Everything about AppVshNotify & Ways to Manage It Better

Microsoft has many components in the form of legit programs and files, and AppVshNotify belongs to the same category. The users sometimes mistake such programs to be redundant or useless.

The program possesses a .exe extension, and this means that the file can be executed. These files are useful, but any potential harm by them cannot be fully denied.


Read on as we tell you more about managing the program.

What Is the Purpose of AppVshNotify?

This particular service is the creation of Microsoft and came to be associated with another Microsoft service named Microsoft Application Virtualization. Appvsh is a program that runs as a background service for Microsoft.

It is only brought into use by the client of the Application Virtualization service or App-V, and the purpose would be to integrate any virtualized application.

The data associated with this application can be found stored on some virtual application servers. The size of the appvsh files is somewhere around 339 MB and can be found at this location – C: \Program Files (x86) \Microsoft Office.

What is the purpose of AppVshNotify

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Why Does the AppVshNotify Look Like Malware?

Many times it happens that this application turns to get stored on the system in the guise of malware. Let us tell you that if you find the program existing in any other folder, which is not the same as the one mentioned above, then there are high chances for that particular application to be malware or virus.

In a situation like this, the most common messages that the users happen to see on their system are:

  • Failed to initialize properly
  • Application error
  • AppVshNotify could not be installed
  • Bad image

If you have seen such messages on the system, then it is a sign that the appvsh is not able to start the process and keeps getting terminated early.

So what do you do in this case? For fixing the error, you will need first to identify where the file is currently located. If the location found is not the same as the right one, which is the program files on the system, then the application is a threat, and you can begin with the process of removing it.

Is It Necessary to Disable AppVshNotify?

If you are confused as to disable the program for the errors it is causing, then let us clear the air for you. Even if the program is not able to start or function properly, it does not mean that it is causing harm to your system in any possible way. This then means that it is unnecessary to disable the program, but you can do it if you really think this is going to help.

The polls tell that nearly 10% of the users that were facing problems related to the program deleted it from their systems. The damage caused by the file to the system lands somewhere around 8% only when the file is present inside the source.

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How to Ensure the Authenticity of the File?

Now that we have discussed all the possible problems associated with the program AppVshNotify and its purpose, then it’s time, we should also know how to check if the particular service is authentic or not. You wouldn’t want any malware to be living inside your system in the guise of a useful file and slowly harming the system.

The first step you can towards this aim is to check for a digital signature being carried by the service that must be of a real and genuine source. The digital signature is a means to verify that the application has its sources in an authentic development or publisher. In a way, this testifies that the application is real and not a virus threat in most incidences.

You can also consider another example. If a file doesn’t have any signature or name attached, this disables you from knowing the name of the original publisher. There will also not be any legit program name. Any verified application would not give you the name of the file when access is being requested for the program file. You will be shown the full name of the program as well as the name of the publisher.

Uninstall AppVshNotify with the Help of an Application Manager

Before beginning with this method, you need to ensure that you have logged into the particular system as the administrator that enables all the necessary permissions. You must remember the fact that if you are currently running the Virtualization services, there will become disabled for future use.

It can be believed that these Virtualization services are dependable on the particular process for their proper functioning, and thus it won’t be wrong to consider the process as a part of the software itself.

However, if you think that the Virtualization software process is causing too many troubles, then you can consider uninstalling it for good.

Follow the Steps Below to Do That:

  • Press the keys Windows + R together for launching the Run application open. Enter the command ‘appwiz.cpl‘ into the box. Hit the tab Enter.
  • In the list that emerges on the next screen, you will find an option for the Microsoft Application Virtualization software. Hit a right-click over the option and then click on Uninstall.
Uninstall AppVshNotify with the help of an Application Manager

Lastly, restart the PC. Go back and then try finding the application. See, it is gone from the PC after the method of its erasure completes. Also, see if the service has ceased to operate which was causing the issue.

The uninstallation process may seem over, but it is not since you still need to make sure that any remnants of the service are totally removed from the system.

For Getting Ensured Completely That All the Parts of the Service Are Deleted, Follow the Given Steps Below:

  • Press the keys Windows + R together for launching the Run box. Enter the command regedit into the box. Hit Enter. This will launch the registry editor.
  • Now you will be able to see a list of options. Look for the folder named HKEY_LOCAL_MACHINE. Click on the search box and find if any entries were made related to Microsoft Application Virtualization or AppVshNotify.
Uninstall AppVshNotify with the help of an Application Manager

If the search yields nothing, then you can become assured that the software is completely removed from the system, and it won’t be causing troubles anymore.

Perform a Virus Scan

There are many instances when you find illegal software creeping inside your PC and causing a lot of problems. However, these issues can be dealt with, and there are a lot of different ways you can do that.

The solution is to get rid of this illegal software from the system altogether. This can be made possible with the help of so many good antivirus programs that are available on the market. You can pick any of the antivirus software, namely Malwarebytes, Hitman Pro, and many others.

The software that we are going to use in this method is called Microsoft Security Scanner, which will be used for scanning any discrepancy that might have been troubling the computer. This will let you know if AppVshNotify is a threat.

Microsoft Safety Scanner acts like a scanning tool to diagnose the computer for any potential malware that might be present in it and then remove it. You must remember that this antivirus program is not to be taken as a substitute for the regular antivirus program that you have been using on the system. It will only operate when you trigger it. However, it has got all the latest definitions seeded into it.

We would also advise you to use this program only after you have downloaded the latest and upgraded version of it since regular updates keep occurring for the virus definitions. It’s important that the program you have installed on the PC also stays in tandem with them.

Follow the Steps Below for Downloading the Scanner on the PC:

  • First, you will need to visit the official website of Microsoft and search for the Safety Scanner. Check for the latest version available and download it after properly ensuring that it is the right version. You can do this by looking at the bits.
Perform a Virus scan
  • The size of the file must be somewhere near 120 MB. Now download it and save the file to any easily accessible location. Click over the file named .exe for launching the program.
  • The app will start the scanning process now. Once the scan is completed successfully, you will see all the malware and threats that were detected on the app. The scanner will give you all the notifications.


We hope to have dealt with all of your queries about the program AppVshNotify through this article. We are sure that you will be able to troubleshoot any problem associated with it better and save your PC from any potential harm.


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