If you buy a new Android phone branded the Galaxy S8 or Galaxy S7 and you want to make a Galaxy Phone backup to avoid any system restore. And you are prepared to make a backup copy of all the apps, settings, messages and many other things in the Samsung Galaxy Phone. How to finish the task.

It is quite familiar to the iPhone users how to make a backup, that is just to connect the iPhone with iTunes, which is really convenient and simple. But referring the Samsung Galaxy S8 or Galaxy S7 data backup, what desktop software can help us to solve the problem just like the iTunes? Here, in fact, we have a lot of desktop software similar to iTunes to make a backup of Galaxy Phone messages, settings, apps, contacts, media files and many other things you prefer in your Samsung Galaxy S8/S7/S6/S5/S4/S3/S2. You can not only make a backup copy of Samsung Galaxy Phone to the other cell phones(like backup Samsung data and restore to Galaxy S7), PC but also to a cloud account without the trouble of any software. This is exactly what you need and simple enough for you. The detailed step by step user guide is shown below in three parts.

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Part 1. Make a backup for Samsung Galaxy Phone to the computer

Firstly, you should download the right free version of the dr.fone – Backup&Restore (Android) on your computer. It is a very useful and popular desktop software for Android phones and if you use it, songs, contacts, SMS, pictures, apps, movies, calendars, call logs and playlists information on your Samsung Galaxy S10/S9/S8/S7/S6/S5/S4/S3/S2 can all be made a backup copy to your computer. Here you should take steps as the following:

Download dr.fone – Backup&Restore (Android)

Step 1. Link your Samsung Galaxy Phone to your computer

You should set up the dr.fone after downloading it and link your Samsung Galaxy S5 to your computer under the condition use a USB cable. And your Samsung Galaxy S Phone will be shown in the main window with the help of this Android program once your phone is examined smoothed.

Step 2. Make a backup for Samsung Galaxy Phone

You should choose Backup in the Tools you prefer and the backup window will appear. And you can see all available backup things are chosen and please uncheck the contents you think they are unnecessary. Next, you should also find a place to store the documents you are prepared to make a backup. Then Back Up should be chosen and you can see the whole backup process begin.

If you accidentally lose your Samsung Galaxy S5 data, you can choose the Backup&Restore > Restore to restore them. And it is quite efficient and you never need to worry about such kind of problem.

Part 2. Make a backup of Samsung Phone to the other tablets or phones

When you buy a tablet or a new cell phone, you are prepared to make a backup copy of your old Samsung Phone to the new phone directly, you should appeal to the dr.fone – Phone Transfer and it can help you solve your problem. This program is very useful and it can make a backup copy of many things, for example, the contacts. These contacts can be transferred between any two phones running on the Android, iOS and Symbian system and you are very capable of making a backup copy of the desired data from Samsung Galaxy Phone to the other facilities, like tablets or other phones.

You can download this program and make Galaxy Phone backup to other phone directly by following the below way.

Download dr.fone – Phone Transfer

Step 1. Link both Samsung Galaxy S7/S6/S5/S4 and other phones to your computer

You firstly link your Samsung Galaxy S5 and other phones to your computer with the help of the USB cable and after your phones have examined & recognized, you can see both phones there.

And you must examine the destination phone data supported status in following because the files you are prepared to back up from Galaxy Phone to the new phone.

  • From Samsung Galaxy Phone an Android Device: messages, pictures, apps, calendar, contacts, songs, call logs and movies
  • From Samsung Galaxy Phone to an iPhone/iPad/iPod: contacts, calendar, songs, pictures, messages and movies
  • From Samsung Galaxy Phone to a Windows Phone (Nokia): contacts

backup galaxy to iphone

Note: If you want to delete the destination device’s data and to store the Samsung S5’s relevant ones, you should check the box before Clear data before copy.

Step 2. Make a backup of Samsung Phone to Android/iDevice /Symbian device

You should guarantee that all the things you check are the ones you are prepared to make a backup and then you should choose Start Copy but here you must pay attention to the fact that you can not break the connection between those device during the whole process until it is finished. Otherwise, you can not fulfill the task successfully.

Transfer galaxy data to iphone

Part 3. Make a backup of Samsung Phone to Google account

You can make a backup copy of settings, app data and many other things on the Samsung to Google account without using any software and you can fulfill the task only on your Samsung Phone.

You can click Setting, then Accounts and next is Backup and last you click Reset. After choosing the Back up my date, you will see the settings, app data, and WiFi passwords are made a backup copy to Google servers.

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Note: You must notice that you should sign in your Google account on the Samsung Galaxy Phone.