Best Laptop for Teens – Make Your Choice from Them

Many of you are invested in searching for the best laptop for teens as a laptop has become one of the very important parts of modern educational requirements.

Thus, it is a must-have machine and is even recommended by the schools to be bought for the students.

However, there are a lot of things that need to be considered while getting a laptop for teens as there are both merits and demerits of this decision.

We will help you with all of this by providing the best laptop for teenagers and a guide for choosing the right one for them.

The Requirement of a Laptop for Your Teen Kid

The importance of systems like Laptops is increasing every day with the paradigm shift in current education trends and requirements. However, the question remains if your teenage child needs to use a laptop.

This is because of the high possibility of misuse of technology that teens these days can perform. They can easily hide their activities and get trapped in different dangers outside the notice of their parents.

Thus, you need to deal with the above question seriously as you need to be responsible for keeping your child safe from such problems and risks.

The major reason why laptops are important for today’s children is education, which is incorporating digital trends into its regime rapidly. Even the elementary and middle classes are relying on online lectures, web lesions, and whatnot to teach the kids. Laptops help kids a lot in learning easily, smartly, and efficiently.

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Best laptops for Teens

This is our carefully curated list of the best laptop for teenager users out there that feature some of the most amazing laptops with the most advanced features.

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Samsung Chromebook Plus V2 – Top Pick Best Laptop for Teenagers

Samsung Chromebook Plus V2

If you want a laptop that not only helps your teen child to study efficiently but also gets the right entertainment, then this laptop by the brand Samsung is the perfect choice for you. The very reason why this laptop has been our top pick for this review is the combination of highly advanced features, uniquely supreme performance, quirky looks, and compact size that this laptop flaunts. The best part about this laptop is that despite being tech-loaded, it has a very affordable price that lets everyone enjoy a comprehensive techie Chromebook without any budget restrictions.

The processor of the Samsung Chromebook is the star feature, which is the Intel Core m3 version that runs at a speed of 2.1 GHz. A RAM of 4GB and internal storage of 64GB make the functioning of this processor even smoother. The storage might not prove enough for the school kids’ stuff, but that can be dealt with as you can increase the storage by inserting microSD cards in the laptop.

Portability is another thing that has been emphasized greatly by designers. This laptop is very light, weighing merely 2.6 pounds. The size of the keyboard is also of the standard measurements, and that helps your teen kid to learn to type easily and comfortably without facing any hassle. The keys are slightly elevated and evenly spaced, which allows the user to type seamlessly and easily.

Other great features of this Chromebook include a high-resolution screen with 12.2 inches measurement and a 1900*1200 pixel HD touch display. A Stylus pen also comes with this laptop that doesn’t need any charge to operate and gives an ultra-smooth precision operating experience to the user. You can use this pen to magnify, edit, sketch, and do so many things anytime.

At last, you will want to know about the battery, which is the most important concern, and it will amaze you that this best laptop for teenagers comes with an extended battery backup, which is a huge bonus.


  • Vibrant display with a huge touch screen
  • Good RAM size
  • Lightweight and portable
  • Affordable pricing and cost-effective


  • Insufficient internal storage
  • Old processor version

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ASUS Chromebook Flip C302 – Top Budget Pick Best Laptop for Teenagers

ASUS Chromebook Flip C302

The name ASUS echoes loud in the tech world due to the high-end laptops that they manufacture that manage to stay within the affordable price range for the users. ASUS laptops are performance and cost-effectiveness-driven, and the model Chromebook Flip C302 is a great example of that.

If you want to get a laptop that gives the feel of the MacBook for your teen kid without burning a big hole in the pocket, get them the ASUS Chromebook Flip C302. The performance and features of the laptop are not exactly like the MacBook, obviously, but they are good enough to be considered advanced.

This ASUS Chromebook has one of the biggest 12.2 inches screen with a full-touch HD display and also includes IPS panels. It is also covered with an anti-glare coating to keep the eyes of the user safe. Such features make this laptop an ideal choice for teens that spend a lot of time on the screen for making assignments, watching lectures, or carrying out some gaming for fun.

