Methods to Bypass Android Lock Screen Password/Pattern/Pin

There are different ways i.e. password, pin, pattern, and fingerprint locks to lock your Android devices.

But sometimes you might be in a situation where you cannot go further than your locked Android device screen.

Therefore, you need to know the ways to bypass the Android lock screen. Sometimes it is too hard to find a better way to bypass the Android lock screen.

This article is intended to let you know eight efficient Screen Lock Bypass ways to do this task easily and effortlessly.

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Part 1: Use Dr.Fone – Android Screen Unlock to Bypass the Screen Lock

Dr.Fone Toolkit for Android is one of the best Android lock screen removal (Android Unlock software) for removing lock screen to bypass the lock screen of Android devices.

This Screen Lock Bypass Pro tool can only bypass pattern or shape locks but also remove passwords, pins, fingerprint locks, etc. No data loss will be done while using this tool.

You have to follow the below instructions step by step to get your device unlocked using this powerful tool.

Download the Android lock screen removal tool, Dr.Fone from this link and install the software on your personal computer.

Download dr.fone – Screen Unlock (Android)

Now launch the tool on your computer. Select the ‘Screen Unlock‘ option to remove your pins, patterns, passwords, and fingerprint locks.


Then press the ‘Start‘ button to start the process.

Switch off your device and press the power and home button together and hold it to enter into the download mode.

Once the device enters the download mode, it will start to download a recovery package.

After finishing the download process, the Dr.Fone – Android Unlock will start working. This process will retain all your data secured and bypass the lock successfully.

screen lock bypass via dr.fone


  • It helps to bypass all types of screen locks i.e. pattern locks, pins, passwords, etc.
  • It can bypass the lock screen of your android devices without removing any stored data.
  • The easy and simple user interface allows novice tech users to bypass their lock screen smoothly.


  • The complete method will take a little bit longer time than many other tools.

Get dr.fone – Unlock (Android)

Note: If dr.fone does not support your Android phone, you should switch to Tenorshare 4uKey (Android), which is another professional tool to bypass the Android lock screen as simply as dr.fone does. Tenorshare 4uKey supports more Android devices than dr.fone. Just have a try.

Part 2: Use Android Device Manager to Bypass Android Screen Lock

Android Device Manager is another Screen Lock Bypass Pro tool that can bypass the lock screen of your Android devices very efficiently.

With this Google service (Google Play services keep stopping), you can easily perform unlocking your locked Android devices just by logging into your Google account. You can access your device from anywhere on any device.

Follow the below instruction to do this task in an easier way.

  • After connecting the device to the Android Device Manager, click on the ‘Lock‘ option. This service will set the connection in a few attempts if the device is compatible with this service.
  • Once you click on the ‘Lock‘ button, you will be asking for the new password in a popped-up window to replace your password, pin, or pattern that you already forgot.
  • After entering a new and original password, make sure to select the ‘Lock‘ option to change the password.
screen lock bypass via android device manager
  • In a few minutes, your password will be changed, and you have your device unlocked.


  • This method is used for any android device which was connected to a Google account.
  • This is a very short and simple way to bypass an Android device’s lock screen.
  • It is very effective for the newer Android tablets and smartphones.


  • You might need to try several times and it will be failed in case of incompatible devices.
  • You cannot find your phone location when your device is turned off or offline.

Part 3: Using the ‘Find My Mobile’ of Samsung Service to Screen Lock Bypass

If you are using a Samsung device and searching for a way to bypass the lock screen of your Samsung Galaxy Phones, etc., this method will help you the most.

First set up a Samsung account and sign in to your Samsung account to follow this process for bypassing your locked screen.

Follow the described steps to perform the method successfully.

screen lock bypass through Find My Mobile
  • First, log in to your Samsung account.
  • Now find the ‘lock my screen’ button on the left side of your account page.
  • Enter a new pin there and click on the ‘Lock’ button afterward from the bottom of the page.
  • You can get your lock changed within a few minutes. This way can help you to bypass without using a Google account for your device.


  • The interface and process are so simple to handle by a non-tech person.
  • This method is very effective for Samsung smartphones and other Android devices.
  • You can have some other features that allow you to find your device, wipe the device data, etc. along with the lock screen bypassing.


  • This method is restricted to Samsung Android devices only.
  • You cannot use the service without Signing in or signing up for your Samsung account.
  • -Some carriers i.e. ‘Sprint’ can inactive the bypass again.

Part 4: Try with the ‘Forget Pattern’ option to Bypass Android Lock Screen

This is also a great method to bypass the lock screen of your Android device easily. You need not depend on any condition or install any other third-party app. You can get the ‘Forget Pattern’ feature on your device by default.

