Gaming Countdown: Crazy Android Modded Games

Browsing the internet is very common these days. Even a 10-year-old kid is well aware of the tactics to find exactly what he/she needs online. Along with amusing stuff present on the internet including videos, caricatures, graphics, networking, online shows, readable, etc., there are thousands of best adult games for Android, Android modded games & Wii games for kids with different concepts and amazing content present online to entertain the masses.

While breathing in an android-savvy world, gaming on handsets has become a common trend due to the Google Play Store. Google play store is a package of applications, including paid and free, that can be directly installed on androids. These apps include various android modded games, social networking apps, basic utility apps, and whatnot.

Talking about gaming, gone are the days when we used to play only with four of our best friends. But now, with the help of gaming applications, we can play online using android modded games to compete with people across the world. Also, social networking applications such as Facebook, connect with the gaming apps and compare the scores online on leaderboards along with various other players. Not only this, but friends can also play online in a multiplayer game and can compare the scores with each other.

Android being an open source has options to install games from anywhere. So, the APK embedded files for the Android games are actually modded using app developers, usually having a loophole in the gameplay. These superb mod embedded features give access to top scores, unlimited lives, easy game currency and much more. So, here we have a list of top 10 favorite Android modded games. Let’s explore!

Agent Dash Mod

Amongst the top 10 android modded games, Agent Dash is a superb bombarding runner game, with explosives and rough end fun. In this game, the player is made to follow a secretive mission for the kingdom and the queen. It is one of the most loved games amongst the masses and provides a sense of high-rated playing experience. Agent Dash is also in the top rank of most downloaded games in the list of Google play store. For a better playing experience, try out playing this game in the mod APK version.

Special Highlights

  • Fully high definition resolution
  • Tough actions, eluding and explosive infiltrations
  • Enormous updates in 2015
  • Introduction of new characters in the game with different outfits & various perks
  • Amazingly mystic levels with sudden movements
  • Next-gen ultimate graphics
  • Classic spy-inspired audios for bolt effect.
  • Ultimate controls for swipe and tap in the course of the game.

Free Download

Bomb Squad Mod

In the ninth position, Bomb Squad is making masses move with its entertaining basics. It is amongst interesting multiplayer android modded games. Players can gang up a team and fight small battles against each other. In bomb squad mod, different tournaments for fighting are held between different players individually or in a team. Also, the pro features of this game can be unlocked by downloading the Bomb Squad Mod APK. This multiplayer game is definitely the best for playing with friends and family.

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Free Download

Sky Force Reloaded Mod

Following the count, Sky force is amongst the best of arcade android modded games. This game has an aircraft that is controlled by the player. The aircraft has to pass through a number of hurdles coming along the way. The free version for this game consists of in-app purchases along with many ads in between the game. Don’t miss out to check out the new version – Sky force reloaded Mod.

Special Highlights

  • Extravagant mod stars.
  • Completely Ad-free game.
  • With plane generators.
  • Consists of a star doubler.

Free Download

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Angry Birds Epic RPG Mod

Being one of the best role-playing Android modded games, Angry Birds Epic RPG Mod actually has a very wide fan base across the globe. This multi-graphics game is made by Rovio studio and contains high definition resolution. This game is user-friendly and loved by people around the world.

Special Highlights

  • Unlimited game currency – snoutlings available.
  • Completely Ad-free game.
  • Numerous coins are available.
  • Infinite friendship.

Free Download

Temple Run 2 Mod

Temple run is amongst the best of games of all times. It is one of the high-grade runner games available for Android software. The latest version of this game, namely temple run 2 is quite famous amongst the users. To unlock all features present in the game and reach top scores, explore the APK version of temple run 2.

Special Highlights

  • Provide unlimited money to the users.
  • Collection of unlimited gemstones.
  • Sharp and high definition graphics
  • Scenic visuals with the organic design running tracks.
  • New hurdles and obstacles
  • With extravagant power-ups
  • Added applauded achievements
  • Special superpowers for different character

Free Download

Candy Crush Mod

Ranking amongst the top ten android modded games, Candy crush is like a darling game to millions of people. It is a colorful game with lots of candies and jellies present on the display. The beautiful graphics of this game are superbly designed, and the concept is quite addictive in nature. It is a three candies match game with an absolutely long list of levels. The game connects with the Facebook account of the player to compare the ranking of the scores online. Try the mod APK version for top ranking and better gameplay.

