How to Back Up Android Data & WiFi Password via WiFi

With the development of the Internet, WIFI is available everywhere. So WIFI nearly becomes an impartible part of our life for many people. We use it to surf the Internet, watch videos and check Twitter and Facebook and more. We also use it to back up our personal data of Android devices to the Internet. Because if we use 4G/3G/2G to back up data and the size of those data is too big, we may need to pay a lot of money and waste too much time. Sometimes you may forget your passwords for WIFI, so we need to back up the Android WiFi passwords to someplace safe to prevent you from using the WIFI. Here we will introduce some easy methods to backup your WIFI passwords & Android data via WIFI.

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Part 1. Two ways to back up your settings of Android WIFI

Method 1. The manual operation to back up WIFI passwords to Google

Here we will show you how to back up your WIFI password to the service that Google provided. Follow those steps we show and try to do it by yourself.

Step 1. Open up the Settings of your Android device. Find the account of Google and sign in.

Step 2. You will see the option of Backup and reset and you can back up your app data, settings and WIFI passwords to the servers of Google.

But you will find that not every Android device can do this. So you need to turn to some Android apps for help. And we also provide you with some apps to help you do that.

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Method 2. Two apps for you to back up your WIFI passwords on Android

1.WIFI Pass Recovery & Backup

WIFI Pass Recovery & Backup shows you the WIFI name and password, and order it by the initial letter. It also can create a file that contains the WIFI password and store it on your SD card. When you need to find the password back, you can just click and restore your data of WIFI. What’s more, you can also copy the password and paste in another file. If you need more information, click the link we provided below.

2.Backup Your Mobile

This is a totally free all-in-one app in the platform of Android. It can back up your data including contacts, settings, APNS, WIFI password, calendars, users’ apps, messages, browser history, bookmark and so on. Those data which it backed up will be stored in your SD card or the memory of your phone. But to back up your passwords of WIFI, you have to root your Android device.

Find your Backup Your Mobile in Google Play

Part 2. How to Backup All Data on Android by WIFI

After the introduction of how to back up your passwords of WIFI on Android phone or tablet, we believe you have known how to do it. And you can enjoy the happiness of WIFI brings to you freely. And now we will tell you how to back up your Android by WIFI.

We strongly recommend you a great helper – MobileGo for Android. This is also an all-in-one application. It can back up your data including contacts, music, messages, photos, calendars, call logs, apps, videos and app data in just one click. If you want, the backup files can be restored easily.


Follow our steps and we will show how to use it:

Get MobileGo

  • 1. Download MobileGo for Android and install on your computer, download the APK file and install on your Android devices.
  • 2. Find the option of WIFI in the Settings of your Android devices and turn on it. Open up the MobileGo app on your phone.
  • 3. You need to use the function of Scan QR code to connect your computer. What you need to do is click it and scan the QR code display on the computer.
  • 4. Once you scan the QR code, your Android device will be connected to the computer.
  • 5. Tap the button of One-Click Backup which displayed in the started windows of the computer.
  • 6. It will pop up a window to show you the data which you can back up on your Android device. Tick what you want to back up and tap the option of Back Up.
  • 7. Just wait for the backup process to be finished. The backup file will be stored on the computer.

Tips: If this is the first time you connect your Android device to a computer with a USB cable, your Android device will install MobileGo APK file automatically.


Get MobileGo