Top iPad Cleaner – the Best iPad Memory Cleaner

Similar to any ordinary computer, your iPad, no matter how great it might be, will accumulate some needless and useless files sooner or later.

It is actually a typical occurrence because smartphones, tablets, and other similar devices are all keeping up to ensure that they can meet all the needs and expectations of their users.

This is what makes it imperative to find a good iPad memory cleaner that can keep your precious device in its tiptop shape.

Your iPad stores different caches such as the remnants of cookies or apps. For instance, iTunes generates files when the syncing has not been completed. To get rid of these files from your device, we need an iPad cleaner to help us out.

In fact, experts all agree that it is a wise thing to do some sweeping on your device now and then. This way, your gadget will have free memory to let you browse online, play heavy games, and download and use different apps, provided that you properly eliminate the temporary files and caches.

Indeed, cleaning the memory of your iPad on a regular basis is an extremely easy way to ensure that your device will perform better and at the same time, have more extra storage.

Cleaning the memory of your iPad manually might take up so much of your time. The good news is that there are now plenty of iPad memory cleaner apps that can help you in doing this task very easily and quickly.

The only problem, however, is that with all the different iPad cleaner options available right now in the market, it might be a bit difficult if not confusing to figure out which one of these will really work best for your needs & does resetting iPhone delete everything with no need for you to try them individually.

Since trying all of these out can consume most of your precious time, this guide has been created to help things easier for you.

Below is a quick rundown together with the description of the different iPad memory cleaner apps that you can consider to ensure that your device remains clean at all times.

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Top 1 iPad Cleaner: iSkysoft Data Eraser

The iSkysoft Data Eraser is an iPad memory cleaner that supports cleaning all data on your iPad 100 percent permanently. This can also delete any data you have on your iPad and iPod, and these will all be unrecoverable.

The iSkysoft Data Eraser also helps when it comes to deleting private data on your device to keep your private data always secure, and this will also let you erase any junk files for the purpose of freeing up space in your gadget. This comes packed with several remarkable features that make it a must-have for users.

  • The tool helps clean all confidential and personal information such as bank account information, browsing history, credit, and debit card user details, and so much more.
  • This has the ability to clean up all junk files, and it can also speed up the performance and overall working condition of your iPad. All of it can be done in just a matter of a click. This is also found to be compatible with several iPad models that you can find on the market right now.
  • It is capable of overwriting the deleted files. The reason behind it is that a simple factory reset or going through for simple file deletion might not be the solution to the problem. This tool features other data recovery apps.
  • It also can protect your private data. It helps in deleting files permanently that reside on your iPad. The good thing is that it’s very user-friendly and every deletion may be done easily even by people who don’t have the required experience and knowledge.

Steps to Clean Your iPad Memory Using iSkysoft Data Eraser

1. Consider Downloading and Installing iSkysoft Data Eraser

First and foremost, you have to consider downloading and installing iSkysoft Data Eraser on Mac. Once the process of installation is done, you may launch it. After that, connect your iPad to your Mac with the use of a USB cable.

Download iSkysoft Data Eraser Free

2. Begin the Process of Scanning

Typically, there would be five categories on its primary interface. You have the freedom to pick the option “Express Cleanup”, and you can begin by hitting the “Start Scan”.

When this process is already activated, this iPad memory cleaner will begin scanning your device and search for information and data that are clogging and eating up the memory space of your iPad. You’ll need to be patient for the reason that the process might take some minutes.

3. Begin the Process of Actual Clean Up

When the scanning is done, the tool will show the junk files on its main interface. Once all are listed, you may activate the button “Clean Up”.

It’ll free up your iPad’s space. You must learn how to be patient because it could take several minutes. The time might depend on the size and amount of junk files that have filed up in your iPad’s system. There are cases where it could last for several minutes to clean up RAM space.

Once the process is done effectively, you can be assured that your iOS is now fully optimized. You can also view the amount of data that has been released.

When big chunks of memory space were released, there’s hardly any doubt that it could go a long way in improving the system’s speed and it’ll boost it a bit.

This will also help you know the ways through which may save space with the use of its space saver option that you can use to your advantage.

Therefore, there’s no doubt that using iSkysoft Data Eraser as your iPad memory cleaner can make your device much more efficient and work faster and in a productive manner. Thus, it’s something that you must have with you at every point in time.

Top 2 iPad Cleaner: iMobie PhoneClean

It’s considered the ultimate iPad memory cleaner for the reason that it helps in cleaning up the garbage for the devices that run on iOS. This also enables you to reclaim lots of space for your device.

iMobie PhoneClean has six various cleaning functions, which include silent clean, erase clean, system clean, privacy clean, internet clean, and quick clean. Such features enable you to erase files easily.

However, even if it has some good useful features, it misses something, once incorporated, could make the app a must-have. This particular aspect is user-friendliness. Its interface should be improved into more engaging and intuitive.

Aside from that, the app might require several major bug fixes for you to get rid of any inconvenience when cleaning your phone silently.

Top 3 iPad Cleaner: iFreeup

It’s an iPad memory cleaner that is designed to help users clean out their iOS devices. It supports tons of functions including cleaning out private data, photo shredding, and performance optimization.

It comes with built-in functionality, which enables the users to import, delete, and export data easily from their iPad to PC or vice versa. It’s the program that clears cookies, cache, logs, and some files including game data and app data. It is also highly efficient and easy to use.

Top 4 iPad Cleaner: Clean MyPhone

Basically, it was developed to free up some space for storage on any iOS device by removing and managing files and apps through your iPad. This iPad memory cleaner makes it very possible for you to determine big files easily and free up some of your disk space. It also cleans cookies and scripts to ensure that your privacy and other personal information are well-protected.

You won’t have a hard time using the app as it is easy and anyone can figure it out quickly. The only thing that you should do is to launch the tool, connect your device, and your work will be done easily.

You will be able to see first the Device Status that tells you the iOS version, total capacity, and some ID numbers. You will also see familiar bars across the bottom, which show the space that was used.

Clean MyPhone also has some added features. The feature called “Find Large Files” runs similarly to its App Cleaner function, yet it varies by seeking only big files. Another feature is called “One-Click-Copy” that can be utilized for the backup of files including contacts, notes, call logs, reminders, messages, videos, and photos.

When compared to iTunes backup which makes an unreadable file of your information, this feature copied the files physically from your device and stores them on your hard disk.


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