Backup Your Samsung Galaxy S5 (Active / Mini) via 3 Methods

If you have a Samsung Galaxy S5, you probably need to create a backup of the phone for emergency use. For example, when you update your Android system, reset the phone to the factory, flash a ROM or root the phone, you will lose your data if you don’t backup the data.So you should learn how to create the backup. In this article, I’ll introduce you 3 ways to backup your valuable information on your phone such as songs, photos, contacts, app data and more in your Samsung Galaxy S5 (Active / Mini).

I. Use the built-in backup app to create the backup of Samsung Galaxy S5

There is a built-in app for backing up on the Samsung Galaxy S5, you can use it to create the backup of calendar, songs, photos, contacts and more important data from your phone to SD card in it.

1. Click Backup app on your Samsung Galaxy S5.

2. Click Data, in the pop-out window, select the data you want to backup. You can backup some items including SMS, calendar, contacts, pictures, MMS and call logs. Click Backup, then you should create a name of this backup. This backup will be saved in the SD card. The save path: Phone\ct_backup\backup_all

3. Come back to the main window of this app, click Application. Select the apps you need backup, then click Backup.

II. Use professional software to create the backup of Samsung Galaxy S5 in computer

A number of tools can backup Samsung Galaxy S5, one of the outstanding software is called MobileGo. It is very simple to use and has powerful functions. The tool enables to backup many kinds of data on the Samsung Galaxy S5 including songs, photos, contacts, call logs, SMS, MMS, calendars, movies with a single click. Please do as the following steps to make a backup of your Samsung Galaxy S5.

1. Make the connection between Samsung Galaxy S5 and your computer, run MobileGo

Get MobileGo

Download MobileGo on your Windows computer, then install it. Use the USB cable or Wifi to connect the Samsung Galaxy S5 and your computer. When the computer recognized the phone, Samsung Galaxy S5 will be shown on the window of your screen.

MobileGo for Samsung Galaxy S5

If you choose to use Wifi to connect the phone with computer, you must download and install the MobileGo. apk on your Samsung Galaxy S5.If you choose to use USB cable to connect them, the MobileGo on your computer will install this tool automatically.

2. Create the backup of Samsung Galaxy S5 to your computer

Select One-Click Backup in the main window. The window popped out will display the data you can make backup. Select the data you want to backup, then tap Browse to select the path you want to save. Finally, Click Backup. The process of backup will start. You must keep the computer and the phone connecting during the process. You can restore your data in Samsung Galaxy S5 whenever you want. Click Toolkit, then select Restore. you can get back all your data from the backup file.

backup samsung galaxy s5

Get MobileGo

III. Mount the phone as a flash drive to create the backup of Samsung Galaxy S5

Because of Android open nature, some items saved in SD card can be accessed, including songs, photos, videos, contacts, call logs and more. If you don’t want to choose a software to help you backup these items, using USB cable also enables you backup Samsung Galaxy S5 successful. Please do as the following steps to backup your Samsung Galaxy S5 to your computer:

Note: If your computer is Mac, it can’t recognize your Samsung Galaxy S5. You should install a software called Android File Transfer which can help you mount your Samsung Galaxy S5 as a flash drive.

After detect your device, do as these steps:

  1. Use a USB cable to connect your device with computer. Your device will be detected and mounted as a flash drive.
  2. Open the flash drive, then the data on the SD card will be shown in front of you.
  3. By default, the songs, photos, and videos are saved in the folder called music, pictures and movies. The files are where you saved. Please copy and save all the files you want to backup on your computer.


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