How to Backup Samsung and Restore to Galaxy S7 Easily

Are you a Samsung smartphone fan? You have a Samsung Galaxy S5, S6 or any other Samsung phone? But you are crazy to hear that the newest Samsung phone, Galaxy S7, is coming and want to put your old phone away to own this one? I can 100% understand your excited mood. However, we need to face a truth that how to deal with the data such as contacts, photos, videos, music or more on our old Samsung phone. It’s too tiring to input each file on your new Galaxy S7, and also we don’t want to lose these important and existing files. Is there any ways to transfer them from the old Samsung phone to the new Samsung Galaxy S7? Yes, there is. Today I am going to tell you how to backup Samsung data and restore to Galaxy S7.

Part 1. Backup Samsung and Restore to Galaxy S7 by the Built-in Backup App

On every Samsung phone, you can find out that there is a built-in backup app inside. You can use this app to back up your Samsung phone contacts, text messages, call history, photos and such kind of data from your Samsung phone to its external SD card. Follow the below steps to back up these data:

Step 1. Find out the built-in backup app one your Samsung phone application list and tap it to open the app.

Step 2. Once you open the app, there are two options under the “BACK UP” section on the screen. Tap the “Data” option, then you will enter the data selection interface. There will be a data type list for you like Contact, SMS and others, tick the data you want to back up. Then tap “Back up” button at the bottom of the screen. Name your backup files in the follow pop-up hint, otherwise your backup file will be named as the time you backup. Then tap “OK” button, your backup file will be saved on your phone external SD card in the path “Phonect—backup-all“.


Step 3. If you also want to back up the apps on your Samsung phone, go back to the backup main menu and tap “Application” option under the “BACK UP” section. Then tick the apps you want to back up. The following operation is same as above.


Step 4. Get the SD card from your old Samsung phone and move it into the Galaxy S7. Then enter the built-in backup app on your Galaxy S7 and restore the data from the SD card to your new Galaxy S7.

Part 2. Backup Your Samsung and Restore to Galaxy S7 by dr.fone Software

Except the above way, we can also use a professional data transfer software to move the data from your old Samsung phone to the new Galaxy S7. Among the plenty of transfer software in the market, we need to find out a compatible software for your Samsung which could allow to work with Samsung phone. The dr.fone – Backup&Restore (Android) is the most appropriate one which provide a high compatibility and data type transfer for the Samsung phone. Follow the steps below to do the data backup and recovery.

Step 1. Go to the dr.fone software official website to download the appropriate version for your computer. Then install it on your computer. Then launch the software on your CPU.

Download dr.fone – Backup&Restore (Android)

Step 2. Once the program is open, connect your old Samsung phone to the computer, make sure your phone be detected successfully. Then click on the “Phone Backup” option.


Step 3. After the above process, you will enter the backup interface. All the data types on your phone will be listed on the interface. Tick the data types you want to back up, then click on “Backup” button at the bottom of the interface. After a few minutes your backup will be created successfully on your computer. Make sure your phone won’t disconnect with the computer.

Step 4. Take off the old Samsung phone with computer and connect your new Samsung Galaxy S7 with computer. Click on the “Restore” option. Your Samsung backup data will be listed on the screen, choose the data types you want to restore then click on “Restore to Device” button. After a few minutes, the data from your old Samsung phone will be transferred to your Galaxy S7.

Get dr.fone – Backup&Restore (Android)

Part 3. Make Samsung as a Flash Drive to Back up Your Samsung and Restore to Galaxy S7

Because Samsung phone uses the Android system, it provides an easiest way to back up your data and restore your data from your old Samsung phone to the Galaxy S7 just by an USB cable. As we know the data like music, video, photos will be saved in the folders on our Samsung phone, and due to Android open nature, we can do the following operation to do the backup and recovery.

Step 1. Take out your Samsung phone and use the matched USB cable to connect it with the computer. After a moment, your phone will be detected by your computer.

Step 2. Click the “Computer” button on your computer desktop, and find out your phone flash drive. Open it and find out the folders your music, videos, photos saved in on your phone.


Step 3. Select all the files you want to back up, then copy them on your computer.

Step 4. Disconnect your phone with the computer, then link your Galaxy S7 with the computer. Then open the “Computer” on your desktop and open your Galaxy S7 flash drive.

Step 5. Copy all the files you just copied from your old phone on your computer. Then paste them into your Galaxy S7 flash drive.

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