How to Easily Block WhatsApp on Your Kid’s Smartphone

WhatsApp has grown to be one of, if not the, most popular social media apps. It isn’t limited to children and teenagers either – parents are also active users of WhatsApp. Taking into account that over 1 billion messages are being sent across this platform each and every day, it’s safe to say that as a parent you might want to block WhatsApp.

Although WhatsApp is a common tool that business people use, the odds are that your child isn’t running a business. Therefore, if you think they might be at risk or they are using WhatsApp to view explicit material, blocking the app all together is the best decision to make. This isn’t easy, though, unless you know exactly what it is you’re doing. So, if you want to find out more about blocking WhatsApp, read on.

WhatsApp is, as we already said, among the top messaging apps. As such, it should come as no surprise that over 80% of 18-24-year-olds actively use the app. This is a huge percentage, and the number is relatively close when we consider children using the app too. But what is it exactly that makes WhatsApp as popular as it is?

Studies have been conducted on this matter, and it comes down to one thing – simplicity. Children and the rest of us enjoy the simplicity of WhatsApp. It’s an incredibly easy app to use, there are innovative yet simplistic features within it, and it allows for free cross-platform messaging. Not only can you send text messages for free but users can send photos and videos for free too.

So, above all, simplicity is what appeals to the WhatsApp user base. From a more technical standpoint, most users don’t realize the extent of how free the app is. You don’t require a Wi-Fi connection, and your data plan is irrelevant – wherever you are you can use WhatsApp for free.

Finally, group chats. iPhone users will be familiar with how inconvenient it is to create a group chat with an Android user. iMessage is a fantastic messaging app, but it doesn’t support Android devices as well as it could (it also costs to text Android users whereas it’s free for iPhone users). All of this taken into consideration, WhatsApp’s popularity is astounding.

If your children are WhatsApp users and you want to keep them safe online, you might want to block WhatsApp. Alternatively, you could monitor their WhatsApp activity (but we’ll get to that later).

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Part 2. How WhatsApp is a Danger to Teens

Dangers accompany themselves with all social apps. One particular study by Net Aware has shown that there is little relevance or risk between WhatsApp and topics including drugs, alcohol, crime, and suicide (and mental health problems). However, there are still a few notable dangers.


Most importantly, cyberbullying was on the list of dangers. Unfortunately, WhatsApp isn’t alone in this regard. We’ve also seen the likes of Twitter, Instagram, Snapchat, and even Facebook seem to home a lot of cyberbullying. It comes down to one thing – hateful children and spiteful individuals. Some people are naturally mean and will do their best to upset your children. It’s upsetting to think about, but cyberbullying is a big problem among teenagers and children nowadays.

What makes it worse is that apps like WhatsApp lack administrators. Of course, we can’t expect WhatsApp to moderate every chat. But this means that cyberbullying can become a big problem.

Pornographic Content

This issue is more among teenagers, as you might have thought. ISPs (Internet Service Providers) are placing more restrictions on pornographic content, but this doesn’t stop individuals from finding other ways to view it. With WhatsApp having no restriction on photos and videos, there’s the chance that porn can be sent directly to your child’s device.

Those are just two of the many dangers. Cyberbullying can lead to a lack of self-confidence in your child, and pornographic content could go as far as to blackmail.

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Why You Need to Block WhatsApp

Keeping in mind those dangers we have just shown you, you might decide to block WhatsApp.

We completely support parents who decide to do this. After all, it can prevent children from having to experience the negative impact that cyberbullying can have on their mental health. Furthermore, blocking WhatsApp is a good idea if you have children who stay up late texting. A block simply eliminates this distraction.

The next step is actually to block the app. You have two options at this point – either completely block WhatsApp from the usage or monitor your child’s activity. If you’re on edge and unsure about your decision, monitoring might be a good first step. There’s no harm done, and you’re simply “spectating” how your kids are using the app.

Notes About WhatsApp for Parents

Are you a parent who isn’t sure why they might need to block WhatsApp? Here are a few notes to be aware of.

  • WhatsApp is a messaging application that supports photos and videos.
  • Users are able to share their current location with contacts.
  • WhatsApp users can control their privacy settings so that their live location isn’t sharing with contacts.
  • There is not a WhatsApp moderation or administration team, increasing the risk of cyberbullying.

