Best Fingerprint Screen Lock Apps for Android Smartphones

One of the big innovations which have been brought to smartphones is the ability to use your fingerprint to unlock your phone. Newer phones have better responsiveness while older phones are much slower, but nonetheless, they work effectively. This ability is more commonly used on iPhones although recently, Android users have started to use it and as a result, Android users are looking for some of the best fingerprint screen lock apps.

Furthermore, security is an incredibly important aspect of smartphones but is one aspect which most people take for granted or don’t make a priority. With fingerprint lock screen apps, you can step up your device’s security because let’s face it – Android security is awful.

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Part 1. Best Fingerprint Screen Lock Apps for Android

Fingerprint Screen Lock App #1 – AppLock

The first app on our “Best Fingerprint Screen Lock” list is AppLock. The purpose of this application is to allow you to add a fingerprint lock screen to individual applications.

One of the biggest benefits of using this application is that you can let others use your Android phone without having to worry about them accessing applications which only you should have access to. Whether it’s your WhatsApp or Facebook – there are certain applications that only you should be using on your phone.

If you’re concerned about this application using a lot of power while running in the background, there is a power-saving mode available which works very well.

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Fingerprint Screen Lock App #2 – ICE Unlock Fingerprint Scanner

Next on our list is ICE Unlock Fingerprint Scanner – an app which allows Android phones that don’t support fingerprint scanning to take advantage of fingerprint security.

The way that the app works is by taking a picture of your fingerprint so that when you want to unlock your Android device, you simply use the camera and the app will identify your fingerprint. This unlock method works similar to how regular Android phones use fingerprint screen locks and so if you have an older Android device, this may be worth looking into.

Fingerprint Screen Lock App #3 – Fingerprint Lock Screen

The Fingerprint Lock Screen application is fairly straightforward and works exactly as you’d exact a fingerprint lock app to work. Once you’ve installed and setup the app, whenever you go to unlock your Android device you must first hold your thumb against the screen.

The application will then read your fingerprint and after a few seconds, will verify the fingerprint, flash green, and let give you access to your mobile phone.

Although there aren’t many features which stand out about this app, it works perfectly as a fingerprint lock screen and is simple too.

#4 – CM Locker

CM Locker was one of the first applications to release which focused around the concept of fingerprint scanning, and it has time and time again proven how effective this technology can be utilized.

The big thing that makes this app unique (and which really makes it worth using) is how it’s fingerprint lock screen feature works.

If the Android users fail to enter the correct lock screen combination (or fingerprint), a selfie will immediately be taken by the mobile phone and will be saved into your photo gallery. This means that if someone is trying to snoop through your phone, you can quickly catch them.

#5 – FingerSecurity

Last on our list is FingerSecurity which in some respects, brings a lot more to the table than the other two on our list.

FingerSecurity Fingerprint Screen Lock

FingerSecurity is similar to AppLock in the sense that it can be used to lock individual apps so that only certain users can access them.

There are a lot of configuration settings available in FingerSecurity. For example, you can set it up so that new applications are automatically locked and so that some applications are unlocked when you enter certain locations.

The only reason that this is third on our list instead of first is that it is still in its early development stages as a fingerprint screen lock app although, within the coming months, there is no reason for it not to be at the top.

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#6 – Lockify

We won’t be ranking this on our best fingerprint screen lock list although one of the more fun fingerprint screen locks that are available to Android users is Lockify. Unlike other apps, this one allows you to customize your lock screen exactly as you want to.

Lockify Fingerprint Screen Lock

To can change the lock screen’s background to your favorite picture and add a locking method that you’re happy with. You can also create different screen locking profiles so that you can easily switch between them as you please, without having to recreate lock screens every time.

Unfortunately, this application is very outdated but in retrospect, unless you have a newer Android device then you should be able to run it without any issues and still have a fingerprint screen lock.

Part 2. Using the Best Screen Lock Tool – Dr.Fone

Given that we’re discussing the fingerprint lock screen on Android, we’re going to be showing you how you can use Dr.Fone – Android Screen Unlock to remove a fingerprint screen lock. In fact, this method can remove any type of lock screen so that you can regain access to your Android device as well as bypass FRP.

Step #1 – Start off this method by download Dr.Fone onto your computer and afterward, installing it.

