How to Backup and Restore Data on HTC by HTC Sync Manager

In order to avoid data loss on your HTC phone, the most secure way to go is to create backup files often. So that you can restore the backups right after you lose the data. It is also useful when you switch from one phone to another. There are various data that you may want to back up, including the text messages, contacts, call logs, calendars, photos, wallpaper, web bookmarks, audios, videos and office documents.

The HTC Sync Manager is the one that you can turn to, when you want to back up the data listed above. It can help you to create backups and keep them on your computer forever, unless you delete them. And you can restore the backups with this app whenever as you like. It is an easy and safe way to transfer data on your HTC.

The HTC Sync Manager is simply to use but in case that you are a novice, here is a step-by-step tutorial for you.

Backup & Restore HTC Phone Data By HTC Sync Manager

Step 1. Search for the downloading address on the website and install it on PC following the installation guidance after you download it. Then you can run it to get familiar with this app, and you can make some settings on it to make it work more smoothly with your computer.

Step 2. Connect HTC phone to computer with a USB cable. If you have checked the option reading “Launch HTC Sync Manger when your phone is connected
“, then the HTC Sync Manager automatically launch. Sometimes you may be asked to check the connection if the app cannot detect your HTC.

Step 3. Choose the “Transfer and Backup” mode on the primary window.

Step 4. Under the the status of “Backup & Restore”, check the options as you like. And then click on “Back up Now”.

Step 5. After you have a backup file on your computer, you'd better name it with the model of your HTC and the date that you create it. Then you can also secure your backups with a password protection by going to the manage option.

Step 6. Make the connection between HTC to computer, which you want to restore the backup file on.

Step 7. Click the button “Home” on the top bar, and choose the “Transfer and backup” mode. It is a little similar to the steps you do when you create a backup file.

Step 8. On the primary window, click on the “Restore” button under the title of “Backup & Restore”. Now you are almost finished with restoring your backup files on your HTC.

Step 9. Choose the backup files that you need to restore on your HTC. Surely, you are allowed to choose one only. The file you choose contains the data you want and you can also choose an option whether you want to “replace existing content of your phone with restored content” or not.

Step 10. Make sure that you have made all the choice right, and then you can tap on the “Restore Now” button to get into the final step. Then the HTC Sync Manager will do it automatically for you.

Tip: You can see how it is going via the window of restoration progress. You can also choose to save the backup file you have just restored or choose to delete it.

As you can see, it is really a long way to go, if you want to create backups and restore the backups on your HTC with the HTC Sync Manager. And there is another problem troublesome that you cannot use it on other Android phones.

In this case, you can pick up the tool which is popular these days, the 1-Click Phone Data Backup & Restore tool – dr.fone – Android Data Backup & Restore. It can help you with “Phone to phone transfer”, as well as “Backup and restore”. Besides, you can erase your phone with this app if you want. You can use the iPhone, Android, Windows, Nokia, and Blackberry, and it is compatible with over 2500 kinds of Android phone.

As a safe and reliable software, it enables you to manage data on your phone with ease. All the data can be managed by this app including the messages, call logs, contacts, calendars, photos, audios, videos, apps, etc.

How to Use the 1-Click HTC Phone Data Backup & Restore Tool – dr.fone

Here is the simple guidance for you, if you want to create backups and restore them with dr.fone – Backup&Restore (Android):

Step 1. Download, install and launch.

Install the dr.fone after downloading. Then run it on your computer. The dr.fone is compatible with both the Mac computer and the Windows computer.

Download dr.fone – Backup&Restore (Android)

Step 2. Connecting HTC phone to your computer.

After you run the app, choose the mode saying “BackUp&Restore“. Then connect HTC phone to your computer with a USB cable. The dr.fone will detect your phone soon and show it on the window.

Step 3. Start backing up HTC data

On the box next to your phone on the window, you can see a list of data files on your phone. Choose all the data you like and click on “Backup“. Remember to save the backup file on a proper place.

Step 4. Restoring backup data on HTC phone

In this step, you can either have a new phone or the one you used for creating backup files. It is almost the same to the steps you do when you back up data. But you need to choose the mode saying “Restore from Backups” on the primary window. Then on the left box, select the backup file you like to restore, and on the middle box, choose the types of data files you like. Finally, click on “Restore to Device” and wait for a few minutes depending on the scale of the data you choose to restore. After it finishes, check on your phone to see if all the data you want has been restored.

Download dr.fone – Backup&Restore (Android)

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