Birthday Lookup | How to Find Out Someone’s Birthday?

Have you forgotten your friend’s birthday and looking for a birthday lookup method? Surely, you do not like to miss it.

Or you met someone somewhere and now, you are wondering what their age is? So, how to find out about someone’s birthday?

Knowing the birthday of someone can be of utmost significance at times. Your relationship could be in danger if you have missed the birthday of your beloved.

So, what to do if you like to know someone’s birthday? Of course, you cannot approach them directly, unless you want to look like a complete idiot.

Therefore, it is best to use the following quick ways how to find someone’s birthday. Using these tricks, you can get to know birthdays within a few seconds. So, let’s look at some of the amazing ways to find someone’s birthday quickly and easily.

Birthday Lookup Part 1: How to Find Someone’s Birthday with ZoSearch

The ZoSearch application has a database of all the details about people across the globe. Users can look for someone’s identity and know much more about them using this amazing search engine.

ZoSearch is a web-based service where you can find information about anyone using a range of criteria, including birthday lookups. This search engine finds out all the personal details of anyone you know. Let’s see what all ZoSearch can do!

Users can find people by putting in their city, first name, and last name. This program will bring out all the persons that match your criteria. Once you have entered the full name of your friend in the search column, you will be able to see other details, including their birthday.

Name Search

1.2 Reverse Contact Number Lookup

It is the most amazing feature of ZoSearch. This feature is especially useful for users who like to know someone’s age that they just met if they only have their contact number. People can put in their contact numbers in ZoSearch, and the program will show up all the people that match your criteria.

1.3 Reverse Address Lookup

Users can even look for the identity of a person if you have their address. It is another convenient feature of ZoSearch. This feature lets you know more things about a stranger without even asking them.

Now, you know what ZoSearch is capable of! It is time to know how to find someone’s birthday using ZoSearch.

1.4 Birthday Lookup

It is so simple to find out more about a person using ZoSearch. It is even possible to find out someone’s birthday through this web-based service. For initiating a birthday lookup, users need to enter the full name of the person, and ZoSearch will return the birthdate in a few seconds. Let’s have a look at the steps you need to follow for a birthday lookup.

Steps on how to find someone’s birthday using ZoSearch:

Step 1: Go to the official website

Visit the official website of ZoSearch.

Step 2: Choose the ‘Search’ tab

Select the ‘Search‘ option that you like based on the details you have. The options available are reverse address lockup, name search, or reverse contact number lockup.

Click on the ‘Search‘ button and let ZoSearchprocess the data. After a while, you will come across the search results fulfilling the criteria on your display. This information also includes past addresses.

In case you like to see more information or carry out an in-depth background check, then click on the ‘View All Details‘ option. By selecting this option, you will be able to perform a background check and also know about any criminal records.

So, using this search engine is so convenient. ZoSearch is good at providing details about a person within a few minutes. In addition to telling the exact birthday of someone, people can even find additional details that you may benefit from.

1.5 How Does ZoSearch Work?

ZoSearch is associated with various public databases. This web-based service has all the information about most people. While you search a person on ZoSearch, the program browses across these different databases for giving you the information that you actually need, including birthday lookup.

This is possible only because of the incredible processing power of this search engine. Otherwise, it is next to impossible to go through millions of records using conventional means. However, ZoSearch offers you the desired results within a few seconds.

So, if you like to know a way to figure out how to find someone’s birthday, then run a birthday lookup method on this website. Now, go to the website and know how to find out someone’s birthday with ZoSearch effortlessly.

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Birthday Lookup Part 2: How to Find Out Someone’s Birthday with ZabaSearch

ZabaSearch offers another amazing method to find someone’s birthday. Using this wonderful tool, users can find out anything about a person, including a birthday lookup. Just like ZoSearch, ZabaSearch features an option to search for people through their address, full name, or contact number.

Overall, ZabaSearch has lots of information regarding where a person lives and how you can find them. However, there is no other information that this tool can provide. On searching for someone, you will come across a list of people and an option for viewing their complete profiles. From there, you can check out the phone number, age, and address of an individual.

The best part about this tool is the range of information it provides about someone’s identity. This information from ZabaSearch includes address, name, relatives, age, birthday lookup, social media profiles, and much more. Also, this information is not just based on the person’s current state. But this tool even provides users details like their contact numbers and previously known addresses.


When it comes to functionality, ZabaSearch works almost like ZoSearch. There is just one difference that is you need to visit the official website of ZabaSearch. Once you reached the site, you will know what you have to do. Now, search for the person by selecting the information you already have about that person.

ZabaSearch will provide someone’s all the basic details for free. However, you need to subscribe to this service if you like to carry out a complete background check. For this, you have to select an option called ‘More Information’ present on the main result page, including property records, public records, or phone lockup. On selecting this option, you will be redirected to the website of Intelius, which is the parent company of ZabaSearch.

Birthday Lookup Part 3: Another Ways to Discover Someone’s Birthday

Sometimes, there are cases where you cannot find any details about a person in the public records. This could happen because of lots of reasons.

In several cases, the above methods do not work effectively when it comes to a birthday lookup. Here are several other ways to figure out how to find out someone’s birthday:

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3.1 How to Find Someone’s Birthday with Facebook

Facebook can help people a lot when they like to find out about someone’s birthday. This social media platform is so popular that everyone is everyone’s friend. So, if you like to know about the birth date of someone, then a good possibility is that you are friends on Facebook with that person. In that case, you can employ this platform to know their birthdate.

The easiest method to use Facebook for finding someone’s birthday is to go to their wall. You will find older posts on their wall, where people wished them on their birthday. You just have to pray that they do not post often.

This method on how to find someone’s birthday could even work for someone who is not your friend on Facebook. Most people make such Facebook posts public so that everyone could see them. Unlike ZoSearch or ZabaSearch, the success rate is not higher with this method. So, use this method when you are really stuck.

3.2 Make Them Disclose It

People can manipulate chats for making others reveal their date of birth. This could be done when you are smart enough to make a clever chat. However, do not just go directly asking the question about what their birthdate is. This will make them know that you forgot their birthday.

There are other ways to know how to find out someone’s birthday, such as ‘Is your birthday coming up this year on the weekend?’ They may begin calculating and provide you with the answer you actually need to know.

If they begin to counter-question, you can make up excuses like you like to know if they can party with them. So, this will help you out in that situation.

3.3 Ask Someone Else

If no methods work for you, the last thing that you can do is to ask someone else. Now, this person could be a relative or a mutual friend of your friend. But the other thing that you have to be sure about is that person needs to be trustworthy enough. This person should not mention to your friend that you do not remember their birthday.

So, this way is the last resort that you could use. However, you have to admit to someone that you could not recall the birthdate of your friend. This method actually works!

Conclusion on Birthday Lookup

Now, you know how to find someone’s birthday. The best way to accomplish this task is to use web-based services like ZoSearch and ZabaSearch. Both of these applications let you find someone’s birthday by putting in other information like their name, addresses, contact numbers, etc. These services, including birthday lookup, are so simple to use.

If you could not find the information you need, then use other means for finding out someone’s birthday. The easiest method is to look for someone’s birthday on Facebook.

If that too does not work, ask a mutual friend or a relative. If possible, approach the person directly and ask them cleverly about their birthday. After knowing how to find out someone’s birthday, do not let this effort go in vain.

Now, make sure that you celebrate their birthday well enough so that you do not forget it the next year!



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