The Best iTunes Music Library Manager – iMusic

To keep your iTunes Music Library organized, you need a third-party iTunes Music Library Manager tool to help you. But you may wonder which tool is the best. In fact, there are a lot of handy tools, among which the iMusic is highly recommended.

The iMusic is a professional tool for iTunes management. It can help you do almost what you want on your iTunes Music Library. That is why it is called the complete iTunes library manager. It can meet all of your pressing needs. And also, you can edit other media files like photos, audio, and videos on your iTunes.

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You can see the main features of the complete iTunes Music Library ManageriMusic as follows.

  • 1. It can help you to sync the music on iTunes with your iPhone, iPad and iPod, and vice versa.
  • 2. You can transfer iTunes music to your Android too.
  • 3. It is a good choice if you want to download or record the online soundtrack.
  • 4. It enables you to erase your iTunes Music Library if you want.
  • 5. You can manage all the music without restrictions.
  • 6. It is a good companion of iTunes, and you can use it on your iPhone as well as your Android.
  • 7. You can use it on your Windows computer or the Mac computer.

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Now, you will see some detailed descriptions of these functions. Try iMusic when your GTunes doesn’t work.

1. Sync music on your iPhone to your iTunes Music Library

The best iTunes Music Library Manager – iMusic specializes in arranging your iTunes Music Library, so that you can sync music files on your iPhone to your iTunes and create a playlist for them. All you need to do is clicking on the “export” and choose the very mode that suit you best. For instance, if you want to save the audios on your iTunes Music Library, then you click on the option saying so. Then, the iMusic will do it for you, and you can just sit and wait.

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2. Add audios from your Android phone to the iTunes Music Library

Now you may be surprised that the iMusic can also deal with Android devices. Yes, you can manage your Android with it too. Because it has excellent compatibility. So we can also say that, the iMusic is a good helper both for Android users and iPhone users. Just connect your phone to your computer and wait for it being detected by iMusic. Then choose the right option to tell it what you want to add to your iTunes Music Library. Then you can check the results on your iTunes Music Library.

3. Manage your iTunes Music Library

Have you ever trying to save the audios into different files or folders so that you can find them easily? Don’t worry! The iMusic is a nice choice. Just tap on the “Add” option to add the songs into a file or a folder. It is convenient if you create a special playlist for each special purpose such as reading and walking, and then you can play it with ease.

4. Clean your iTunes Music Library

It is a little hard to erase the iTunes Music Library if you don’t have a third party tool. The iTunes will make it even troublesome and you’d better use the iMusic to do it. Simply click on “Clean up” on the upper side and check all the audio files on the playlist to give your iTunes Music Library a spring clean. Also, you can uncheck some of the audio files if you want to save it. Here is a tip that you will find a list of options on the drop-down menu after you click on “Clean up” including:

  • Fix music tags
  • Fix music covers
  • Clean missing tracks
  • Delete duplicate songs

5. Download online music

The best iTunes Music Library Manager – iMusic has a lot of musical platforms supported so you can download music from some famous websites like Vimeo and YouTube without hassle. And if the music you download is not compatible with iTunes, the iMusic will help you convert it to a compatible format automatically. The music you download will be saved on your iTunes Music Library, so you can play it offline and you needn’t to go to the website again if you want to listen it. Also, you can play it via some other players instead of the iTunes which is up to you. Feel free and enjoy yourself with the music you download.

a. The audios you download will have as good quality as that on the website without any quality loss. Any it doesn’t matter which website you download the audio files from.
b. You can also create a short cut for the website you usually go to and download music from, on the iMusic. Click on the option saying “add a new software” and then paste the URL of the website. You can name it in order to find it easily.

6. Record the online soundtrack from the radio

iMusic - Recording

There are some wonderful soundtracks which are not allowed to be downloaded. But, you can still record it with iMusic. Run it, choose the option “Recorder” on the left column and play the music you want to record. Remember to stop other sound on your computer while you are recording.

Tip: The complete iTunes Music Library Manager – iMusic will create a special playlist on the iTunes for your recorded soundtracks. And every time you record a soundtrack, the iMusic will save it on the playlist, so that you can enjoy the audios offline.

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