Transfer & Move Apps to Samsung Galaxy S6, S5 from old Android Phones

With the professional Android to Android app transfer tool – dr.fone Switch, you can easily transfer & move Apps to Samsung Galaxy S6 (edge) / S5 / S5 Mini / S4 / S4 Active / S4 mini from your old Android phone with simple clicks. If you just turn to the new Samsung Galaxy S4 from your old one and want to move all your apps, you can learn more about the professional transfer in the article. Just read it.

As we all know, the updated phone offers you more functions and a better experience. Thus, many of us like updating our Android OS or even change to another latest Android phone, like new Galaxy S6 (edge), S5. However, when we do the change, we need to transfer our files including photos, contacts, text messages, music, and all apps from old Android phone to new Samsung S6. However, many people don’t know how to do Android apps transfer. Here I will show you how to transfer & move apps from Android to Android new Samsung Galaxy S6 with the help of Android apps transfer tool.

There are many ways to help you do the Android apps transfer, of which the most direct one is turned to certain third-party program for help. I recommend you a professional Android to Android apps transfer tool – dr.fone – Phone Transfer, which enables you to transfer many files such as call logs, contacts, SMS, videos, music and apps conveniently and safely without quality loss between two Android phones.

If you need to transfer WhatsApp messages from Android to Samsung, please switch to dr.fone – WhatsApp Transfer.

Now, you can download a free trial version of Android apps transfer – dr.fone to have a try. Then install the program on your computer and launch it. Please take a moment to read the article.

Download dr.fone – Phone Transfer


Step 1: Connect old Android phone and new Samsung S5/S6/S4 to computer

Now, please connect your two Android phones with your computer via USB cables. Since the Android app transfer program will detect your devices automatically, you will then see your devices displayed in the starting window with the name “Source” and “Destination“.

Samsung Apps to galaxy s4 contacts transfer

If you want to empty your new Samsung Galaxy S6 Edge / S6 / S5 / S5 Active / S4 / S4 Active / S4 Mini phone, please click the button “Clear data before Copy” to help you.

Step 2: Move apps to S6 by the Android apps transfer tool

Now, you can transfer apps from Android to Android! Since all files are marked, you can transfer them all with just one click. If you want to transfer apps only, you can do so by removing marks before the rest files. After selection, please click the button “Start Transfer” then. When the process comes to the end, you need to click “Completed” to finish it.

Apps from old android phones to galaxy s6

Passages above show you the most conveniently way for you to transfer all apps from old Android to new Android phone – Galaxy S6, S5, S4, just download the free trial version to have a try. With the help of dr.fone Phone Transfer, you absolutely need one click to move apps to Galaxy Series phone and don’t need to worry about the problem due to carriers or manufactures fail to transfer more stuff.

In addition to transfer data or apps from Android phone to Android phone, you can also transfer data/apps between other types of phones such as Samsung, HTC, Motorola, Sony Xperia, LG, and even iPhone, iPad.