Best Solutions to Auto Like Instagram to Boost Your Instagram Account

Instagram quickly became one of the most popular social media platforms after its release. Many users use it personally while others use it to promote their brand or their businesses. Of course, as with any popular social media platform, it has become increasingly difficult to grow new Instagram accounts. One of the best ways to grow a new account is using a tool which will auto like Instagram – this is known as an Instagram bot.

We have to mention that using an Instagram bot is against their terms of service just like hack Instagram account and password. If you are caught using a bot, then your account may be permanently suspended. But, if you take the necessary precautions and you gradually increase the likes on your Instagram posts, there’s a very small chance that you will get caught. So, on that note, here’s everything that you need to know about auto like Instagram.

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Part 1. How Do Instagram Bots Work?

Each Instagram bot works in different ways. Some bots will auto like Instagram, some follow your account, and others will comment on your posts to increase their legitimacy. While all bots are different, most of them utilize fake Instagram accounts. Depending on which type of bot you are using, here’s how they will work:

  • Like Bots. Like bots work simply and will like your account’s posts. Most of these bots require you to like other posts, and in return, you’ll receive a like.
  • Comment Bots. Comment bots are more complicated. These bots will scan relative accounts and generate comments which appear legit, even though they are fake.
  • Follow Bots. Follow bots work in a similar way to like bots. You’ll likely have to follow other Instagram accounts, and afterward, you’ll receive a follow back.

These are the most popular Instagram bots but, in this article, we’re going to be focussing on auto like Instagram bots. If you quickly search the internet, you’ll be able to find a few different bots, all of which will offer different features.

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Part 2. Is Auto Like Instagram Reliable?

Whether or not a bot is effective depends on how you use it. Overusing an Instagram liking bot will draw attention to your account and will increase the likeliness of your account being suspended. But, if you gradually increase your followers and the number of likes that your posts get from the auto like an Instagram bot, getting caught will be at the back of your mind.

In some cases, using a bot is a bad idea – businesses or popular celebrities should completely avoid using any sort of Instagram bot. Not only will it likely lead to a suspended account, but it will also ruin your reputation. Although, if you want to start a new Instagram account for posting funny photos or something similar, a bot is the best way to kickstart your growth.

Part 3. Best Auto Like Instagram Bots

To make your life easier we’ll be discussing some of the best auto like bots. Below, we’ve detailed some of the ones that we believe are the most effective and some of the different features that they include.

#1 – Turbo Like for Instagram

Platform: iOS and Android

This bot is at the top of our list. Turbo Like for Instagram is a popular smartphone app that is available for iOS and Android users and can be used for boosting likes and account followers. As is becoming more common among social media bots, Turbo Like uses a coin currency.

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In order to boost your Instagram accounts likes you first have to collect coins. To collect coins, you have to like other people’s photos on Instagram (or follow them), and shortly after, your account will be given a few coins. After earning a decent number of coins, you can use them to pay for a certain number of photo likes or account follows.

  • Can be downloaded on both iPhones and Android devices.
  • Increases followers as well as photo likes.
  • Manage your Turbo Like account on a computer to make it easier.
  • All of the likes or follows that you receive are legitimate.
  • Get coins for free without any hassle.

One thing that makes this auto like the Instagram tool a fantastic choice is that it uses real accounts. Some bots use fake accounts, and this is what leads to most people having their accounts suspended. So, by using legitimate Instagram accounts, there’s virtually no risk of getting caught!

#2 – Magic Liker

Platform: iOS only

Another app is Magic Liker. Unlike Turbo Like, Magic Liker is only available on iOS devices, and so, Android users can’t use it. This is a straightforward app that doesn’t include any significant or unique features, but which has proven to be very effective at boosting likes.

One thing that has led to this app’s popularity is the legitimacy of the follows and likes. It’s crucial that your likes are being gained from real Instagram users instead of fake accounts and with Magic Liker, you’re receiving likes from other active Instagram users!
A few of the basic features that Magic Liker provides are:

  • Free to all iOS device users.
  • Likes and followers are from real Instagram accounts.
  • Boosts post likes and account follows.
  • Popular app proving how effective it can be.

As you can see, even though this isn’t an exceptional auto like an Instagram bot, it’s got a lot to offer.

#3 – Istlike

Platform: iOS and Android

At the bottom of our list is Istlike, another great Instagram liking bot. This app works similar to the other two on our list and has a coin system in place to make it fair for all users.

All you have to do is follow another Instagram account (or like a post), receive your coin, and repeat. After just a few minutes you’ll have collected a decent amount of coins. With your coins, you can cash them in and receive photo likes or account followers.

A feature that makes this app unique is that there is a referral system in place. If you refer your friends and family using your referral code, you can get some coins for free. Similarly, there’s a “Win Coins” tab where you can get even more coins for free.

Part 4. Why Should I Use an Auto Like Instagram Bot?

There are endless benefits to using an Instagram bot. Aside from promoting your account’s growth, it makes it easier for you to reach other audiences. The more people that follow you, the more likely it is that their followers follow you – it’s an endless loop of following!

  • Easy Growth. Even if you don’t plan on using an Instagram bot frequently, it’s easy growth. Even a few extra followers or a couple of likes can make all the difference. Whenever you’re bored or having a slow day, open up the bot, collect a few coins, and let them do their job.
  • Speedy Publicity. Referring back to what we said earlier, Instagram is a very saturated social media platform, and it has become difficult to grow. On top of it being difficult, it also takes a long time to see any sort of growth results. With an auto like Instagram bot, you can see positive results very quickly and speed up the growth process.
  • Instant Results. If you choose a popular Instagram bot, then it’s more than likely that lots of people are using it. This means that the second you post something on Instagram, you can use the bot and you’ll see results within minutes. Collect lots of coins, post something new, and spend all of your coins for lots of post likes!

To Conclude

All in all, whether or not using an auto like the Instagram bot could be beneficial to your Instagram account depends on your situation. If you’re looking to establish a brand or get your name out there, this isn’t ideal. It’s simply not worth taking the risk (even if it is a minimal risk). But, if you’re just looking to get a few extra followers on your personal account, using a bot is the most effective way to do so. We’ve listed some of the Instagram bots which we feel are the most effective above. However, if none of them intrigues you, there are plenty of others available to look into.