Best iTunes Alternatives – Sync Music Between iOS and PC

Usually, we use iTunes to transfer the audio files from the computer to the iOS devices. But, there are also many reasons why people search for an iTunes alternative to finish the job. Some people want a tool to transfer files at a faster speed. Some people find it too difficult to use iTunes. And also some people want a powerful tool not only to transfer the data but also to manage them. Anyway, it is the aim of this article to tell you ten nice alternatives to iTunes for your reference.

Part 1. Top Ten Alternatives to iTunes

1 Super Powerful iTunes Alternative – iMusic

The iMusic is a versatile tool, which can manage the audio files, download, record the music you like on the Internet, and also burn the audios into a CD for you.


  • Transfer the audios between two devices. The devices it supports include Apple phones, Android phones, Windows computer, and Mac computer.
  • It can help you use the iTunes with your non-Apple phone.
  • You can download music on the Internet with this tool.
  • You can record the music that is not allowed to download with this tool.
  • You can find lots of nice music from the ranking lists of this tool.
  • It can help you analyze your music library, and fix the music tags, or remove the duplicate audios.
  • It can help you create a full or part backup files of your music library.
  • You can manage the music, with the functions that the iTunes don’t offer.
  • You can customize a playlist with this tool.
  • You can burn your favorite songs with this tool.

Download iMusic Free

2 iTunes Alternative – CopyTrans Manager

The CopyTrans Manager is an easy and simple tool for all the users of iOS devices. You can use it to manage the iOS devices including the iPhone, iPad, and iPod. As a nice alternative of the iTunes, you can easily transfer the media files from your computer to your iOS device with this tool when you don’t want to use the iTunes. The only weak point of this tool is that it supports only the Windows computers, so for the Mac users, you need to try the try CopyTrans alternative for Mac.

CopyTrans Manager

  • 1.It is easy to operate.
  • 2.It classifies the files by the date, album and so on.
  • 3.It is a freeware.


  • 1.It can’t detect the music automatically, so you need to do that by manual.
  • 2.It can not help you transfer the data files in the format of “WMA”.

PS: click to know how to use iTunes Dark Mode with ease.

3 iTunes Alternative – SynciOS

The SynciOS is a free tool for the iOS devices. The main function of it is to transfer the media files like the photos, audios, videos, etc. The iOS devices it supports include the iPhone, iPad, and the iPod. One thing you need to know is that this tool can help you convert the formats of the data files to compatible formats of the iOS devices automatically. That means you can feel free to transfer the files as you like, without worrying about the compatibility. Also it helps you to create the necessary backup files so that you can easily get back to the files you want when something happens unexpectedly.


  • 1.It can manage many kinds of media files for you.
  • 2.It can convert the media files to friendly formats when you transfer them to your iOS devices.
  • 3.It is a time-saving tool.
  • 4.You can back up your phone with this tool.
  • 5.The basic version is free.


  • 1.It supports the Windows computer only, including the Windows 7, 8, Vista and XP.
  • 2.It can not transfer the data files to your iTunes library.
  • 3.There will be some problem when you want to manage the contacts with it.

4 iTunes Alternative – MediaMonkey

The MediaMonkey is a tool recommended especially for the experts, because it is a little complicated. It isn’t usually used for transferring the media files from the computer to the iOS devices. People often use it to trace the lost information of the data files.


  • 1.It is compatible with both the Windows computer and the Mac computer.
  • 2.It enables you to find the media files with ease because it can consolidate them.
  • 3.It can customize a special playlist for you according to your listening habit.
  • 4.You can trace the information with this tool.


  • 1.It is not a freeware.
  • 2.It is kind of complicated for the basic users.

5 iTunes Alternative – Fidelia

The most useful function of the Fidelia is that it enables the users to see the wavelength of the music playing, which is adopted by professional users. That is why it is usually used for commercial purpose. Besides, the Fidelia supports a lot of formats of the audio files.


  • 1.The interface of it is intuitive and friendly, so you can learn to use it with ease.
  • 2.You can use it as a music player too. And the virtualization capability of it is excellent.
  • 3.There are a lot of formats of audio files supported by this tool, including those of high quality.


  • 1.It is compatible with the Mac computer only.
  • 2.It is not free, and the charge is kind of high.

6 iTunes Alternative – MusicBee

The MusicBee is said to be one of the biggest competitors to the iTunes because it owns a large user group just like that of the iTunes. It can help you transfer the media files as well as playing the music. When you listen to music with this tool, just try to add the visualization effects, which is said to be wonderful.