Once you have failed to few attempts in entering the pattern, you can find a message popping up on the screen notified – ‘Try again in 30 seconds’.

You can follow the below instructions to get rid of this situation by bypassing the lock screen.

screen lock bypass via Forget Pattern
  • You need to click the option that allows doing something with ‘Forget Pattern‘.
  • Now you have to provide details of the Google account information.
  • Therefore, enter your primary Gmail and the password after choosing the above ‘Forget Pattern’ option.
  • This will send you an email that bears a new pattern to unlock your locked device.
  • You can then successfully reset your device’s lock screen pattern.


  • The method of Part 4 is a very easy inbuilt feature to bypass the pattern lock for almost all android devices.


  • It requires a stable internet connection to bypass the pattern that might not be available in all places.
  • Your phone must be set up with a Gmail account when you set up the device for the first time.

Part 5: Use the Factory Reset option to Bypass Android Lock Screen

For having a Screen Lock Bypass, a factory reset is a great option to deal with. It is a simple way that can be performed in every situation with all Android devices.

But you need to keep in mind that bypassing the lock screen of your Android device will not secure your data rather you have to sacrifice the device data to do this task.

So, it should be done when bypassing is more important than the stored data on your device. You can simply follow the below simple steps to bypass the Android lock screen successfully.

Keep in mind that the options or menu might be different depending on your Android device.

screen lock bypass with Factory Reset Option
  • For almost all Android devices, you have to turn off the device to start the process.
  • Now press the volume buttons and hold them along with pressing the power button together until the screen turns black.
  • You will find the Android bootloader popping up after that.
  • Press the power button now to choose the ‘Recovery mode’ option. You can switch between different options using the volume button.
  • Once you have moved to the mode of recovery, select the factory reset or wipe your device data.
  • You can simply reboot your device soon after finishing this process and can have the no lock screen user interface on your Android device.


  • It is the simplest way of getting rid of the lock screen.
  • You can do this to any device operated with Android OS. Therefore, this service is universal for all Android devices regardless of their build and type with few dissimilarities in the process due to device producers.


  • This method will remove all the stored data on your Android device while processing.

Part 6: Deleting Password File Using ADB

You can use this method whenever your phone has been enabled for USB debugging earlier. This can be an easy method if you follow the described steps as follows-

Deleting Password File Using ADB
  • Connect your Android device to your personal computer using the provided USB cable.
  • Go to the ADB installation directory and open the command prompt.
  • Then, you need to type the mentioned command below and hit enter to continue.
  • Reboot the device after that to get the lock screen disabled temporarily.
  • You can set a completely new password or pin or pattern before the next rebooting.


  • This is one of the simplest and most effective ways to bypass your locked Android device.


  • This will work when it is enabled USB debugging previously on your device.

Part 7: Bypass Android Lock Screen through Safe Boot Mode

Safe boot mode is a very simple method for bypassing the android device’s lock screen. This method best works when the screen lock of your android device is a third-party app that is not a typical one.

You can follow the instructions to get your device’s lock screen bypassed.

screen lock bypass through Safe Boot mode
  • Use the power button on your device to boot into the safe mode and then tap on OK button.
  • This will automatically disable the lock screen of the third-party app on a temporary basis.
  • Now, clear all data of your app or remove the app and leave the safe mode.
  • Reboot your device to get your Android device lock screen bypassed.


  • It is a very easier method to get a screen lock bypass.
  • This method is efficiently effective for the third-party Android Smartphone lock screen bypassing only.


  • This method is only suitable for the not-stock android device screens to lock and any third-party app screen lock.

Part 8: Breaking the Lock Screen UI

This method will work on the android devices that run Android version 5.0-5.11. If you break the screen lock UI, it will allow you to browse all other options of your Android device’s interface.

To perform this method, you need to follow the below instruction as described.

  • First, tap your device’s emergency option and put ten asterisks using the dialler.
  • Now, do it again and paste those asterisks on the dialler screen as soon as you cannot see the popping up paste option on the screen.
  • Returning to your screen lock, you need to click on the shortcut icon for camera opening.
  • Pull down your device notification bar to tap on the setting button and this will swiftly let you put the password.
  • Follow the earlier step repeatedly here.
  • Now, select paste as soon as you long press and keep repeating this action.
  • This will result in crashing the screen lock of your android device.


  • This is a very easy process to perform by anyone without using any specific lock screen bypass tool.


  • This is not one of the proper methods for bypassing the lock screen.
  • This method is limited to Android devices running the Android OS version (5.0 – 5.11) only.

You can find a lot of ways to bypass the Android lock screen depending on your preferred tool that you have access to. You need to check which method serves the best for your purpose.

Check all the above methods thoroughly and choose the best-suited Screen Lock Bypass method wisely going through the pros and cons of each method.


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