How to Free Download Songs Using Beatport Downloader

Nobody wants to spend their hard-earned money on downloading music from iTunes. Most of us listen to a lot of different music, so if you were to download all of your music through iTunes, you’d rack up a pretty big bill fast.

This is why the majority of people are now looking into downloading their music for free, and as you may know, one of the most popular music downloaders is the Beatport Downloader.

Our focus in this article will be to look at some of the programs that you can use to download music from Beatport as well as how to use them – so let’s get right into it.

Method #1 – Using iMusic as Beatport Downloader

The first method that we’re going to be walking you through is how to use iMusic as a Beatport downloader. This program is perfect if you’re looking to move away from iTunes and helps you to build your iTunes library incredibly fast.

In addition, it can also download Twitter videos.

Make sure that you have iMusic installed on your computer before you follow the short guide that we have provided below.

Download iMusic Free

#1 – First, launch iMusic on your computer.

#2 – After this Beatport downloader has been launched, click on the “Get Music” tab from the top panel.

iMusic beatport downloader

#3 – From here, you’ll have three different downloading options to choose from. If you want, you can click on “Discover” and see if you can find the song you want to download from Beatport although, for this method, we will be using “Record“.

#4 – After selecting the record option, you’ll be shown the recording screen. Open up the Beatport website and find the song that you want to download.

#5 – Click on the record button on iMusic and quickly play the song on Beatport.

#6 – Let the entire song play and once it has finished, click on the record button once again to stop the recording.

#7 – On the top panel, click on “iTunes Library“, and from here, you’ll be able to view all of your recordings as well as the music which is already stored in your iTunes library.

Building a thriving iTunes library has never been easier. With the help of iMusic, you can download and listen to all of your favorite songs without spending all of that unnecessary money.

How to Transfer Beatport Music to Device

Now, the chances are that once you’ve used iMusic as a Beatport downloader you will want to transfer that music onto your device so that you can listen to it on the go. If that’s the case, follow the steps below and find out how you can also use iMusic to do that.

#1 – Start off by opening up iMusic and connecting the device to which you want to transfer the music.

#2 – After you’ve connected the device and both your PC and the program have recognized it, click on “Device” from the top panel.

#3 – From here you will be able to see some basic information about the connected device. This verifies that your device is recognized by iMusic. Click on “iTunes Library” from the top panel.

Note: If your device isn’t automatically detected by iMusic, check if there is a notification on your device. You may be required to tap “Trust” on the “Trust This Computer?” notification.

#4 – At the top left of the program, click on the music icon, this will display all of the music that is in your iTunes library (including any of the music that you’ve downloaded).

#5 – From here, select each of the songs which you want to transfer to your device.

#6 – Once you’ve selected the songs, click on the export icon at the top right of the program and select the “Export to Device” option.

Because you are able to use iMusic as a Beatport downloader and also transfer the music that you’ve downloaded to your device is amazing. This completely eliminates the need for you ever to use iTunes again!

Method #2 – Using Streaming Audio Recorder as Beatport Downloader

Next, we’ll be looking at Wondershare Streaming Audio Recorder. Although this program doesn’t include as many features as iMusic, it is useful for recording music and storing it in a separate library from your other music.

Before following the short guide that we’ve provided below, download and install Wondershare Streaming Audio Recorder on your computer.

Download Streaming Audio Recorder

#1 – Start by launching the Streaming Audio Recorder on your computer.

#2 – After the program has loaded, open up Beatport and find a song which you want to use this Beatport downloader for.

#3 – Now that you’ve found a song, go back to the program and click on the record button. Quickly navigate back to Beatport and start playing the song which you want to download.

Note: make sure that you have a stable internet connection while recording otherwise the music may stop playing, and you’ll have to begin the process from the beginning.

#4 – Once you have finished recording the song that you want to have downloaded, click on the recording button again. This will save your recording, and you will be able to find all of your recordings on the “Library” tab.

#5 – Now, if you want to transfer your downloaded music to your iTunes library, simply click on the song which you want to transfer and click on the transfer iTunes at the bottom of the program.

One of the benefits of using this Beatport downloader is that you can make different playlists of the music that you’ve recorded, making it easier to manage your music. On top of that, with the transfer to iTunes feature, you can transfer specific playlists to iTunes too.

iMusic or Streaming Audio Recorder – Which is the Best Beatport Downloader for You?

If you’ve looked at both of the Beatport downloader programs that we’ve discussed in this article but you’re still struggling to decide which one you should use, we can help you to decide.

Below we have put together a comparison table to help weigh out the differences between the two choices.

  iMusic Streaming Audio Recorder
Create Ringtones from Recordings   Yes
Record Audio from Anywhere Yes Yes
Directly Download Music from YouTube (and other websites) Yes Yes
Download Playlists Yes Yes
Burn Downloads to CDs Yes  
Organise and Fix Your iTunes Library Yes  
Take and Restore Backups of Your iTunes Library Yes  
Transfer Downloaded Music Directly to Device Yes  
Explore and Discover Different Genres of Music Yes  

Even though iMusic might seem like the obvious choice, it comes down to which one you prefer to use. Both are fantastic programs and come with their own set of unique features, and while iMusic has more features and bigger capabilities, you may prefer the Streaming Audio Recorder instead.

About iMusic

iMusic is not only the best program out there for downloading music from Beatport, YouTube, VimeoMixcloudDeezer, and pretty much any big music streaming service, iMusic but also has so many other features too.

  • If you’ve recently purchased a new mobile phone, you can use iMusic to transfer your music between the devices easily.
  • iMusic will fix any wrong or missing information that is stored about your music (e.g. missing album covers, wrong artists’ names, etc.).
  • With the iMusic Toolbox, you are able to convert your iTunes library from M4P to MP3, take backups of your iTunes library (and restore those backups if you have to), and even burn your CD so that you can listen to your music on the go!

About Streaming Audio Recorder

On top of using Streaming Audio Recorder as a Beatport downloader, there is so much more that this program has to offer.

  • Are you interested in creating your ringtone? With the Streaming Audio Recorder, you can turn any song which you download into your very own custom ringtone (in just a few quick and easy steps!).
  • All of the music that you download is stored within the program’s library so that you can easily access it. You are also able to create playlists of the music that you have downloaded.
  • So that your iTunes library doesn’t get cluttered, you can select which of the recorded songs you want to have added to your iTunes library.

To Conclude

Nobody wants to buy all of the music that they listen to, most of us have hundreds of songs on our Spotify playlists alone, and purchasing all of that music would be way too expensive. This is where using a Beatport downloader comes in.

As one of the most popular music streaming websites out here, it’s only natural that people want to download music from it, and with the help of iMusic and Streaming Audio Recorder, this becomes a possibility.


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