furthermore. With this application, users can even employ the drawing tool to enjoy the hand-written text. So, PicLab offers you endless possibilities. However, you have to bear with annoying advertisements.

5. Add Text to Photo

Add Text to Photo

As the name suggests, Add Text to Photo application is apt to add text to photo Android. This application comes with lots of incredible tools, which enthusiasts require to add creative texts to photos. However, you cannot edit pictures with these applications, which is not the point here!

Add Text to Photo is all about adding texts to pictures. Here, one can select from lots of different speech bubbles, incredible text formatting features, and fonts that you would not find in other such applications.
Once you have finished adding text to the picture, click on the tab ‘Share’ and post them directly on various social media applications. Meanwhile, you have to cope up advertisements while carrying out the editing task.


6. Font Studio

Font Studio

People who choose Font Studio over other editing applications become pro in the editing field. This is so as this application features lots of incredible fonts and other great features that enable users to produce stylish photos. Font Studio pictures will definitely take the spectators’ breath away.

With Font Studio, you can add text to photo Android hassle-free. For this, you just have to select a font out of countless in-built fonts. After that, just type in your text and voila! Font Studio also allows you to insert multiple sheets of text, adjust its color, modify its size, and apply filters or transparency that will enrich the pictures even more.

The amazing part about this application is that it is available for free. Meanwhile, it works perfectly with Android phones running on or later than Android version 4.0. So, try out its free version. However, it is a bit annoying as it features advertisements.


7. Designs 1: Photo Editor

Designs 1: Photo Editor

Designs 1 Photo Editor is a full-fledged application, which comes with various exciting features. With this application, users can add text to photo Android effortlessly. It comprises more than 50 fonts, where you can select a font that goes well with your picture. Plus, there are over 50 background pictures that allow you to style your own pictures.

Designs 1 Photo Editor even features incredible filters, frames, and stickers. Meanwhile, its amazing text formatting features allow users to influence the text the way you want it. It is quite fun and easy to edit pictures with this wonderful application. However, novices find its advanced features a bit overwhelming. It is also available free of cost.


8. InstaQuote


Photographers admire this application due to their functional and incredible design. InstaQuote’s exciting features are other essential parts that make this application so favorable. The application features an incredible collection of font that you can use to write inspirational quotes on your photos. The exciting part is that users can add text to photo Android using the free version of InstaQuote.

In this application, you can even make use of text formatting characteristics like font size, color, or line spacing. Using these features, you can customize each and every word of the text that you would like to add to your photos. There are also various in-built templates, which you can use to impress friends on several social media platforms. Moreover, this application is so easy and simple to operate. However, it lacks several options that would make the editing process a bit more exciting and fun.

9. Caption It

Caption it

Most people tend to ignore captions, but a caption is a good choice to add text to photo Android. This application offers an easy and fast way to insert captions to pictures that you take directly from Caption It. Not just that, but you can also add them to your camera roll pictures.

In order to incorporate text to a picture, you have to drag the preferred text and place it wherever you would like to have it. However, Caption It does not feature any advanced text formatting tool. With this tool, you can select different fonts, modify text color, and rotate the photo.

This application is an amazing tool for incorporating captions to pictures. However, even the basic options of editing are missing from this tool. Try this application for free and check if it will work for you or not!


10. Text Over Photo

Text Over Photo

Text Over Photo is an ultimate application when it comes to adding text to photo on Android. One can employ this tool to capture pictures as well as to import pictures from one’s camera roll. Meanwhile, there are countless backgrounds available that allow you to employ the pictures offered by Text Over Photo.

The application comes with a free version, which includes an option called Text Over Famous People. This option enables users to add text over popular celebrities like Barack Obama, Albert Einstein, or Donald Trump.

Here, you can combine a few pictures to get a free-form collage. After creating collages, you are all set to add text over them. Not just that, but users can even add emojis to their pictures and put forth their emotions and feelings.


Conclusion on How to Add Text to Photo Android

Hence, it is quite fun to add text to photo Android. It is even beneficial for business promotions online. The applications that enable users to add text to photo Android easily save a lot of energy and time. Plus, they even save you money as you do not have to hire a professional to create the visual content. Once done, you can post your pictures on various social media profiles.

The applications listed here will enable you to find and experiment with the visual design that you admire the most. Plus, they allow you to share your thoughts, values, and ideas that will find you more followers, friends, and important associates. So, go for these apps!