Top-12 Best Studio Microphones For Recording Vocals on Computer

No matter whether it is about recording in a professional studio or in a simple home studio, the type, and quality of the microphone that you are using for recording your vocals are actually what determines the outcomes to a large extent. Hence, in order for you to be able to make your listeners closely and clearly listen to each and every frequency of your vocal, choosing the best studio microphone is of utmost importance.

With a purpose to assist you in making an informed decision while selecting the best microphone for recording vocals on computer, I have done in-depth research and listed below my hand-picked microphones for you to choose from. But before moving ahead to go through that top-12 list of the vocal or studio microphones, it will be better first to have a quick look at the most important factors to be considered while choosing such microphones.

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Factors To Be Considered While Choosing A Studio Microphone For Recording Vocals on Computer

Below I have put a light on the most important factors that you must consider while selecting a vocal microphone:

● Budget

Vocal microphones are available at various prices depending upon their quality and type. There are also available some affordable and cheap priced microphone along with the ones which are highly-priced. So it is totally up to you and your budget how much you are ready to invest in your recording equipment for building a music studio. Hence, your budget will be a very important factor to be considered while selecting a vocal microphone.

● Pickup Pattern

Another important factor that you must consider while choosing the microphone for recording vocals on computer is whether the microphone that you are going to buy has a pickup pattern with a large diaphragm or small diaphragm. Choosing one with a large diaphragm is what is highly recommended rather than the one with a small diaphragm.

● Type of Studio

Many instruments that you will need to be having for a home studio will be different from the ones that will be required in an environment of a professional studio. And, the same stands true for the microphone as well. It simply means that while selecting the best studio microphone, you will also need to consider whether you are going to use the microphone in a home studio or in a pro studio.

● Extra Accessories

There are also some microphones available out there, which come in the form of packages including some extra accessories apart from the microphone itself. It is also an important factor to be considered. Suppose you are building a brand new home studio for recording your vocals. In such a case, you may need some extra accessories to set up your studio. Hence, the package of a microphone having the accessories that are going to be useful for your new studio can prove to be a better deal for you. The accessories that you may need for setting up a new home studio may include an audio interface, mic stand, pop filter, shock mount, carrying case, etc.

Top-12 Best Studio Microphones

Below I have provided a list of the best studio microphones for recording your vocals. It is recommended to go through each of them so that you may be able to buy the best microphone at the end of the day.

Top 1 Studio Microphone For Recording Vocals on Computer – Neumann TLM-102

As far as the audio quality is concerned, the sound provided by Neumann TLM-102 is incredibly great. And, it is a microphone that deserves a respectable spot in the category of the best studio microphones. With a slight boost above 6kHz, the vocals are slightly manipulated by it. As far as the SPL is concerned, the mic offers as high as 144dB, which makes it capable of recording even drums very well. There is no doubt that it is a bit costly mic, but if your budget is not too tight, you will not repent later if you decide to buy it. That’s because its price is very well justified by the overall quality it offers. It will delight you by capturing each and every frequency of your vocals.

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Top 2 Studio Microphone For Recording Vocals on Computer – AKG P220

This microphone has been designed in such a way that it is fully capable of handling different sources of sound. And, it has become possible with the big design of diaphragm that it comes with. Along with that, there are pad switches and built-in bass roll-off. At the price at which AKG P220 is available, the versatility offered by it is really appreciable. The overall quality of the mic and the case that it comes with is great and is a good value for money. In addition, you will find the microphone very much capable and efficient in recording vocals in an environment of the studio. Hence, being a budget-friendly mic, you can consider it while setting up your own home studio for recording vocals at home.

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Top 3 Studio Microphone For Recording Vocals on Computer – Rode NTK

Rode NTK comes along with a very beautiful case made up of plastic. There is also a phantom power amp. In order to make it possible for you to able to start recording your vocals, XLR cables are also provided along with the microphone. The money that you will invest in buying this amazing mic is actually worth it. That’s because it is built ruggedly and will work very well for many years if proper care is taken. With its clear and warm sound, class-A circuitry, 1″ large-diaphragm, and a wide range of frequency, Rode NTK deserves a significant place in our list of the top-12 best studio microphones.

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4) Blue Microphones Bluebird

Bluebird is one of the best blue microphones of condenser type. In its package, you will also be provided the accessories like a wooden case, pop filter, and shock mount, thus helping you in saving a lot of extra money that would otherwise be spent on these accessories if you require them. The audio quality of the mic is considerably great with a clear sound. And, amp of the microphone is of Class A. In addition, you will also have a wide range of frequencies and a cardioid polar pattern with this blue microphone.