  • 1.The interface of it is beautiful as well as easy to understand.
  • 2.It can help the users rip the CD or the DVD into playlist.
  • 3.The visualization effects it offers is excellent.
  • 4.It is a free application.


  • 1.You need to download an encoder if you want to use this tool, because there is no such thing on this tool.
  • 2.It is compatible with the Windows computers only.

7 iTunes Alternative – PodTrans

Just like its name, PodTrans is good at transferring the media files from the computer to the iPod, of course, together with the iPhone and iPad. The media files supported cover the audio files, videos, photos, podcast, and so on. With this powerful tool, you can put the iTunes aside.


  • 1. Its interface is simple but contains many functions options.
  • 2.It calculates so fast that it can save a lot of time for you.
  • 3.You can transfer the data files from your computer to a portable device as well as between two portable devices.
  • 4.It supports both the Windows computer and the Mac computer.
  • 5.It is free for the basic version, and it offers a pro version too.


  • 1.The pro version may ask for $29.95.
  • 2.It doesn’t offer the function of converting the formats of the audio files like some other alternatives to the iTunes.

8 iTunes Alternative – Swinsian

The Swinsian has so simple an interface that it is easy to use. You can transfer all kinds of media files with this tool. And you can also edit the ID3 tags of the audio files if there is something wrong.


  • 1.The simple interfaces makes it easy to use.
  • 2.The calculation speed of this tool is fast, which make it a time-saving tool.
  • 3.It can manage a batch of media files at one time.
  • 4.It is simple, and can work along without the iTunes.


  • 1. The interface is too simple, thus sometimes thought to be bare.
  • 2.It is a collected application.
  • 3.It supports the Mac computer only.

9 iTunes Alternative – DoubleTwist

The DoubleTwist is another simple tool, which allows the users to transfer all the media files from their computers to their phones. The interface is nice and simple, not like the last one. And there is a sharing function, which allows its user to share the media files to the other users of this tool.


  • 1.The interface is nice and simple, so it is easy to use.
  • 2.It offers a unique sharing function.
  • 3.It also enables the users to transfer the data files between two external devices.
  • 4.It is free of charge.
  • 5.It supports both the Mac computer and the Windows computer.


  • 1.There are some problems on the Mac version.

10 iTunes Alternative – AnyTrans

The AnyTrans is the last alternative for iTunes that I want to recommend to you. It can transfer all kinds of media files for you. Besides, you can restore the music library with this tool too. It is also excellent in detecting the external devices.


  • 1.It allows the users to transfer files between two iOS devices.
  • 2.It can help you restore the backup files to rebuild your music library.
  • 3.It can convert the files to friendly formats.
  • 4.It is compatible with both the Windows computer and the Mac computer.


  • 1.It is not free.

Part 2. Play Music Freely by the Top Ten iTunes Alternatives

1 Foobar2000

Foobar2000 is a nice player which compares favorable with the iTunes. It is compatible with the iPhone, iPad, iPod and Android phones and Window phones, together with some tablets.


  • 1.It supports the formats of the audio files including the MP3, WMA, WAV, AAC, MP4, FLAC, AIFF, CD Audio, Vorbis, Opus, AU, SND, WavPack, Musepack, Speex and so on.
  • 2.It enables you to playback smoothly.
  • 3.You can customize the interface as you like.
  • 4.It allows the users to customize shortcuts of the keyboard.
  • 5.It can help you rip the CD to create a playlist.
  • 6.It also allows the third-party developers to edit itself.


  • There is no cons of this wonderful tool.

Price: Free
Devices Supported OS: Windows computer, iOS devices

2 Sonora

Sonora is a tool for the Mac computer only. You can easily listen to the music on your iTunes library with this tool. The sound it offers is smooth and of high quality.

  • 1.It is easy to learn the way to use it.
  • 2.There are a lot formats that it supports.


  • 1.It is for the Mac users only.
  • 2.It can not create the playlist for you.

Price: $9.99
Devices Supported: Mac computer

3 MediaMonkey

The MediaMonkey offers many excellent functions for you to replace the iTunes with it. The user-friendly and intuitive interface also adds shining spot to it.

  • 1.You can easily manage your music library with this tool.
  • 2.You can fix the tags of the audio files with this tool.


  • 1. It is not a freeware.

Price: Free for basic version, $24.95 for the Gold version
Devices Supported OS: Windows computer, Linux computer, iOS devices, and Android phones and tablets.

