Top 2 Android Call Log Recovery to Recover Call History Easily

It can be frustrating to lose your personal data, especially when you could have prevented it. To prevent yourself from losing data the best thing to do is to take regular data backups using either iCloud, iTunes, or a third-party application. Unfortunately, if you haven’t already taken a data backup then when it comes to Android call log recovery, you can be faced with a difficult task. However, it isn’t an impossible task, and in this article, we’re going to be talking you through some of the best programs which offer Android call log recovery and how to use these recovery features, so let’s get right into it.
Can Call Logs Be Retrieved from Android Phones?
The short answer to this is yes, and there are methods out there which allow for Android call log recovery.

Two of the programs which we’re going to be focussing on in this article are Dr.Fone Toolkit – Android Data Recovery and FoneLab for Android. Both of these programs include a wide range of different features and will help you to recover your call logs in just a matter of minutes.

Neither of these problems will cause further data loss nor will they impact the existing data that is on your Android device. For iOS users, here is for you: How to recover your lost call history on iPhone.

Part 1. Using Dr.Fone Toolkit – Android Data Recovery for the Best Android Call Log Recovery

First, we’re going to show you how you can use Dr.Fone Toolkit – Android Data Recovery to recover an Android device’s call logs. This straightforward method will get the job done effectively and in just a few minutes.

Before following the steps below, make sure that you have downloaded and installed the video recovery for Android program.

Get dr.fone – Recover (Android)

Step #1 – After installing the program on your computer, connect your Android device using the appropriate USB cable and launch Dr.Fone Toolkit – Android Data Recovery.

Step #2 – On the program, you will be prompted to enable USB debugging mode if you haven’t already done so. You will be shown how to do this, and if your Android version is 4.2.2 or higher, you will receive a notification on the Android device to do so.

Step #3 – You will then be given the option to select specific data types to have scanned for Android data recovery. Select “Call History” for Android call log recovery. Click “Next” to proceed.

Note: While we are focusing on recovering your Android call logs in this article, feel free to select the “Samsung Android Device” option at the top of the program to have all data types scanned or select a different data type. The same method will apply.

Step #4 – Next, you will be shown the two different recovery modes. Select “Scan for deleted files“, check “I agree with the warning, and am ready to proceed”.

Step #5 – The scan will then begin, and during this time, Dr.Fone Toolkit for Android will perform a deep scan to detect any data which may accidentally have been lost.

Step #6 – Once the scan is complete, you will be able to browse all of the data which has been detected. How long this scan takes depends on how much data is currently stored on your device.

Step #7 – Select the “Call History” data type using the menu on the left and from here, you’ll be able to view all of the call log information which has been detected.

Step #8 – Take a few minutes and select any of the call log information which you want to have recovered and once you’ve done so, click on “Recover” and the call log information will now be available on your Android device.

As you can see, this isn’t a difficult method. Regardless of whether or not you’ve used the program before, the simplistic interface makes Android call log recovery an easy process.

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Part 2. Using FoneLab for Android as the Best Android Call Log Recovery

In this second method, we will be showing you how you can use FoneLab for Android to recover your Android call logs. Similar to with Dr.Fone for Android, this isn’t a difficult method and is very effective too.

Before using this guide, download and install FoneLab for Android on your computer.

Download FoneLab Android Download FoneLab Android

Step #1 – Launch FoneLab for Android on your computer and connect the Android device using a USB cable.

Step #2 – When you’re ready to begin, select the “Android Data Recovery” feature from the left panel. If you haven’t already done so then, you will be prompted to connect your Android device now.

Step #3 – To proceed with the method, you must enable USB debugging mode on the Android device. If you have Android version 4.2.2 installed, then you can do this by simply tapping “OK” on the notification which appears.

Note: if you accidentally tap on the “Cancel” button instead, press the “Show Again” button on FoneLab, and it will push the notification to appear again.

Step #4 – Next, you’ll be asked to select the different types of data which you want to have scanned. For this method, you are only required to select the “Call Logs” option, but feel free to select any of the other data types.

Note: if you have lost a lot of different data types, select the “Select All” box at the bottom of the display. While this may take longer, it will perform a thorough scan and will detect any data type.

Step #5 – The scan will take a few minutes, but once it is complete, you will be able to preview the call logs which have been detected before you recover them.

Step #6 – When browsing the detected data, any deleted data will be highlighted in red while data which is intact will be in black.

Step #7 – Simply select the data for Android call log recover, click on the “Recovery” button, and within a few seconds you will be able to access your call logs on the device again.

This method is very similar to Dr.Fone Toolkit, and again, the program is incredibly user-friendly, so this method isn’t difficult to follow.

While the methods are similar, both of the programs which we’ve shown you are very different and come with their own sets of features.

About Dr.Fone Toolkit – Android Data Recovery

In order to give you a deeper insight to Dr.Fone Toolkit – Android Data Recovery and what this program has to offer, below we have described some of the other features which it has to offer.

Recover Data Directly to Your Device. Unlike some other programs which can be used for Android data recovery & Android SD card recovery, you can use Dr.Fone to recover lost data directly to your Android device. This means that you don’t have to recover the data to your computer then to the device.

Data Types. You can recover far more than just call logs with Dr.Fone. From lost video files to corrupted documents, if you’ve accidentally deleted a valuable piece of data from your device then you can use Dr.Fone to get it back in no time at all.

Preview Recovered Files. So that you don’t waste your time recovering data which you don’t want, you are able to preview all of the recovered files before recovering them onto your device.

As you can see, you can not only use Dr.Fone Toolkit for Android call log recovery, but you can use it for so much more, such as Recover Deleted Instagram Photos from Android or iPhone.

About FoneLab for Android

As we are done above with Dr.Fone Toolkit, below we are going to discuss some of the other features that FoneLab for Android provides its users with access to.

Compatible Data Types. You can recover a range of different file types with FoneLab. Message attachments, WhatsApp messages, and video files are just some of the data types which you can recover using FoneLab. It can also recover deleted Instagram photos  & recover Snapchat photos.

Broken Android Phone Data Extraction. This is one of the other main features which you get access to when using FoneLab for Android. If your Android device is damaged, won’t turn on, and you need to get data off of it, then that isn’t a problem. This feature allows you to recover data directly from the device, regardless of whether or not it is powered on, and there is no risk of data corruption occurring when doing so.

It’s clear that just like, Dr.Fone, FoneLab is a fantastic program which has so much more to offer than just Android call log recovery.

To Conclude

We have now shown you two very effective and helpful methods for Android call log recovery and have also discussed some of the features which these programs have to offer. Now that you have a rough idea of what these programs have to offer, there’s no reason for not checking them out for yourself. With consideration to the features which both of these programs include, there’s no doubting that they’re the best out there for Android call log recovery.