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5) AKG P420

AKG P420 is a reliable and versatile microphone which is very much suitable for the podcasters and home studio. With a purpose to provide enough protection to the mic, a sturdy casing made up of metal is also provided with it. In case you are looking for a microphone that is useful in making a live recording for multiple sources of sound and also allows the positioning of flexibility, AKG P420 is going to be your choice for sure. That’s because it offers a dual-element design due to which you can easily switch between Omni, Cardioid, and Figure-8. And, the maximum SPL offered by the mic is 135 dB.

AKG P420 has become quite popular even among experienced users just because of its rugged build and great quality of sound. Hence, for those who are in search of a multi-pattern mic of condenser type, this will be a great option to go for. And, even in case you are in search of an optional microphone that can be used in place of expensive microphones, you can confidently go ahead to buy AKG P420. It is a good value for money, and you will never repent after buying it.

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6) Audio-Technica AT2035

It is a condenser microphone with a large cardioid diaphragm and offers a crisp and clear sound. The SPL (sound pressure level) offered by the microphone for loud noise is really great. There will be no dramatized frequency with this mic, and you will have a true sound. Another interesting thing that may attract you to buy this mic is that it can also be used even in case you are having a string instrument or guitar on standby while singing songs.

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7) Shure SM-27-SC

The maker of the popular dynamic microphones like SM57 and SM58, Shure, has come up with a condenser microphone (SM-27-SC) for helping you to record your vocals. There is also a feature of a low-frequency filter that you can make use of. Another important thing is its flat neutral frequency response that is being used by some users, even for their on-stage performances. And, you can also use it with acoustic guitar, drums, guitar cabs, etc. So, in case you are in need of recording even something more than vocals, it is highly recommended to go for this mic. The overall quality of the mic is great, and the sound is quite clear. Moreover, the maker of the mic, Shure, is also a company you can surely trust and rely on for quality.

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8) Rode NT1-A

NT1-A from Rode is another microphone to consider for recording vocals. The microphone offers a gold plated diaphragm of 1″, some circuitry of surface mount and the cardioids pattern as well. For recording your vocals in a home studio, you will find that it is one of the best devices. And, as far as the price is concerned, it is cheaper than the Rode NTK. So, if your budget is tight, you can confidently go ahead to buy this one. However, the specs offered are not of high level as compared to the other mics. Rather they are just of the standard level. But keeping its price in mind, you will be happy to accept it as it is.

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9) MXL 770

MXL 770 is another one of the best studio microphones to be included in our list of the condenser microphones for recording vocals. It has been there in the market for a long time. Its diaphragm is gold-played, which is not a small thing if we look at the price of the mic. Even with the affordable price of the mic, it will help you in competing with the vocalists of professional sounds. There are also some extra accessories that come packed in the package when you purchase the MXL 770. These accessories are carrying case and a shock mount. Moreover, you will have a switchable base cut in the mic. And, -40dB pad, as well as a FET Preamp, are also there offered by it.

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10) SE Electronics sE2200a II

It is also one of the condenser microphones with a large diaphragm. With a multi-pattern make, the microphone offers cardioid, figure 8, Omni, and a gold diaphragm of 1″. Having been launched in 2012, this microphone is considered to be new in the market. If the name and reputation of a brand don’t mean a lot to you and you just prefer to go after the quality of the product, this mic will not disappoint you in any way. With a flat tune and clear quality, it is a mic with a solid build. There are times when we need a microphone that is capable of offering a bigger pattern of pickup. Recording instruments like the drum is one of the important examples of such cases. In such situations also, this microphone will do the job very well and please you with its performance.

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11) Behringer C-1

In case you are looking for a microphone just for a practice purpose for your home studio or for carrying with you while traveling, C-1 will be a perfect choice. The price is very low and affordable. As it comes at a very low price, you will not be offered a professional type recording of vocals. But it still offers more than what is needed to justify its price. There is a built-in FET amp and a decent SPL as well. It will be very well suitable for home studio, gaming and podcasting as well.

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12) AKG C214

With the highest SPL (156dB), this microphone will be suitable for you, even if you are a loud vocalist. In the package, you will also receive accessories like a carrying case, shock mount, and a windscreen as well. And, as per the views from many of the vocalists, AKG C214 has come out to be the best studio microphone. You will get a sound quality of a professional level with this mic. And, the frequency range is very solid, which will help you to express your vocals easily. There is a 20dB attenuation (which is switchable) and a bass-cut filter as well. Thus it becomes possible for you to record your vocals while being very close to the mic. In addition, the overall design is very nice and solid.

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Final Words about the Best Studio Microphone For Recording Vocals on Computer

It has been seen that dynamic microphones are great for live shows. That’s because they possess the capability to handle the sources of loud sound nicely. And, on the other hand, for recording vocals, condenser microphones are considered to be the best due to the wide range of frequencies and the sensitivity they offer to the user. I hope the list of the best Studio Microphone For Recording Vocals on Computer provided above will help you a lot to end up buying the best condenser microphone for recording and expressing to others your vocals exactly in the form in which they are.

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