4 Enqueue

Enqueue is a player of many useful functions. It is simple, quick and safe. People often find it a great alternative to the iTunes.


  • 1.You can easily drag and drop the audio files that you want to listen to this application, so that it will play it.
  • 2.There are a lot of audio formats that this tool supports, including the MP3, AAC, WAV, MP4, OGG, AIFF and so on.


  • 1.It supports the Mac computer only.
  • 2.The interface seems too bare.

Price: Free
Devices Supported: OS X 10.6 and later

5 Vox

Vox is another great music player for you. It works as well as the iTunes, or it has just got a jump on the iTunes. You can use it to listen to the songs from the SoundCloud and so on. With the high-fidelity sound, it has become an apple in the eyes of many music enthusiasts.


  • 1.The sound it offers is wonderful.
  • 2.It is easy to use.


  • 1. It doesn’t support the function of classifying the audios by “record store”.

Price: Free
Devices Supported: Mac computer, iOS devices

6 Tomahawk

The Tomahawk is helpful in syncing the songs from the online account to your devices. It supports the SoundCloud, Spotify, etc. After syncing the songs, the Tomahawk can provide you the best version of the song.


  • 1.It enables you to sync the online songs with your computer.
  • 2.You can create your own playlist with this tool.


  • 1.Some users say that it is kind of confusing.
  • 2.It doesn’t supports the Slacker and Pandora.
  • 3.The albums sometimes are inaccurate.

Price: $10
Devices Supported: Windows computer, Mac computer, and Linux computer

7 Ecoute

The Ecoute is developed to be a default app core, which is able to support all the devices like the iTunes Match, Sound Check, Equalizer, etc. Thanks to the intuitive interface, you can control your music library without hassle. It also classify the audio files by the genre, artist, date and composer.


  • 1.It enables the users to listen to the non-purchased music on the iTunes match.
  • 2.It supports a lot of devices.
  • 3.It offers a night mode which is convenient when we want to listen to music at night without getting eye sore.
  • 4.It is a time-saving app.


  • 1.You can not manage the playlist with this tool.

Price: Free
Devices Supported OS: Mac computer, iOS devices

8 Vinyls

Vinyls is an application for the user of Mac computer too. The difference is that it can create a digital library according to the iTunes library of yours.


  • 1.You can search for the audios by the albums.
  • 2.It offers unique service about the albums.


  • 1.The interface of it may not be positive to all the users.
  • 2.It is not free although offers a 20-day free trial.

Price: $14.99
Devices Supported: Mac OS X 10.6.7 and later

9 Winamp

Winamp has a long history of 18 years. It is famous for its jazzy and plugins visualizations, which are loved by many music fans. It is now an important alternative to the iTunes.


  • 1.It enables you to download the music for free.
  • 2.The interface of it is intuitive.
  • 3.It supports both the Windows computer and the Mac computer.


  • 1.The interface is kind of out of date.

Price: Free for basic version, and $4.99 for the Pro version
Devices Supported: Mac computer, Windows computer, Android devices, and iOS devices

10 Fidelia

It is said that if you want to get the best user experience of listening to music, you should turn to the Fidelia. The Fidelia is a great alternative to the iTunes. It successfully combines the audio fidelity and sonic character, and conserves the excellent quality of the music.


  • 1.You can transfer the music from your iTunes library to this tool for playing.
  • 2.The sound it offers is of high fidelity.
  • 3.It supports a great range of the formats of the audios, including the FLAC format.
  • 4.It also shows the necessary tags like the album, wave forms and so on.
  • 5.It can help you convert the formats to the compatible ones.


  • 1.You can use it only on the Mac computer.

Price: $29.99
Devices Supported: Mac X 10.11 and Mac El Capitan

Part 3. Best iTunes Alternative – Transfer files between any computer and any iOS device without limited

Best iTunes alternative – iMusic can help its user to transfer files between any computer and any iOS device. You can transfer the data files including the media files, contacts, messages and so on. And the computer can be a Windows computer or a Mac computer. And iOS device supports covering the iPhone, iPad, and iPod, including new iPad Mini, iPhone XS, iPhone XR, iPad Pro.

So, the iMusic is a good alternative to iTunes. It can transfer the audio files of all the formats (about 30+ different formats). And what’s more, it offers a two-way transfer. That means you can transfer the data files from your computer to your iOS device for entertainment, or from your iOS device to your computer for the sake of your data files, even syncing music files between iTunes Library and iOS devices directly.

Download iMusic Free

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