Top 10 Apps to Block Pornography to Keep Your Kids Safe

In today’s world of technology, it becomes necessary to give your child access to smartphones or other devices. These devices are helpful in many ways such as acquiring information, to contact dear ones and these further have become an important tool for educational purposes.

These smartphones are of many benefits to the growth of your child in this technological arena. With various benefits, they also come with a lot more impeded dangers. Have you heard about what “Blue Whale” has done with many teenagers? Or whether they are checking adult sites? Does all this make you worried about the safety of your child?

All this makes it quite essential for you to take some severe steps for the benefit of your child. It is time for you to choose some of the best parental control applications, which would make you less worried. This website, KidsGuard provides you with a list of some of the best applications to keep a check on your little ones.

These smart applications will keep your child away from the dangers revolving around the cyber world. These applications make sure your child remains focused on the tasks that you have given these devices for. These make sure your child does not roam around looking for the adult content by taking measures to block pornography at all.

Ten best tools to block pornography for Parental Guidance

These are some of the smartest applications for parental control in order to regulate a child’s activities, which can be downloaded on both iPhones and Android devices. The list starts as follows:

Top 1 Tool to Block Pornography – mSpy

It is one of the best of all applications. This application ensures the safety of your children by the ultimate monitoring process. It can be used to control and track your child’s each and every activity they make on their phones, computers, or tablets.

You can easily download this application on your device by simply clicking here.

Download mSpy

Special features of mSpy:

  • It helps in tracking GPS location.
  • Manage to call and SMS tracking system as the best SMS tracker hidden tool.
  • It blocks apps and websites.
  • Give access to media such as photos or videos.
  • It also gives access to messages.

Check on Compatibility:

It is compatible with Android, iOS, Windows, and Mac.

Pros of mSpy:

  • It is easily accessible from any browser.
  • Support 24*7 in multiple languages.
  • It provides free help for the installation.

Cons of mSpy:

  • It does not support some IM applications.
  • Features such as “Keylogger” or “No Jailbreak” need to be permitted on the target device.

Top 2 Tool to Block Pornography – KidsGuard

If you are looking for an application to block pornography, online bullying, and other cyber threats, then this is the perfect parental guidance application for you. Go for this best text message interceptor solution application without giving any second thoughts to it.

You can download this application easily by clicking on the link here. Before going on further, you can also see the demo of this amazing parent control application which is better than Heimdall Parental Control. Click here to proceed.

Block Pornography with KidsGuard

Sign up & Download KidsGuard

Special features of KidsGuard:

  • Provide an option for GPS tracking.
  • It comes with an SMS tracking facility.
  • Track calling and browsing history.
  • It has an in-built keylogger.
  • Offer an option for call recording.
  • The best AD blocker for Android also helps in screenshot capture.

Check on Compatibility:

It is compatible with Windows, Mac, Android, and iOS.

Pros of KidsGuard:

  • It helps you to monitor any smartphone with any device of yours.
  • It offers options like contacts, history, call logs in the free version.
  • There is no need for a credit card to use the free version.

Cons of KidsGuard:

  • There is no option to track some IM applications.

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Top 3 Tool to Block Pornography – Kaspersky Safe Kids

This application is also best for parental guidance as it sends an immediate alert if your child leaves the defined safe area. It also allows location tracking, call, and text monitoring, filtering, or so on. The application’s android version helps in monitoring Facebook notifications too.

Block Pornography with Kaspersky

Special features of Kaspersky Safe Kids:

  • It defines a safe area.
  • Filter the content.
  • It monitors call and text services.
  • Track the GPS location.
  • It reports extensively.
  • It requires age permission.

Check on Compatibility:

It is compatible for all devices such as Andro

id, Mac, iOS, or Windows.

Pros of Kaspersky Safe Kids:

  • It creates a profile for children on multiple devices.
  • Block adult sites with filtering content.
  • It provides geofencing for mobile phones.
  • It is really affordable.

Cons of Kaspersky Safe Kids:

  • It offers call, and text monitoring features only on Android devices.

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Top 4 Tool to Block Pornography – Mobicip

This parental guidance application offers parental control for tablets, mobile phones, and computers. It is safe, secure and completely reliable to use. It helps to create multiple profiles on multiple devices.

Special features of Mobicip:

  • It filters content powerfully.
  • Create a weekly internet schedule.
  • It tracks the calling system.
  • It provides browsing history.
  • Monitor the other applications.
  • It manages usage and application downloads

Check on compatibility:

It is compatible with a wide range of devices such as Android, Windows, Kindle, Nook, and iOS.

