How to Deal with Bluetooth not Working on iPhone X

The iPhone 8 and the iPhone X devices have been released recently, with the greatest pomp and grandeur, by the Apple Company. These devices are geared with the most superior and never-seen-before traits that have been made for the iPhone user’s ultimate ease. Bluetooth not working on iPhone X is a pretty recurrent issue nowadays. There are a lot of iPhone users who have been complaining about prevailing Bluetooth problems that keep occurring on their iPhone device. This is a recurrent phenomenon that faces not just the iPhone X devices but also on for iPhone 8 customers who been reporting this often.

Bearing this in mind, we are thus presenting you with a quantity of tips for fixing App freezing, iPhone camera won’t focus, iPhone black screen of death, and iPhone 8 or iPhone X Bluetooth issues. At the onset, we would firstly like to file a quantity of the normal problems that the iPhone 8 or the iPhone X users could be encountered with.

General Bluetooth problems on the iPhone device, such as the iPhone X, and iPhone 8

The following are a number of widespread iPhone X Bluetooth issues on the iPhone 8 and iPhone X devices that people often meet up with:

  • On the onset, check if your iPhone X Bluetooth issues can be sourced from the malfunction of a Bluetooth connection amid your iPhone 8 or iPhone X and the car.
  • Now and then, you may face an issue where your Bluetooth could be stuck at looking for a device and is in actuality, unable to locate it.
  • One more issue can be that you’re sometimes not capable of pairing any devices in any way even when your given device is available perfectly. Every so often, the given device can get fixed with a particular device and does not hook up with the further available devices even while there are further choices.
  • You could also be encountering an issue with the given device being reconnected and disconnected loops that can be exasperating at times.
  • In the case of the iPhone X device, a few individuals have also complained about your connection problem with a similar Bluetooth device that is working flawlessly well with their previous iOS devices.

Besides, here are the best solutions for the Bluetooth Not Available On Mac error and the Bluetooth Not Working Android for you.

Six excellent Tips for Fixing the ‘Bluetooth not working on iPhone X‘ issue

These tips underneath can be made use of, for the additional devices also, such as iPhone 5, iPhone 6, iPod touch, iPhone 7, iPad Pro, and so forth.

NUMBER 1: Forgetting the Device and re-pairing the Device

While facing the ‘Bluetooth not working on iPhone X and iPhone 8’, you could attempt to fix this problem by overlooking the Bluetooth device that simply cannot be connected. Proceeding from there, reconnect it once more, and the issue will be removed in all probability. Here are a few simple steps for doing this that are quite trouble-free.

Step 1: Start by taking your iPhone X or iPhone 8 device, and then click on the ‘Settings‘ icon.

Step 2: Then access the ‘Bluetooth‘ tab, and soon, you will get a whole new list of available Bluetooth devices.


Step 3: Check for the “i” symbol, near the device where you are facing such ‘Bluetooth not working on iPhone X‘ problems.

Step 4: Click on this “i” icon and then tap on the option of ‘Forget This Device.’

Step 5: Now confirm this action and then repair your device afresh.

NUMBER 2: Hard resetting the iPhone X or iPhone 8 devices, along with other devices

In case the above resolution was not fruitful, attempting a hard reset can be useful in most cases and resolve many problems with the iOS devices. Accordingly, you must try this out if you’re stuck with the Bluetooth not working on iPhone X devices, and iPhone 8 devices. Here are the needful steps below:


Step 1: On your given device, press on Volume Up switch and quickly release it.

Step 2: Subsequently, replicate the step with the Volume Down switch.

Step 3: to finish, keep on pressing the Sleep or Wake switches located on the device’s side till you see the logo of Apple on the screen of your device.

These are the steps for hard resetting your iPhone 8 or iPhone X. Regarding the other devices that you are attempting to connect to, you can also make an effort to restart it. Just follow these steps and then check if you are still getting iPhone 8 or iPhone X Bluetooth issues. If you are, unfortunately, then try the further tips below and get away with the pertaining problem.

NUMBER 3: Resetting Network Settings

One can settle on resetting the network settings on facing any iPhone 8 and iPhone X Bluetooth issues. This will optimistically result in getting away with all the network settings, such as VPN settings, Wi-Fi passwords, and so on. Also, you will be required to add to your settings once more. Follow the steps below:

Step 1: Start by tapping on ‘Settings‘ in the device and visit the ‘General‘ tab.

Step 2: Click on ‘Reset‘ and choose ‘Reset Network Settings.’

Step 3: Enter the passcode when prompted and click on ‘Reset Network Settings‘ again for confirming the move.


When completed, attempt to reconnect the Bluetooth device once more. Check if it otherwise works move to the subsequent solution.

NUMBER 4: Resetting All Settings

This is your next viable method for resolving any iPhone 8 and iPhone X Bluetooth issues. The technique will cause the resetting of all your preferred and changed settings to its default settings. Let us have a look at what the steps entail:

Step 1: Start by accessing ‘Settings‘ on your given iPhone device.

Step 2: Visit ‘General‘ and then click on ‘Reset.’

Step 3: Choose the option of ‘Reset All Settings‘. Click on it and enter your password.


Step 4: to finish, confirm it once more by hitting on the option of ‘Reset All Settings.’

NUMBER 5: Making use of a Third-party Toolkit

Subsequent to trying out all of the above tips, if the Bluetooth not working on iPhone X or iPhone 8 exists still, the probable reason can be an iOS problem. For fixing this issue, the iMyFone D-Back third-party program can be a one-stop resolution; it is the most excellent data recovery toolkit. It also has the ability for fixing the various system concerns with the aid of the feature of “Fix iOS System”. This tool is capable of completely supporting iOS 11.2 and is trusted by many millions of consumers.

iMyFone D-Back Key Features:

  • It helps the recovery of over twenty data types, such as photos, messages, WhatsApp, contacts and many more.
  • It is very effortless in usage, and you could solve your iPhone issues with only a few clicks.
  • Let you fix a variety of iOS concerns without losing data.
  • You can solve the iOS issues, such as restarting loops iPhone stuck in recovery mode, black screen, freezing issues, white screen, and so forth.

Download iMyFone D-Back Free

Step 1: Access the software on the PC and select ‘Fix iOS System.’ Now, link the iPhone device to the computer and tap on the ‘Standard Mode‘ tab.


Step 2: The software will then notify you to take the device in the DFU mode or Recovery mode. Follow the instructions on screen for putting your iPhone device into Recovery mode or DFU mode.


Step 3: The subsequent screen will prompt you to download the apt firmware for the device positively. All you require is clicking on ‘Download‘ icon, and the remaining will be completed by the software.


Step 4: Subsequent to getting the newest firmware, simply tap on ‘Start to Fix,’ and the issue will start to mend by the software.


NUMBER 6: Getting Help at the Apple Store

Even after trying the steps and getting no viable results, your issue can be hardware linked. For resolving this problem, we can suggest you visit the Apple Store nearby your place, for getting it checked. Also, we can also counsel you to get the device exchanged for a fresh one if the device is under assurance.

It can be unsatisfactory when starting to witness problems with a newly bought device. The useful solutions that we have offered for trying when facing Bluetooth not working on iPhone X and the iPhone 8 devices. The iMyFone D-Back program is an apt program, which can be made use of, in dealing with iPhone 8 and iPhone X Bluetooth issues.