This best laptop for teens features the powerful Intel Core M3 processor that gives a high-end performance at multiple tasks, and that is also helped by the adequate 4GB RAM. However, this is an integrated processor that might only be good for simple tasks and running smaller apps and lag while complex processes.

A great characteristic of this laptop is the flexibility, where the screen flips to the back in a full 360-degree motion, and you can then use the laptop as a touch tab. While being the laptop, it flaunts a full-size standard keyboard with which you can smoothly type the assignments and operate the PC. The inclusion of the bright backlit keyboard greatly enhances the performance by making the PC faster and more efficient.

The laptop has an internal storage of 64GB SSD, which makes the PC operation smooth and also allows the OS to start up quickly. The battery backup is also great, with which you can work non-stop for hours.


  • Dual role of laptop and tab
  • High-end specs at an affordable price
  • Smooth start
  • 9-hour battery backup
  • Illuminated keyboard


  • Low internal storage
  • Processor average

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Apple MacBook Air – Good too

Apple MacBook Air

No list of laptops can be completed without the mention of Apple laptops, and this is why the MacBook Air has made it to this list. This laptop has been one of the most popular choices among teen kids and was already in hype even before the release.

This is the premium range laptop from Apple that has one of the most powerful processors of the Intel Core i5 version with the 1.8 GHz dual-core specifications. This means that the laptop is not going to lag at all, no matter what complex task it is being made to execute. All the heavy apps and software will run super smoothly.

The DDR4 8GB RAM included in this laptop is another star feature that gives more than adequate space to the user to carry out all kinds of tasks on the system. You won’t have to face any lag while switching between applications or running more apps at once.

The storage of this best laptop for teens is also very huge with the 128GB SSD space, which allows you to store as many apps, files, games, docs, software, etc., as you want without having to worry about any impact on the system load time and speed.

Other features of the laptop include a huge screen of 13.3 inches, which is bigger than any of the laptops included in this list. This screen also flaunts the glossy display of the full FHD resolution. This is great for teen users who usually happen to have a high screen time due to their projects and submissions as their eyes would be safe from the strain. The laptop also is very compact and portable as it weighs merely 2.92 pounds. This ultra-portability is the reason why it has been named the ‘Air’ laptop.

The ports and connectivity features of the MacBook Air are also one step ahead with the advanced specs. The laptop features the ports like Thunderbolt 2 which provides 20 times better connection facilities to the users than the classic ports.


  • Very powerful processor
  • Glossy display with FHD resolution
  • Huge SSD storage and RAM
  • Biggest battery backup


  • High price

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ASUS ZenBook 13 Ultra-Slim Laptop

ASUS ZenBook 13 Ultra-Slim Laptop

Another contender that puts up unparalleled performance and a great beauty as the main rival components, the ASUS ZenBook 13, is certainly the best laptop for teenagers if you have a bigger budget. Yes, this laptop matches in terms of price with the Apple laptops, but even the performance is great too and more advanced in certain aspects like memory, storage, and battery backup.

This laptop comes with another extremely powerful processor, the Intel 8th gen Core i7-8565U, which, when combined with the Intel UHD graphics, gives a supreme performance that is difficult to match. The system gives a consistent and super smooth performance that doesn’t deter any challenging task put up to it. The innovative Numpad allows turning on the screen with just a tap at the touchpad, which is a unique feature to look out for.

The DDR4 16GB RAM also aids this high-end system performance given by the processor that allows the user to carry out any professional or personal task and even high gaming. This RAM, along with 512GB SSD internal storage, can’t be easily found in any system in the given price range. This is the biggest storage that any system is given in this list of the best laptops.

The design of this laptop is strikingly unique and possesses a lot of capabilities that will amaze you. It is made as per the ErgoLift design standards that include a tilted keyboard for a better user experience. The screen also flaunts the Nano Edge design and is a full 4-way HD resolution display of 13.3 inches. The Nano Edge design allows the compaction of the screen without reducing its charm, and this just gives an exceptional experience watching anything on this laptop.

