Authentication Problem – Tips to Solve Your Authentication Error WiFi

Have you ever tried to connect with your WiFi system but faced an authentication problem instead? Or have you tried to connect your Android device with the WiFi network that you had previously used with the phone beforehand, but saw an authentication error WiFi? You need not fret; this issue is common in selected Android devices and can be easily fixed.

The authentication error is a sudden occurrence, even though you have used the right WiFi password. This can prove to be quite annoying, especially in cases where you want to use the Internet connection urgently; this problem is far worse when you cannot access your mobile network as well. This issue happens because of many different reasons. There might be an issue with your mobile device or your WiFi connection or both.

Here are some very simple solutions that can help you solve this authentication problem. All you need to do is follow these steps very carefully.

Part 1: What is the meaning of the authentication problem in your WiFi network?

Authentication Error WiFi

The authentication problem occurs when you are trying to connect with a WiFi network unsuccessfully, even though you are inserting the correct password.

Typically, when you are trying to connect with a WiFi network, the mobile device, or any home appliance that runs of WiFi, will connect to the network and save the password automatically. In this scenario, however, you will receive a notification that shows that it is authenticating and then show the ‘authentication problem‘ with the WiFi network that you are trying to connect to.

When you are trying to connect to your WiFi network, your device first sends an encrypted request for connection, along with the password to the router. Then, the router will compare the password stored within it with the received data.

If both data match, a signal is sent from the router, and the device gets connected. In case it does not, it is known as an authentication problem. Hence, the Android authentication error WiFi problem will not allow the device to connect with the WiFi network.

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Part 2: Why does authentication error WiFi occur with Android devices?

The authentication error WiFi problem might occur for a lot of different reasons. Some common causes of this error include:

  • At times, the number of devices that can be connected to a WiFi network is limited and based on user settings. Your device will not connect to the network if it already is connected to the maximum number of devices.
  • At times, people do not connect with the right WiFi network. At times, networks with duplicate names exist with different passwords. Connecting with the wrong WiFi network will lead to the authentication problem.
  • If the connection between the router and the device is not stable, it could also lead to an authentication problem.
  • The authentication problem might also occur if you have not updated the WiFi drives of your mobile devices.
  • When the router malfunctions, your device will not connect with the WiFi network and will lead to an authentication error.

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Part 3: Advanced ways to fix authentication error WiFi on Android

Most busy users do not want to spend a lot of time to fix this problem, so they resort to some advanced methods that are stated below:

Changing the configuration of the wireless network from DHCP to Static

One reason for the WiFi authentication error can be an IP conflict; it does not matter which wireless router you choose. Even Android devices can face such types of problems. You can change the setting from the default DHCP to Static IP.

  • 1: Open up the Settings window and choose the WiFi network.
  • 2: Once you find the WiFi network you want to connect to, long tap on the name and choose Modify Network.
  • 3: Tap on Show Advanced Settings and look for IP settings. Here, change the network from DHCP to Static.
  • 4: Here, you will notice an IP address field. You need to save the information in the static IP address field and then delete it.
  • 5: After some time, enter the saved information once more and then save it.

If you are unsure about the settings that are being displayed, you can get in touch with your service provider for additional support.

Update your Android operating system

You need to ensure that your Android handset is updated to the latest version. If you do not update your device, several bugs and problems will remain unsolved.

  • 1: First tap of the Settings and then to About Phone.
  • 2: You will see the Systems Updates displayed that will show you if there are any updates available. Some Android phones will have a separate tab for the System Update in the Settings option.
  • 3: If the tab shows the availability of any update, you need to click on it. Your device will then download the update and then install it.
  • 4: Depending on your mobile phone device, you might have to reboot the system. Once the phone starts, you can check and confirm if the authentication problem has been solved.
Update Android OS

Making use of WPS Push Button

Also known as the WiFi Protected Setup, WPS is a security standard that is used to create a home network without a password.

  • 1: In the Settings tab, you need to tap on Wireless and Networks and then to Advanced Settings. You will find several WPS options, depending on your modes.
  • 2: Click on the WPS Push-button. The WPS setup will appear on your screen after the configuration from your router.
  • 3: You need to press the WPS button on your router and wait for the connection to establish.
Use WPS Push Button

Using a specialized system repair tool for Android

At times, the WiFi authentication error might occur due to unknown software problems. Hence, it is always better to make use of a professional repair tool to dig out the problem. It is highly recommended that you use iMyFone Fixppo for Android, which is touted to have the highest repairing speed and rate. All your Android-related problems will be solved in a jiffy. Additionally, it has also been trusted by famous review websites.

