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Do you want to hack Android phone and be an expert Android hacker? Snooping and spying on somebody’s Android Phone

People nowadays are internet savvy. From toddlers who just figured out how to use their motor skills, teenagers, housewives and career professionals. Everyone wants to become an Android hacker. Everyone has their reasons of why they wanted to learn how to hack Android Phone.

Why Do We Need Android Hacker?

The world’s population reached more than 7 million according to an independent real-time population meter. In the last three months of 2016; and surprisingly 81.7 % or roughly 352 million Android phones out of 432 million units were sold in the same last quarter of 2016 alone (not including the previously distributed and sold units in the past years). That only leaves a small number of users for iOS, Windows, Blackberry and other OS. Imagine? Android phones have become a part of the life of most people. Whether for business use, personal necessity, or entertainment purpose, everyone relies on their smartphones.

With the widespread usage of mobile phones/laptops/other Android devices and increase in numbers of users of smartphones due to its popularity and valuable contribution to mankind’s progress, there have also been negative issues arises in line with the use of smartphones. Examples are online harassment, bullying, online predators, exploitations, security breach, and privacy issues, Android hackers, decreasing work output, mobile game/social media addiction and a lot more.

Another situation is: What if all of a sudden, you lost your phone (that has become a valuable tool for you personally or a necessity for your all business transactions), or you just need to trace a specific Android phone for security purpose? How will you be able to that? Would it be nice to hack android phone as the first line of defense?

Introducing mSpy App

Problem solved, introducing mSpy an app that comes in handy. An Android hacker app which lets you trace your other device’s app’s logs, keep track of your kid’s whereabouts, locate your missing or stolen phone, and monitor your less performing employees’ activities (due to possible spending a lot of time on social media rather than working), keeping up with your spouse’s text and call activities and more! You can monitor someone’s phone activities without having to neither Snoop physically on their phone nor follow them and stalk around just to check what they secretly do behind you. The best part is: you do not need to become an IT expert to understand complex programming codes just to be able to operate mSpy. It can basically hack the Android phone.

mSpy is the best app for you! Whether you are working adult or a full-time housewife. mSpy can hack Android phone or any device as long as it runs on an Android Operating System (OS) or any compatible OS (check on the best Android hacker – mSpy ‘s official website for an updated list of compatible OS).

Basic Software Requirement:
Android Operating system

Traceable Device:
Only Android Phones and compatible Smartphones

Allowed Devices:
Android Smartphones

mSpy Special Features:

  • Notification for Calls (which includes date, time, phone call number, call duration)
  • Note for SMS/Text Messages (date, time, other details)
  • Notification for current location (GPS tracking, Geo-Fencing, Google locator tracking)
  • Note for phone activities such as phone camera shots, video records, and among others
  • Notification for usage of installed application or software in Android Phone like What’s Up, and other media files
  • Give notice for Internet usage/web access like Google, Twitter, Snapchat, Instagram, WhatsApp, Facebook, eBay, among others

Let’s Get Started (How to Hack Android Phone?)

First, you must install mSpy for the devices which you want to monitor, the phone (or multiple phones you wanted to monitor) being tracked and the tracker device as well. One should act as the target device that can be remotely accessed by the other device as the tracker.

In order to do that, download mSpy at

The website will show you exactly what to do. You will be asked to do the following step.

Follow these simple steps to Hack Android Phone. To get started.

Step #1:
First, you must access mSpy at

You will be asked to log in to your profile first or create your new access profile (if you do not have yet)

Step #2:
You will then be asked to select an option which device you are using to monitor and the device you are about to track.

Click “Add Device” which can be viewed on top of the page, and select “add phone”.

After doing so, under the “Platform Selection“, choose “Android” from the list/choices.

Step #3:
Now, it is time to set up the device. Under “Set up your device” option you will be required to keep you browser running and go on to your Android phone.

Step #4:
You must now connect the phone to the internet. Proceed to “Settings“, next choose the “Security” button, and you must tick/check the box to “Unknown Sources“. This process will allow your phone to download the application from the internet.

Step #5:
You should now launch your browser. Then type/go to the HTTP path “” to download the file. You will be prompted with the next succeeding steps/procedures and follow all the listed steps there, and now please install mSpy on your phone.

Step #6:
After mSpy has been successfully installed on your phone, you can now launch and run mSpy. Just continue by accepting the terms and conditions. You will then be asked to identify/choose features of your choice. Just choose all features you want to monitor and manipulate. You will then be asked to enter/encode the registration code number, which you can generate from your mSpy profile. Then, you must enter it on your phone.

And Atlas! Congratulations, you are now able to enjoy the perks of tracking down any device and hack Android Phone.

Knowing “What are the Special Features mSpy Can Do?

To access and enjoy the mSpy features, you must log into your profile. Then select which device you would want to hack. It’s the hacked Android phone and the Android hacker device. The mSpy main page is called a “Dashboard” where you can choose which feature you can track timely and simultaneously with the device you are trying to monitor(or the hacked Android phone). This is the best way to have a peaceful mind wherein you are able to keep track of your kids’ activities and need not worry about unnecessary online concerns such as bullying, exploitation, exposure to online predators or any activities that risk our kids’/family’s safety and security.

Business-wise, you can also use mSpy to set up the GPS location tracking system of the targeted device where you can double check if your employee is stuck in a traffic jam. You can also be assured lost phones can be located and found.

Dashboard may contain a lot of special access features but among the most popular apps that are being tracked by most people are:

  • Call and Text History (also known as Keylogger Monitoring and SMS Monitoring, respectively)
  • Address Book, Calendar and Memo Updates (Calendar activities and phone contacts)
  • Location Tracker (GPS location – irrespective of the distance, Geo-fencing)
  • Emails and Web Browsing Activities (Incoming and Outgoing Mails, websites access history, website bookmarks, Wi-Fi Network, Keyboard Alerts)
  • Chat Messaging Alerts such as WhatsApp, Facebook Messenger, Viber, Line, Telegram, Tinder, and among others
  • Media Files (Camera, Video and Recorder usage)
  • All applications and software installed in the hacked Android phone
  • Remote Access Capability to the Device Being Tracked

Since the hacked Android phone can be traced timely using remote access, the capability of mSpy is not limited only to monitoring and tracking. The remote access can also allow users to limit and restrict usage of the targeted phone’s access to all applications. Imagine mSpy as another parental control device, which can do both: monitor child’s smartphone activities and also restrict or block them to apps and websites that may not be appropriate for them. You can also limit and schedule the air call time of your kids when using their mobile phones, and control game apps that may hinder them to do their homework first.

mSpy is an excellent app that even a non-techie person can install and set-up. Anybody can easily use it. Anyone can be an Android hacker. Everything is made easy; users are only a few clicks away to be able to monitor and also restrict other phone’s usage. The best thing about mSpy, any device may run in it as long as it is compatible with the phone being tracked. It can also hack android phones (monitor and control) and hack any multiple devices at once. So, in an environment where you have to track multiple employees’ activities, mSpy can let you do it without a hassle. Or if you are a parent who needs to monitor two or more kids, you can now do it successfully.

Anybody can ultimately trace lost or misplaced phones, track and restrict children’s online and phone activities, be updated with employees’ work progress, and monitor other family members’ activities. You can instantly become an Android hacker.

With mSpy, you will be able to spy on anyone without them bothering their peace and interfering with their normal daily activities. It’s a powerful tool to safeguard your privacy and security. No need for you to learn programming codes, you can be an Android Hacker Pro and Hack Android Phone easily!

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