Because of the lack of security on WhatsApp, parental supervision should always be in consideration.

Part 3. FamiSafe – The Best Way to Block WhatsApp

Now that we have your attention and you realize that blocking WhatsApp is the best thing to do let’s look at how to do so. FamiSafe is the best parental control software to either block WhatsApp or monitor. This solution doesn’t just focus on WhatsApp but rather a wide range of social media apps and smartphone monitoring. Some key features can be found below.

App Blocking

Block specific apps on your kids’ devices so that they can’t open them at all.

Website Blocking

Limit access to which websites your children are visiting on their smartphones.

No Jailbreaking

Parents don’t have to know a lot about smartphones and technology. There isn’t anything technical about this process and jailbreaking is not a requirement.

Data Tracking

Make sure that your children are using their smartphones responsibility. Track their text messages, hack Hotmail Account, Hack Yahoo Password, social media activity, and much more.

We’ll explore these features and others shortly, but these are some of the main things to expect from FamiSafe.

Get FamiSafe

Using FamiSafe to Block WhatsApp

In this final section of the article, we’re going to show you how to block WhatsApp. Using FamiSafe – the best Snapchat Password Finder, you can prepare the software in just minutes, and it will actively block WhatsApp. Follow the steps below to find out how this process goes.

Step #1 – First you need to make sure you have a FamiSafe account, so sign up if you haven’t already. Consider purchasing a membership too.

Step #2 – After creating your account, complete the FamiSafe Setup Wizard. We will be using an Android device for the remainder of this guide.

Note: when blocking an iPhone, all you have to do is sign in using the same iCloud account that the target device uses.

Step #3 – Enter your child’s name and age and then select the Android device type.

Step #4 – Next, you must install the FamiSafe application on their device. Direct access is necessary, so retrieve it now.

Step #5 – Once you have the target’s Android device you must download and install the FamiSafe monitoring app.

Note: make sure that you go to “Settings > Security” and enable “Unknown Sources” to successfully install the app.

Step #6 – After you download the FamiSafe APK, open the APK and follow the installation steps. Provide the permissions that it requests.

Step #7 – Now that the app is in place, return your child’s device and open the FamiSafe dashboard on your computer.

Step #8 – On the dashboard, click “Applications” from the sidebar, locate WhatsApp from the list and enable the “WhatsApp” slider so that it is “ON”.

Block WhatsApp with FamiSafe

Even though these steps are thorough and include a lot of details, this will take you no more than 5-10 minutes. FamiSafe is incredibly user-friendly, and once it’s set up, you can control the features from the dashboard.

Reasons for Choosing FamiSafe

Following our guide, we’re going to explain some of the reasons to choose FamiSafe to hack Samsung phone & block WhatsApp over other tools.

GPS Tracking

While this doesn’t affect blocking WhatsApp, this is a crucial feature for FamiSafe. Whenever your kids are out on their own, and you start worrying about them, you can sign into the FamiSafe dashboard and make sure they’re safe.

Using the interactive map (similar to Google Maps), you can view their live location. One added benefit is that you can also enable Geofencing. This feature allows you to define a region and if the device exits this region, you’ll be sent a notification.

Device Time Tracking

Teenagers are constantly using their smartphones. Not just texting but playing games, sending Snapchats, and so much more. The fact is, technology can distract them and may be the reason that your teenager is falling behind in school. So, if you want to get to the bottom of this, you can track their device’s activity.

Doing this allows you to see what they do when they use their device, how long they spend doing certain tasks, and see what they spend the most time doing. As a result, you can see a full analysis of what exactly they do whilst on the device.

Remote Dashboard Access

Regardless of whether your kid has an iPhone or an Android device, you can utilize the FamiSafe dashboard. With this remote dashboard, after you set up the software, you can access all of the features from anywhere in the world.

What does this mean? You just have to sign into the dashboard, without accessing the device directly, and change the settings you want to change.

To Conclude

Make sure that your children are as secure as possible whenever they are using technology and are online. So many people use WhatsApp and other social media apps, and as such, there’s always the chance of cyberbullying as well as the other dangers that we explained above. You can use FamiSafe, the best solution to block WhatsApp, and limit how and when your kids use it. Alternatively, don’t block the app but instead just monitor your children’s activity. Either way, online safety is incredibly important, especially for children.