What Makes dr.fone Transfer the Best Android Audio Manager?

With the recent advancements in the technology, we can easily create a variety of audio clips ranging from voice recordings to DJ music tracks. In fact, audio is considered to be important just like videos. Well, most of us today use our mobile devices to record, manipulate and store audio clips of different varieties. When the number of audio clips stored in our mobile devices increases, users will find it difficult to manage them properly. Well, this is exactly when you need the assistance of a reliable, efficient and user-friendly Android audio manager app like dr.fone – Phone Manager.

dr.fone – Phone Manager (Android), is a highly sophisticated Android audio manager that can transfer music, videos, photos, and many other file types from iTunes to Android devices (and vice versa), from computers to Android devices (and vice versa) and between Android devices themselves.

Part I. What is Audio and What Differentiates it from Music?

Before we look into more details about dr.fone Android audio manager app, let’s try to differentiate audio from music. In simplest terms, it can be said that an audio signal signifies a sound. An audio signal is ‘audible’ because it has the frequency range of 20 – 20,000Hz (which is the audible frequency range for humans).

When it comes to the music, however, it is mostly the combination of both vocals and instrumental sound that are composed in a specific manner. Usually, both the vocals and the sounds generated through instruments are synchronized pleasantly when it comes to music. Although the term ‘music’ gives the idea of something audible, it can be recorded as music notes (symbols) as well.

Considering the above aspects, we can simply say that music is the end result when audio is arranged according to a special order that represents a certain rhythm. As per this logic, we can say that every music track falls into an audio category but not vice versa.

How to store audio?

You can store recorded or created audio clips and use them later. Here is the best music downloader for Android for youFor many decades, people have used different strategies to record audio. When we look at the history of sound recording, we can identify several specific eras based on the type of the strategies used.

  • 1877 – 1925: Acoustic devices
  • 1925 – 1945: Electrical devices
  • 1945 – 1975: Magnetic devices
  • Since 1975: Digital devices

Since 1975, we are witnessing an exceptionally rapid transformation in the manner we record audio, the devices we use and the way we store them. As of today, we have a plethora of options to consider when it comes to storing the recorded, created or modified audio clips.

Smartphones and audio recording/storing

One of the most significant and incredibly versatile devices we use today is smartphones. Particularly, when it comes to Android phones, they are affordable and freely customizable, and therefore they are being used to accomplish a variety of tasks. It is needless to explain the versatility of the modern-day smartphones; high-quality audio recording and editing are the most common uses associated with these handy handheld devices.

If you are a smartphone user like billions of others, recording, downloading or creating audio might not be a strange thing for you; there are plenty of apps to accomplish such tasks effectively. As a result of that, your phone storage will gradually be filled with many types of audio clips ranging from funny audios to important discussions. Depending on your requirement, you may have to transfer these audio files to another mobile device (Android/iOS) or a computer (or, you may have to acquire such filed from external devices to your smartphone). This is exactly when you need a special Android audio manager like Dr.Fone – Transfer.

Part II. dr.fone – Transfer; the best Android Audio Manager

Just like with any other aspect, you will have a plethora of options to select from when you are looking for a good Android audio manager. In simplest terms, the main purpose of such audio manager is to make your life significantly easier in the context of handling your audio files that are stored in your digital devices such as smartphones or computers.

A good Android audio manager app must be able to perform tasks like importing and exporting audios, custom playlists, remove unnecessarily or accidentally saved files, converting existing audio clips into personalized ringtones, etc. Dr.Fone – Phone Manager (Android) is regarded as the best android manager app by hundreds of thousands of smartphone users today because it fulfills all the requirements we mentioned above.

Download dr.fone – Phone Manager (Android)

Features of dr.fone Android audio manager

Let’s take a look at the most notable features associated with this special audio manager.

It lets you access your favorite media regardless of your location

  • It can let you transfer audio files from iTunes to Android devices and vice versa
  • Can be used to transfer files between computers and Android devices
  • Can share files between different Android devices.
  • It supports a wide array of file types including music, video files, images, and playlists

It helps you to manage other important files as well

  • dr.fone – Transfer can back up all the SMS and contacts in your phone book to a computer
  • It can import contacts and from your PC or Outlook contact list to your Android smartphone or tablet
  • You can add or edit contacts using this app

It works as a very efficient Android file explorer

  • Dr.Fone – Transfer can gain access to your Android phone or tablet using the disk mode
  • Explorer gives you the opportunity to backup file directories from phone to PC
  • It lets you navigate through the files and directories very conveniently

It can even manage your Android apps

  • This app lets you back up the apps with a single-click operation
  • You can batch-install (and uninstall) Android apps
  • It can help clean your device by removing bloatware and other unnecessary, unused apps

It has a very user-friendly interface

  • This android app comes with a very friendly user interface that can be mastered within a couple of minutes

Money back guarantee

  • Each purchase you make is risk-free; you are entitled to a 7-day, 100% money back guarantee.

This particular Android audio manager app has already received impressive feedbacks from a large number of users across the globe. Compared to other audio manager apps, this respective app shows better stability, speed, and use friendliness. Collectively, all these reasons make Dr.Fone the best Android audio manager in the industry so far.

Download dr.fone – Phone Manager (Android)

Part III. Top 3 Android Audio Manager Apps

Although Dr.Fone – Transfer is an exceptionally good audio manager for Android, that shouldn’t prevent you from searching for other options. To cater your curiosity, here are the top 3 Android audio manager apps. But we strongly suggest that you go for these apps after reading the reviews left by the past users.

01. Easy Audio Manager

Easy Audio Manager is designed to maintain simplicity instead of sophistication. This respective app comes with essential features instead of the higher amount of versatility. In a way, this is a good option for those who are looking for a basic audio manager that grants the access to most important settings only.

Many users suggest that this app does a good job in selecting a ringtone. Although it has a relatively nice graphical presentation, it would be better if it comes with more colors. It also lacks fine-tuning features. It supports even the older Android versions (Android 2.2 – Froyo and later).

02. Audio Guru

Audio Guru is another audio manager that stays touch ahead of the other basic apps (in the context of functionality). However, there are a few complaints about the display of the text. In that case, this might not be the best audio manager for tabs (text will not be displayed properly on the tabs).

The built-in themes they have provided is a good feature. Adding more value to this product, it comes with customizable profiles too. It is designed to be a responsive app that works faster despite the wasted screen space. If you are looking for a highly creative and sophisticated audio manager for Android, Audio Guru is not for you. The user interface can be somewhat complex for some users particularly at the initial stage of the use.

03. AudioManager Pro

This app comes with a relatively colorful interface that is rather attractive. It gives you the opportunity to adjust the existing volume levels without navigating into settings; you can do it from the home screen itself. AudioManager Pro comes with a widget, and that allows you to change the settings pretty easily.

Presently, it offers six attractive themes to select from. There is a facility to create profiles depending on different requirements. A feature like built-in scheduler can become handy if you need your device to switch into profiles automatically.

However, it doesn’t have the friendliest user interface; like many other users, we believe it could be much better if a couple of tweaks done to the interface.



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