What is the Best Alternative to ESET Parental Control?

If you are aware of the concept of parental control tool, you shouldn’t have missed ESET Parental Control. In fact, ESET Parental Control is considered to be one of the best of its kind. In this article, we are going to review the ESET Parental Control tool and a much better alternative to that.

Why would you need software like ESET Parental Control?

It is true that we all live in a really busy world. The busyness of our lifestyles can eventually affect our family lives too. For instance, our tight and busy lifestyle can prevent us from paying close attention to our children. With unlimited access to smart devices like phones, tablets, and computers, kids can easily engage in wrongful stuff. However, if you have parental control software, you can keep track of their device-based activities. When it comes to Parental control software, ESET has become exceptionally popular among modern-day parents. That is because of the large range of features it delivers and the reliability. With the assistance of software such as ESET Parental Control, you will know what your kids are doing online. In other words, such software helps you maintain a perfect family life with your kids. As long as you know what your kids are up to, you can continue your daily routine without any hassle.
ESET Parental Control is considered to be one of the most reliable parental control tools. This respective software lets you monitor and control the online activities of kids. It is particularly popular as an Android-supported software. This parental control app comes as a standalone app. It has many essential features to impress any parent who needs decent control over kids’ online activities. As a parent, you can use any standard web browser in order to monitor your kids’ activities remotely. To start monitoring your kids’ online activities, you should download the application first. You can download the application by visiting this link. Be sure to download the software on the target device (your kid’s phone). Then, you can create an account. You can log in to this account from anywhere and check what is going on with the target device.

Apart from just monitoring, ESET Parental Control Tool allows you to control the kids’ activities. You can apply restrictions on the activities and apps you need as a preventive measure. In addition to that, there is a range of other features associated with his highly useful software.

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Features associated with ESET Parental Control

01. App Filtering

ESET Parental Control tool comes with the ability to control the usability of apps on a target device. With the help of this feature, you can simply protect kids from using certain apps. You can either block an app completely or apply some time-based limitations using this app guard. This is a really helpful option. It allows you to keep your kids away from harmful apps or prevent them from using an app excessively.

02. Web Guard

It is true that the web is a massive source of information for kids when it comes to learning. There are plenty of websites today to help kids to learn various things related to their school educations. In addition to that, kids can learn various other skills through the internet. However, the internet is also home to nasty things. In other words, there are many things on the internet a kid shouldn’t access. But, preventing kids completely from using the internet is not a very smart option. In this case, you can use a parental control tool like ESET to monitor and restrict the websites visited. You can use this option to keep kids away from adultery and harmful content like pornography, gambling, etc.

03. Child Locator

There are plenty of instances in which you need to locate the exact location of your child. Sometimes, kids may prevent from answering the text or phone calls due to anger or some other reason. When there is no other way to learn the whereabouts of your kid, you can use ESET’s child locator. This specific feature can immediately update you about the exact location of your beloved child.

04. Parental Mode

This is a special feature that lets you configure a specific set of rules for your kid’s phone. He or she will not be able to go beyond what is permitted to use.

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Advantages of using ESET Parental Control

In this section, let’s talk about the advantages of using ESET Parental Control.

  • Setting up the software is exceptionally easy (even for a novice)
  • This specific software is perfectly compatible with phones, tablets, and computers
  • It has an integrated feature to perform safe searches through the internet
  • Tools like monitoring, filtering and reporting can assure the peace of mind for parents
  • Web Guard Protection prevent kids from monitoring
  • You can use this software to limit the overall device-based activities of your kid
  • It notifies you when the kid is entering a prohibited feature
  • SOS button associated with the ESET Parental Control tool lets your kid send an emergency message

Disadvantages of ESET Parental Control

  • This specific software is compatible with Android platforms, and it doesn’t work with iOS devices
  • It doesn’t have a call blocking function or a text blocking feature to prevent your kids
  • License information tends to get lost in the event of a product update

What does it cost?

Premium version of this software can be purchased under various price plans (ranging from $49.95 – $87.95 annually). However, it comes with a free trial version as well. You can use it for 30 days as a trial version.

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Why do you need an alternative to ESET Parental Control?

It is true that there are plenty of features associated with ESET Parental Control. Almost all the features included in this tool are very handy. However, if you are really concerned about your child’s activities, you may need a better alternative. In other words, ESET Parental Control has some areas to improve. In fact, ESET has some limitations as a parental control tool. For instance, you cannot block a call or text message using ESET Parental Control. It doesn’t track screen time. Also, you cannot completely block an app you like using ESET Parental Control.

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OK. What is the best alternative for ESET Parental Control?

Since ESET Parental Control is not a perfect, comprehensive family software, you should look for better alternatives. It is true that there are plenty of other software tools available in the market. But, we ended up with KidsGuard due to obvious reasons. As a parent, KidsGuard is a tool you must have. It comes as a one-stop solution for all the parental controlling needs. You can assure the perfect safety of your children if you have this wonderful software. Many parents consider KidsGuard to be the best ever parental controlling software they experienced due to its functionality. This respective software can easily replace ESET Parental Control and function much better than that. It also comes with much-needed features such as Screen time. Apart from that, it is capable of blocking a special app completely. On top of its superb functionality and powerful monitoring ability, this respective software comes with a really user-friendly interface. Even a novice user can make the best use of this app very easily.

Features of ESET Parental Control Alternative – KidsGuard

Now, let’s take a look at the most notable features associated with KidsGuard.

Screen time tracking

If necessary, you are able to lock the target phone’s screen easily using this software. You can do so simply by setting the limitation through the app. With this feature, you can encourage your kids to focus on studies instead of starring at the phone. In other words, you can let the kids use the phone within a specific time frame only if you have KidsGuard.

Filtering Content and Browsing

You can use KidsGuard to control their browsing. KidsGuard can control their access based on the contents. For instance, it can allow kids to visit educational websites without any issue. But, it can keep your kids away from unwanted contents.

Tracking the location and Geo-Fencing

KidsGuard is one of the best IMEI number trackers which is capable of tracking the exact location of your beloved child. It is capable of giving a real-time update about the location of the kid. Apart from just tracking, this respective tool comes with the Geo-Fencing feature. This feature allows you to restrict kids’ movements without your awareness. It is a great way to keep kids away from unwanted places. If your kid tries to reach a restricted area, KidsGuard will notify you with an alert.

App Blocking and Monitoring Browsing History

This respective internet blocker app is capable of blocking a particular app depending on your requirement. If necessary, you can program it to get unlocked at a specified time too. This is a really effective way to limit your kids’ social media usage. Apart from that, KidsGuard will let you go through the browsing history of the target phone. It can hack WhatsApp chat history & Hack Viber Messages and Account as the best Telegram hack tool. That is a really impressive option to keep your kids away from harmful activities online.

More importantly, KidsGuard works perfectly on both Android/iOS devices, unlike ESET Parental Control.

Sign up & Download KidsGuard

Bottom line

You cannot limit kids’ curiosity just because you need to protect them from harmful internet activities. Keeping them totally away from the internet or smart devices is not a practical approach. So, the best approach is to let them use intendent and other devices under your watch. The most successful approach is to install parental control software on their devices and know what they do. In that case, KidsGuard, the alternative to ESET Parental Control alternative, is the best option you can consider.

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