[Backup LG Photos]: How to Transfer Pictures from LG to PC

Nowadays, most cell phones have the function of taking pictures and LG phone like LG G5 is not the exceptions. And sometimes after taking pictures with your LG phone, you also like to backup them on PC and of course, it is quite simple for you. Here I would like to introduce two different methods for you to transfer photos from LG to PC and then you can enjoy the pictures on your computer. You are free to choose the suitable way for you.

Solution 1: With a USB cable, you should backup the photos from LG phone to PC

You do not need to worry about the measures and they are all very simple. What you should have just a USB cable.

  • 1.In the first, you should put the phone's USB cable to your computer and link the LG phone with the PC. Once you finish the above job, your LG phone will be examined by the PC.
  • 2.Next you should find the LG drive in the My Computer and you can easily find the pictures you take are stored in the DCIM folder.
  • 3.Thirdly, you should open the DCIM folder and copy these pictures you prefer to PC.

What we have mentioned above is quite simple but in reality. The situation is more complicated. Sometimes you may not only want to transfer the pictures you took but also want to backup the pictures from playing apps or surfing the Internet with your LG phone, which is usually not emphasized. And you still can not find the exact folder where these pictures are although you know these pictures are existing in your phone. As a result, do you have some other ways to transfer these pictures without any difficulty? And you never need to worry about it.

Here there is a good news for you that you can use it. You just need to use MobileGo for Android (Windows) or the MobileGo for Android Pro (Mac), which are the ones to scan all the pictures in your LG phone and you can backup them to the PC. This useful desktop LG manager do you a great favor of you.

Solution 2: With this LG manager, you can backup all photos from LG phone to PC.

You are free to download the right version for you on the PC. In this article, I would like to introduce ways for the Windows version and if you are the Mac users, you can follow the steps since the detailed measures are almost similar.

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Step 1. Link your LG phone to PC

After installing the MobileGo for Android program on PC, you should operate it. And if your computer is Windows, you can link your phone to your computer either with a USB cable or WiFi. But you should notice that using the smaller end connects the cell phone and the larger one connects the PC. IF you want to use WiFi, you have to first set up the MobileGo APK file on your LG phone and then you can see the LG phone in the main window.

Note: Here we must pay attention to the situation that you can use a USB cable to link your LG phone with your Mac, but WiFi can not be used for Mac users.

Step 2. Transfer & backup photos from your LG phone to your PC

You should choose the triangle besides Photos in the left and you can see the picture folders of your LG phone with the picture classification. You can find one of them and select the pictures you want to copy. After clicking the Export., you should choose a place to put those pictures and the process starts from now on. Once the whole process is finished, Close or Open Folder helps you to examine the pictures you have copied.

Backup LG photos

The ways to transfer photos from LG to your PC are shown in the teaching video.

Those are two ways shown in this article to transfer/backup the photos from LG smartphone to your PC and find the suitable one to finish your task.

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