Special Highlights

  • Countering bomb up to 80.
  • Limits the time for each level up to 5 minutes.
  • Unlimited lives are available.
  • Unlocked episodes and levels of a game.
  • Unlimited boosters as well as switches to burst the candies.
  • Amidst various delicious ways to play including targeted score, drop-down mode, restricted time levels, order mode, etc.
  • Regularly collect the sugar droplets to gain progress on the sugar track for superbly sweet surprises.
  • Ultimate spinning wheel for upgrading to daily boosters providing tasty surprises.
  • On clearing level 50, ‘Odus the owl’ will take you to the dream world with different levels to play.
  • Unlock different environments to meet deliciously sweet characters on a regular basis.

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Free Download

Doodle Army 2: Mini Militia Mod

Talking about today’s tech-savvy generation, Mini-Militia is adored by every person. It ranks amongst the most played multiplayer android modded games. It is actually a simple Wi-Fi LAN based multiplayer fighting game, to be played with anonymous players or with friends. To avail the best of features, install the mod apk version for Mini Militia and give a tough competition to everyone out on the battlefield.

Mini-Militia has an ultimate connection to 6 players in online mode, or 12 players using Wi-Fi network. Also, it is a superb skills training game. In offline training, survival mode and co-op, the player is made to practice the skills in training with the sarge. Also, there are varieties of weapons available such as shotgun, flamethrower, and sniper to fight with a great multitude.

Special Highlights

  • Unlimited lives and health.
  • Provides unlimited flying Power.
  • With infinite ammo.
  • Includes a suicide option.
  • Holds a Pro-pack.
  • Has a target line for winning clearance.

Free Download

Asphalt 8 – Airborn Mod

Asphalt Overdrive is one of the best android modded games that a racing lover would definitely indulge in. This game is simple in concept yet challenging at spin-off points. The graphics of this game are amazingly well illustrated to give a sense of true racer.

This popular Asphalt series by Gameloft is fun to play, and this mod also offers unlimited bucks to the player. The money can be used to upgrade the features of the game and progress faster to beat your friends and set off for a higher ranking easily. It is unrivaled multiplayer gaming experience with a maximum of 12 players in total, leading to overall competitive racing levels.

Special Highlights

  • Amidst over 140 officially displayed high-rated automobiles including Ford, McLaren, Ferrari, Mercedes, Lamborghini, Bugatti, Chevrolet, Audi, etc.
  • Well portrayed graphics along with the high-definition resolution.
  • The scenic interactions in between the race with vehicles, different environment modes & racing tracks provide a perfectly physics-based experience.
  • Thrilling arcade gameplay with gravity-defying racing, for 40+ speeding tracks.

Free Download

Modern Combat 5 Mod

Modern Combat is amongst famous android modded games under Gameloft studios. It is a complete action play game with first case shooter for fighting. The incredible graphics give this game an edge over others and provides a treat of playing to the players. So, check out this amazing game on the list of top 10 android modded games apk. This game features an overwhelming god mode, wherein things have no limits. Providing unlimited fun, this game has set many action lovers to work.

Raising the bars of the first person shooters, Modern Combat has changed the way of fighting on the battlefield. It’s simple and easy to play. Just create a team, invite your friends, and test your fighting skills in a dynamic environment in multiplayer gameplay against the rivals present across the world.

Let your warfare be amazingly stunning.
Free Download

Pokémon GO Mod

Pikachu, Venusaur, Blastoise, Charizard, along with enormous other pokémon’s have already been found on the planet. So, you might also get a Pokémon on your way. Get on the mission and pull your socks up to explore different places and capture all the pokémons on your way.

Listed among exceptionally feverish android modded games, Pokémon GO is frantically followed by masses. There are three sets of teams in the game. On choosing one team, you have to battle to protect the prestige. Take ownership of gyms along with your pokémon fighting with you.

There are a number of pokémons present nearby. Players are supposed to find the pokémon. As and when you are present in a location, your android will vibrate if there’s a Pokémon nearby. Just aim the Pokémon and target it with a poke ball. A player needs to stay very alert while aiming or the Pokémon might get away very easily. This game has affected masses with its unique concept and wonderful designing. Pokémons are something millions of people can relate to. Thus, Pokémon GO actually routed a new way in the hearts of game lovers.

Free Download


So, these were the top 10 android modded games. Look no further and try the best one now! Besides, if you are looking for the best GameCube emulator or Cool Clan Names for CoD and CoC, click here to get one. And swith to learn more about how to change PUBG name.

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