The steps of using iMyFone Fixppo for Android is extremely easy. You need to download the proper firmware, after which you need to enter your mobile into the download mode and simply follow the on-screen instructions. The program will start fixing the WiFi authentication error automatically.

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Factory resetting your Android device

If you have tried all the methods mentioned above and you are nowhere close to solving the authentication problem, your last option is to factory reset your Android smartphone. Keep a mental note that all the data in your device will get erased in the process.

Once you perform the factory reset, all your Android data and apps will be removed, and the settings will revert back to their default settings. Remember to back up your personal data like photos, music, videos, notes, etc. before the factory reset.

Factory Reset Android PHone

Get in touch with your mobile carrier

This might be the rarest case; however, should your device still not connect with your WiFi connection, contact your mobile carrier. Be sure to mention all the solutions that you have already tried to solve the WiFi authentication error.

Part 4: Common checks to fix authentication error WiFi problem

If you do not find any problem with your Android phone device, you can try the following solutions for solving the authentication error WiFi problem:

Resetting the WiFi network

The first thing you need to do is reset your WiFi connection between the Android device and the router. This solution has solved the majority of the authentication error WiFi problem. Once you reset, a lot of network-related issues get solved as well.

  • 1: Tap on Settings and open WiFi under the Network Connections.
  • 2: You will find a lot of WiFi names on the list. Find the one that you are trying to connect and long press on it. You will be shown two options – Forget or Modify Network.
  • 3: Tap on the Forget Network option. Then enter the password and try reconnecting. Check if the device has indeed connected with the network.
Reset Wifi Network

Restarting the router

At times, certain electronic appliances start working properly when restarted. All the elements in the appliance will start working normally again after simply restarting them. Hence, you can try to restart your router to connect your device to the WiFi network.

  • 1: Turn off the wireless router, wait for five minutes, and then turn it on again.
  • 2: Connection to the router will take some time.
  • 3: Try to connect your device to the WiFi network and check whether the connection has been established.

Reset the Network Settings

Resetting the network settings is one of the easiest solutions you can make use of if your Android device is not connecting with the WiFi connection. This method will reset the mobile network setting, Bluetooth, and WiFi to default.

  • 1: Tap on Settings and then head to Backup and Reset.
  • 2: Head to the Network Reset settings option.
  • 3: Click on the Reset settings and let the process complete.
  • 4: Once the process is done, you need to open the WiFi settings and connect to the WiFi network.

Switching between Airplane mode

Most of us make use of the Airplane mode if we do not want to be disturbed by others when doing some important work or when boarding a flight. Using the Airplane mode can help solve the WiFi problem; the mobile network might interfere with the WiFi signals at times.

  • Step 1: Open your Settings and turn off your mobile network and WiFi. You can also do this via the pull-down menu of your home screen.
  • Step 2: Turn the Airplane mode on.
  • Step 3: Once the Airplane mode is on, turn on your WiFi and connect it with the WiFi network.

Check the total number of devices connected to the WiFi network

There are some types of modems that allow you to connect a limited number of devices. You can check this information through the service provider or manufacturer. You can also head to the settings of your WiFi router settings and check the maximum number of devices that can be connected to the wireless network. If the modem allows, you can increase the number of devices too.

Checking the type of network security

At times, the type of network security can be the reason why your phone is unable to connect with your WiFi connection. If you know the username and password of the wireless router, you can change the type of network security.

Check the network list for duplicates

At times, such WiFi authentication errors occur when the username and password do not match. While you might be entering the right password, the chances are that you might be connecting with the wrong network. If two networks have the same name, there are chances of this error. Change your network name to avoid confusion.

Conclusion on Authentication Error WiFi Problem

These are the best solutions for solving the WiFi authentication problem. With the help of these easy and quick suggestions, you will be able to fix your WiFi problem without any hassle. Even with your Android device, this authentication problem will be solved easily. Go ahead and try out these expert solutions and let us know about your experiences too.

An authentication error can occur anytime, but now you know what to do if such a problem arises. We hope your devices get connected successfully after reading these tips. If you have any other sort of fix for this authentication error WiFi problem, you can share it with us in the comment section below.

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