The Best Android Spy Tool – Spyzie Review

Why an Android Spy Tool is a Must for Us?

Today, we live in a world where kids commit suicide, and it comes as a shock to their parents. There are recent cases, and it has been going on for quite some time that kids get in touch with wrong people online and they are brainwashed in the name of Activism and other similar concepts. In other cases, teens are just tired of their lives just because no one knows what is going on with them, they are not good at communicating, or no one would just listen to them. All of this just because the children of age between 10 and 15 are constantly using the internet on their phones when they should be making actual friends and spend time hanging out, playing, and studying. These are alarming situations for parents, and they need to make good use of the technology as well, such as Android Spy or Snapchat hack iPhone. Let’s continue with this amazing Spyzie review.

This is why they need to have a good Android spy solution to monitor the activities of their teens. There is tough competition in the market because new apps are emerging on the play-store every day. Spyzie is the leading Android spy for Android devices that are easily available to you and works perfectly for parents by running invisibly on leading devices. So, let’s have a detailed look at what Spyzie has to offer you.

Sorry, the Spyzie is no longer in service. However, its best substitute – KidsGuard or mSpy is here to help you.

Spyzie Review: Key features for Spyzie:

Spyzie Android spy tool has its separate private dashboard with a lot of features in place for your use. Some unique ones are as follows:

Spyzie Review | Spy on Social Media:

Social media greatly affect a teen’s mind, and the parents can know for sure with this feature how their children are using social apps without having to worry about being detected. It allows you to tack all the popular social media, like hack a Snapchat account and Instagram Stalker easily. And it let you block websites on Android or block apps on Android phone.

Spyzie Review | Location Info:

To know the past and present locations of the target device, you can use this feature. You can track your kids to know where they are without worrying about their whereabouts all the time.

Spyzie Review | Recording feature:

Most of the apps don’t have the call recording feature in them, but you can listen to the calls made on the target device by using the Spyzie. There aren’t many people aware of this very exciting tool in the app. To activate this feature, go to the ‘Record Surround’ option, and you will be able to listen to even the surrounding conversations as long the device is active.

Spyzie Review | Call Logs and IMs:

Once you have installed the app, you can track all the calls with this feature with extraneous details about those calls. You will spy text messages & receive the IM information that you can see in the panel or get from the extracted data online.

For complete details of other features, don’t forget to visit ‘Spyzie Offical website’. Go to the ‘Live Demo’ of an Android device, and you will see the list of all the key features of this best Instagram Hack tool there.

Spyzie Review | Working:

The working of the application is pretty easy so that you won’t need a complete operations manual for this.

1. First, you just need to ‘Sign up‘ for a free account by visiting their website.

2. Once you have subscribed, you will be given two options to select from. Whether the target phone is an Android or iOS.

3. If you choose Android, you will need to get to the device, download the Android spy into the device, install it and then start monitoring the Android phone remotely.

4. If you choose iOS, you will need to have the iCould information of the device you want to track. If you have the credentials, then you will be asked to verify them by signing in. The device will sync with the cloud, and then you are good to go.

5. Now, all you need is to download the tracking app in your phone, allow the app to access all of your device’s resources and start monitoring the device of your children to keep a close eye on them.
They have different packages ranging from $7 to $40 for you to choose from depending on which features you would like to access the app.

Spyzie Review | Applications:

Spyzie can be used for various purposes and although the app is for parents mostly but can be used for:

  • i. You can keep your young ones away from cyber-bullying and other online threats of any kind.
  • ii. The company officials can install the app 0n company phones to ensure their workforce abides by the company policies at all times.
  • iii. You can ease your curiosity if you are in a relationship or know for sure if your partner is the right fit for you before getting into something you didn’t bargain for.
  • iv. In today’s world, a good Android spy is the need of every person who is realistic and likes to be aware of everything.

Spyzie Review | Product Reputation:

If you go to the ‘’, you will be able to see some of the user reviews that show the customers are very happy with so many modules at such a low price. There has been some criticism regarding the location of the company or unrealistic acclaims of the company, but you shouldn’t just believe what the others say without using it yourself first. When it comes to reviews, different sites have different scores for this by the customers. Some of the users think that it will be the leading spy app soon in the market and some think that it is too far-fetched.

It is definitely difficult to get access to some of the most secure apps on the planet like Tinder and Facebook and according to the website of spyzie — that is very clean and has a pretty good design by the way—you don’t need to root or jailbreak the device at all. That has certainly aroused some suspicions against the company’s authenticity. But no one can say for sure, how the app will turn out to be in the future. Still, with all the features and clear FAQ section seems enough to dazzle the customers anyway.

The main reason some of the people are not satisfied because they expect too much from companies and end up short of what they weaved in their mind about the products. The thing is that every new app has to suffer some shortfalls in the start, but those can be made better with time. The help service and technical support can be made better by Spyzie, and they need to work on it, but in this price, spyzie is as good as it gets for a decent Android spy.

Spy on Social Media
Location Info
Recording feature
Call Logs and IMs


Despite some flaws in the software package of Spyzie, it is highly likely, that this spy app will soon be on the top of the list of spying solutions that are out there. The company needs to come up with a solid strategy to back-up the testing of the application, but it is definitely worth the try. So, I would recommend, to buy a software plan that suits your needs with moderate expectations and you will find this Android spy app amazingly useful for yourself!

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