Alternatives for SyncMate to Transfer iTunes files to Samsung

Well, you have a Samsung Galaxy Note and a Mac; it is normal to consider transferring iTunes files to your Galaxy Note directly.

But we all know it is not simple to directly transfer data by using an Android device as an external hard drive for Mac since Mac won’t recognize it.

But if somebody told you it is impossible to transfer data from iTunes to Samsung Galaxy Note, that person must be stupid or just too lazy to use some simple tool to help you.

Actually, options are abundant, the key issue is which one you decide to apply for. Honestly speaking, these third parties are not all good for you, if you were seeking true professional software, you might have to pay a little money for it. I would like to share you.

Three amazing SyncMate alternatives programs for iTunes to Samsung data transfer

Part 1. The first method, using the iMusic for Android

This third-party data transfer software will help you transfer files from iTunes to Samsung Note 4. You don’t need to worry about the music, playlist, and videos on iTunes that cannot transfer to Android devices like Samsung Galaxy Note 4. You can use a USB cable to connect your Samsung Note 4 to Mac or Windows.

But iMusic for Android (Mac) is not free; you need to pay $ 39.95 for one year and $59.95 for lifelong time use. Of course, this software is worth the money, let’s check its outstanding point.

  • 1, Partly or completely data transfer between iTunes to Android device, like Note 4
  • 2, Android devices run Android 2.1 & up are all supported by iMusic for Android
  • 3, Smartphones from Samsung, HTC, Sony, LG, Huawei, Motorola, and Google can work smoothly with this software.

Note: You cannot use this software to transfer SMS, Bookmark, or some other type of data. You can only operate this software in USB connected situation; WiFI mode is not available now.

The next few steps show you how to use this software to sync iTunes with Samsung Galaxy.

Download iMusic Free

Step 1: Download this software on your Mac.

Step 2: Use a USB cable to connect your Samsung Galaxy to your Mac.

Step 3: Check the left column, and find the type of data you would like to transfer. Take Music for example, after finding the Music tab you can click iTunes to Android.

Step 4: The software allowed you to preview your files, so you can select those you really need. When you had chosen what you want, just click the Sync button. The data will transfer to your target device in a short time.

Part 2. We can see what iSyncr is capable of

iSyncr is a third-party tool that allowed you to sync the iTunes playlists to an Android device, like Samsung Galaxy Note 4. Provide both desktop and Android versions, which means you can install it both on your Mac as well on your Android phone. You can download it from Google Play or Amazon App store.

But it is also not free, you need to pay $9.99 for it.

One advantage of this software is it supports both a wired connection and a WiFi connection.

Note: Pay attention that if you already installed Samsung Kies on your device, this software is not workable. So please install it after checking this.

Then, how to use this software?

I will show you the WiFi Tutorial

Step 1: Download the software and then install it on your phone. You can see Status windows pops up showing you have successfully installed this software. Click OK to move on.

Step 2: Then you can see two options, one is Sync over USB and another one is Sync over WiFi, choose the next one.

Step 3: Now the software will try to connect your phone and computer, please make sure iSyncr is running on your computer and the WiFi connection is good.

Step 4: You can see the iTunes library’s playlist are listed from your computer and able to select it.

Step 5: After selecting the wanted files, you can press Sync to start syncing iTunes to Samsung Note 4.

Step 6: After the sync has finished, play your music using the built-in “Music” app on your device.

Part 3. The last software I will introduce to you is double Twist

DoubleTwist is the cheapest one of all three software. Only cost $4.99 (WiFi version). Also support both wired and wireless connection.

doubleTwist is the sleekest and most user-friendly music player on any device. From swiping through album covers to advancing tracks, navigating grids of your albums to even adjusting your settings, every detail is beautifully designed and guaranteed to be easy to use and grasp.

Of course, that doesn’t mean we sacrificed features. doubleTwist is also one of the most full-featured music players, allowing you to play a massive variety of audio files, and videos, as well as enjoy podcasts and radio streams.

They are many outstanding characteristics of this software.

  • 1. It can change playlists on your device and have your changes reflected in the iTunes library after syncing.
  • 2. It supports all kinds of devices like Samsung Galaxy Note 4 and Galaxy Nexus that require MTP support and cannot be mounted as a USB drive.
  • 3. It works faster, is simple, and is error-free.

But it doesn’t support the device running Android 4.3.


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