Download dr.fone – Unlock (Android)

Step #2 – Next, connect the Android device which you want to have a lock screen removed from to your computer using the appropriate USB cable. Allow a few moments for your computer to recognize this connection before you continue.

Step #3 – From the main menu you are able to see all of the features that the Dr.Fone program has to offer. For this method, we will be utilizing the “Screen Unlock” feature, so go ahead and click on it.


Step #4 – You will then be shown a screen which displays all of the lock screens that this method can unlock (Pin, Pattern, Password, and Fingerprint). Click on the “Start” button to continue with the process.

dr.fone Fingerprint Screen Lock

Step #5 – Following this, you will be instructed to enter your device into “Download Mode“. To do this, simply turn your phone off and once it’s fully powered down, press and hold the “Volume Down + Home + Power” buttons at the same time. After this, press the “Volume Up” button, and you will have successfully entered download mode.

Note: if you aren’t able to remember these instructions on how to enter “Download Mode” then don’t worry, Dr.Fone will also show you how to do so.

Step #6 – After entering download mode, click on the “Start” button. Dr.Fone will then begin to download a recovery package which will be used to remove the lock screen from your device.

Note: if you have a slow internet connection then you’ll find that the recovery package will take significantly longer in comparison to if you have a fast internet connection.

Step #7 – Once the package is downloaded, Dr.Fone will then begin to remove the lock screen. After a few minutes, you will have successfully removed your fingerprint screen lock.

If you have forgotten your Android lock screen combination before then there’s no need to worry or to be embarrassed – we’ve all been there, and we’ve all had to go through the hassle of finding a way to gain access to our device again. Fortunately, now that you’ve seen dr.fone – Screen Unlock in action, you’re able to make the entire experience a lot easier to deal with.

FYI: Except dr.fone – Android Unlock, iMyFone – LockWiper (Android) is another professional tool can help you unlock any Android phone without a password. Moreover, iMyFone LockWiper supports almost all Android devices. You can also have a try.

How to Remove Fingerprint Screen Lock Easily

Now, if you don’t have access to a computer and you want to remove a fingerprint screen lock from your Android device then don’t worry, you’re still able to do so without the help of Dr.Fone. Simply follow the steps below, and you’ll have access in no time at all.

  • #1 – Make sure that you have your Android phone as well as a friend’s phone available.
  • #2 – Using your friend’s phone (it doesn’t matter whether their phone is Android or iOS), call your Android phone.
  • #3 – On your Android phone, answer the call and click on the back button without hanging up the call.
  • #4 – From here, you will now have full access to your Android phone. You can use this as an opportunity to remove your lock screen from the phone, although this doesn’t work for some Android devices as you will be asked to verify the lock screen.
  • #5 – Once you hang up the call you should now be able to access your Android phone once again, without a fingerprint lock screen, and will also be able to add a new lock screen if necessary.

This obviously isn’t the best method, but again, if you don’t have any access to a computer at the time, this will get the job done.

Main Features of Dr.Fone – Android Unlock

Although our main focus of this article was to introduce you to some of the best fingerprint screen lock apps out there, we’ve been discussing dr.done – Android Unlock and feel as though this is a sensible time to show you some of the program’s other features.

  • It’s Free! Do you find yourself forgetting your Android phone’s password regularly and as a result, constantly losing access to your Android phone? Not a problem. Check out Dr.Fone – Android Lock Screen Removal for free and if the program works for you, go ahead and purchase it for full access.
  • No Data Loss. This is one of the main things that people worry about when they’re trying to remove their Android device’s lock screen. Whenever you use Dr.Fone – Android Lock Screen Removal to remove a lock screen, you will never experience data loss. As one of the main things that people worry about when removing their lock screen, we find it important to make sure that Dr.Fone users are aware that they won’t lose any of their personal data.

Get dr.fone – Screen Unlock (Android)

If you were in doubt about this program beforehand, you shouldn’t be anymore. These are just some of the wonderful features that this program has to offer and to see all that it has to offer, either download the free version of the program today or purchase the premium version – regardless of which you use, you’ll have an experience that you’ll never forget.

To Conclude

With consideration to the fact that smartphones are quickly developing, the fingerprint recognition feature is also progressing at a rapid rate to the extent that app developers can utilize it in any way that they want to without hassle. Now that we’ve shown you some of the best fingerprint screen lock apps available, you can get more out of your Android phone and enjoy one of the most innovative features that we’ve ever seen while also taking your Android security to a whole new level.