In the first place, what is iSyncr? You can tell from the name that it is one program enables you to sync files. To be more specific, you are allowed to synchronize iTunes files including TV shows, podcast, movies and music from any iTunes to Android devices. This program is especially helpful if you need to change your old IOS devices into Android devices. There are some shortcomings with this program of course. You are only confined to playlists and songs are not selective for you to sync. That means, you’d better make sure the storage space of Android phone is enough everytime you try to sync the music files from iTunes to Android. Otherwise, the syncing process may not be successfully complete. Or it becomes more serious if you are a Samsung user. You may not be able to use the program if there are Samsung Kies installed in your phone already. So it seems quite a confusion for Samsung users.

Never mind, we will show you some other excellent replacements for iSyncr. You may find what suits you best in this article.

1. Samsung Kies

Samsung Kies is one official tool developed by Samsung to manage files on Samsung devices. You can easily backup files like calendars, contacts and messages on your Samsung to the computer and restore the contents without efforts, in addition. You can transfer files between your Samsung and your computer. This tool will notice you to update software directly on this platform.

But the disadvantage of this tool is very obvious. It is only restricted to Samsung devices and you’d better turn to other tools of you are not a Samsung user. And connection failure is what you will come into often.

2. dr.fone – Transfer for Android

Samsung Kies is obviously only available for Samsung devices, what about other Android devices such as LG, HTC, Motorola, Sony, Google, HUAWE, etc? Don’t worry. dr.fone Transfer for Android (Mac & Win) is born to solve this problem. With the help of this tool, you are allowed to sync files for various kinds of Android devices on both Mac and Windows. Let’s go through what this program can do for you together:

  • 1. One click to sync files from iTunes to any Android.
  • 2. Sync any iTunes files you for you, such as playlist, songs, TV Shows, movies, iTunes U, and podcasts.
  • 3. Transfer music, movies or more from Mac (and Windows) to Android devices.
  • 4. Manage iTunes library by erasing duplicate music and adjusting the tags or the info of the songs.
  • 5. Support Android 2.1+

Download dr.fone – Transfer (Android)

3. doubleTwist

There are three versions of doubleTwist as well (for Mac, Windows and Android). This tool enables you to sync music, photos and videos from iTunes to Android devices with the USB cable. doubleTwist AirSync I is the Android version, it acts as a music player that is quite simple to handle. You can manage to sync songs, play music & handle podcasts with this tool through WiFi connection. Nevertheless, devices above 4.3 are not supported by this tool through USB cable. Unless you want to use WiFi and pay for it.

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