Pros of Mobicip:

  • It helps to create multiple profiles on multiple devices for children.
  • It configures and manages online activities.

Cons of Mobicip:

  • There is no restriction on daily or weekly data usage.
  • It does not send real-time notifications to parents.
  • It delays local and online help, which provides obstructed communication.

Top 5 Tool to Block Pornography – Norton Family Premier

Norton Family Premier is a very good application for parental guidance. It comes with great features like GPS tracking, content filtering, and other such features. It keeps you notified of your child’s activities on the mobile devices.

Special features of Norton Family Premier:

  • It filters and blocks content.
  • Supervise the GPS location.
  • It reports the data usage timings.
  • Monitor video activities.
  • It supervises messages.

Check on Compatibility:

It is only compatible with Android devices.

Pros of Norton Family Premier:

  • It reports in quite details.
  • It has remarkably good filtering and blocking content features.

Cons of Norton Family Premier:

  • Do not record video and online-chat conversations.

Top 6 Tool to Block Pornography – Net Nanny

It is one of the most trusted applications for parental control and guidance. It supports multiple devices at one time with good content filtering features. And click here to learn more about it – Net Nanny Review.

Block Pornography with Net Nanny

Special features of Net Nanny:

  • It blocks pornography.
  • Control internet activities.
  • It restricts data usage timings.
  • Mask profanity.
  • It sends alerts and reports.
  • Options for multiple profiles.

Check on Compatibility:

It is compatible with Android, iOS, Mac, or Windows.

Pros of Net Nanny:

  • It masks offensive language rather than blocking all content.

Cons of Net Nanny:

  • It does not support tracking of social media accounts. You have to buy Net Nanny Social app for that purpose.

Top 7 Tool to Block Pornography – Quostodio

This application for parental control creates a safe environment for children. It offers good content filter and great features for supervision, which makes it one of the best parental guidance apps.

Special features of Quostodio:

  • It blocks pornography.
  • Monitor social media activities.
  • It controls games and apps.
  • Track calling and messaging apps.
  • It tracks location.
  • It sets time limits for multiple devices.

Check on Compatibility:

It is compatible with iOS and Android devices.

Pros of Quostodio:

  • It offers great technical help with an easy search through keyword database.

Cons of Quostodio:

  • It sends no text alerts.

Top 8 Tool – Secure Teen

It is a great application that offers a wide range of features to control children’s activities on the internet. It identifies the primary concern regarding children’s safety and provides suitable measures for the same.

Block Pornography with Secure Teen

Special features of Secure Teen:

  • It filters the internet.
  • Ensure safe search.
  • It monitors web history and Blocks Pornography.
  • Block applications.
  • It monitors social media accounts.
  • Offer call logs.
  • It offers an emergency calling service.
  • Monitor SMS.
  • It remotes management.

Check on Compatibility:

It is compatible for Windows, Android, and iOS.

Pros of Secure Teen:

  • It forbids porn and violent games very easily.
  • Offer comprehensive features in one app.

Cons of Secure Teen:

  • It is not compatible with many IM apps.

Top 9 Tool – Net Sanity

This is the only parental guidance application that offers features like cloud-based. It can be used to track activities on your child’ and family’s smartphones.

Block Pornography with Net Sanity

Special features of Net Sanity:

  • It disables devices.
  • Block SMS services.
  • It blocks calling service as well.
  • Track the GPS location.
  • It filters the content.
  • Block profile.
  • It has the timeout feature.

Check on Compatibility:

It is only compatible with Samsung smartphones and tabs.

Pros of Net Sanity:

  • It restricts device usage through a time schedule.
  • It offers 30+ categories for filtering profile.

Cons of Net Sanity:

  • It is not available for all devices.

Top 10 Tool – Kids Place – Parental Control

It is a kid’s launcher with some restrictions, which makes the device safe for children.

Block Pornography with Kids Place

Special features:

  • It prevents the downloading of apps.
  • Create multiple profiles.
  • It puts lock after time specifications.
  • Block calling service.
  • It hides original launcher.

Compatibility Check:

It is available for Android, Nook, and Kindle.

Pros of Kids Place – Parental Control:

  • It does not allow calls and chats.
  • It converts the device into a safe mode.

Cons of Kids Place – Parental Control:

  • It is safe for children under the age of 8 years.
  • It can only be managed by one person and on one device.

All these applications are a must for you if you want to keep an eye on the activities of your children to Block Pornography. The above applications are all designed to ensure the security of your little ones. You can download any of these applications, but it would be better to go for KidsGuard and mSpy for a better experience.