The battery of this laptop is another strong point and offers 13 non-stop hours of working at full power usage. Lastly, the durability of this laptop is very high as every model is tested for resistance against harsh temperatures and altitudes. This laptop has passed all such tests well and, thus, is a military standard tough and extremely portable machine.


  • The exceptional design of both the system and screen
  • A high-end processor at the price
  • Biggest RAM and internal storage
  • Tough and reliable system


  • High price
  • The screen resolution guard absent

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LG Gram Thin and Light Laptop

LG Gram Thin and Light Laptop

LG is a household name when it comes to home appliances, and electronics and the company recently entered the arena of laptop and PC systems manufacturing but managed to make a name soon enough. Their Gram thin and light laptop is a great example that we would like to cite as it has been the major player in gathering popularity for the PC stream of LG company. It is a tough laptop with a full metal body of Nano Carbon Magnesium components that can resist any rough usage.

The processor of this best laptop for teens is mention-worthy as it is the Intel 8th Gen i5-8250U CPU processor, which is not only good for complex tasks like gaming but also allows the teen kids to carry out all their academic tasks smoothly. Another feature that proves that the laptop has been designed by keeping in mind the needs of student users is the option of the laptop + Office 365 package that you can buy for a complete system that you can start using as soon as you get it home. The laptop will have windows and Office software fully activated already.

Coming to the storage part, this LG laptop has DDR4 8GB RAM and internal storage of SSD 256GB. For the users who need to store more stuff in the system, the storage can be expanded up to 1TB, which is a bonus point. Forget about lagging with this system as you can carry out all the complex tasks smoothly.

The huge 13.3 inches screen of this laptop flaunts the FHD resolution along with the anti-glare protection cover and IPS panels for a vibrant, clearer, and brighter view that is also not harsh on the eyes. The color contrast and production ratio are very accurate. Additional features of the laptop include a high portability quotient with the weight of the system being just 2.1 pounds. Last but the biggest bonus of this laptop is the huge battery backup of 23 hours, which is the best among all other laptops.


  • Biggest battery runtime of 23 hours
  • Great processor
  • Crystal clear screen resolution
  • An optional package of the system and activated windows
  • Extendable storage up to 1 TB


  • Simple design
  • Low available storage

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Factors to Consider While Buying the Best Laptop for Teens

Buying a laptop after understanding its use and need and also keeping in tandem with the requirements of your kid is the right way to go about the decision. Following are some of the important attributes that you must look out for while picking a laptop.


The processor is the lifeline of any laptop, and buying the model with the latest gen processor is the smarter choice as the older processors may leave the race soon due to outdated specs.


A good battery backup is another vital feature that supports all other functions and features of the laptop. Big battery backups are great for students.

Display and Screen

Display doubles is a very important attribute to check as that determines the portability and convenience factor of the laptop. Smaller size laptops are travel-friendly while bigger ones are great for screen tasks.


Accidental drops and bumps are usually meted to the laptops being handled by teens due to their carelessness; thus, choose the best laptop for teenager kids with tough and reliable construction.


A dedicated GPU or graphics card unit is the feature that you must look out for if you want a laptop that gives supreme screen resolution even during complex operations like gaming.

A quick look at the Best Laptop for Teenagers

Here is a nutshell coverage of the best-featured laptops.

For overall premium performance – Apple MacBook Air

  • Great battery backup
  • Accurate picture display
  • Combination of amazing specs

For the Chromebook choice – Samsun Chromebook Plus V2

  • Superior built
  • Best performance in the price range
  • Expandable storage with a microSD card

For powerful supreme performance – ASUS ZenBook

  • Bulky specs
  • Meant for high-end gaming
  • Affordable pricing


These were our reviews for the best laptop for teenagers, where each model featured different useful specs and price ranges. The common thing to expect from all these laptops is great performance while serving customer needs. We hope that our initiative was helpful to you, and don’t forget to share your experiences with us.


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