How to Fix Android Camera Not Working Issue With Ease

The chief reason why there are so many Android devices in the world is that they come with amazing features at a cheap rate. The camera of an Android device is one of the best reasons for getting it. However, there are many issues that Android users face on their devices, and a common issue concerns the camera.

Many articles may look to provide solutions to your Android problems, but more often than not, they provide a very general solution. When it comes to Android, it must be noted that there can be various reasons for a single malfunctioning app. This requires a very specific approach to fixing the issue, which is exactly what we will be looking at in this article.

If you are facing a camera not working issue, then read through this article to know how to fix it. Here you will get all the solutions that you could hope to resolve the issue properly. Furthermore, at the end of the article, we provide the name of amazing software that can resolve all your Android issues. So, without further ado, let’s get to it.

Part 1: Reasons for Camera not working

If you see an error when opening the camera app, it could be because of an issue with either the software or the hardware. If the software causes the issue, it is relatively easier to resolve. More often than not, this kind of error occurs when you are trying to launch the built-in app or are using a third-party app. There are many reasons why this could be occurring. Some of them are as follows:

  • Low device storage is one of the most common problems as this causes abnormal functioning of the camera app.
  • Low RAM can also be a reason for Android camera not working error.
  • Camera incompatibility with the software;
  • System error caused by third-party apps;
  • Internal software or technical problem.

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Part 2: How to Fix Android Camera Not Working Problem?

There are a few ways to fix this issue. Let us look at some of them in detail.

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1. Reboot the Device to Fix ‘Android Camera Not Working’

Sometimes a simple restart is all it takes to fix the camera not working issue. This may not be the best solution, but it does work sometimes. If, however, it doesn’t work, you would have to try something a little bit more complicated. Follow the steps below to restart your device –

  • Long press the power button of your device.
  • A pop-up will appear on the screen.
  • Select “Restart” and wait until your device reboots.

Once you have rebooted, check to see if your camera is working. If it isn’t, proceed to the next strategy.

2. Take out the Battery to Fix ‘Android Camera Not Working’

If you have a device with a removable battery, then a simple solution could be to take the battery out for a while simply. Do this while the phone is powered on. This is also known as a soft reset, and it won’t result in any loss of data. Keep the battery out of the phone for a minute, hold the power button for thirty seconds, insert the battery back, and reboot.

3. Force Stop Camera App to Fix ‘Android Camera Not Working’

Go through the following steps to force stop the camera app and fix android camera not working issue:

  • Select “Settings” on your phone’s home screen.
  • Find Apps or Manage Apps and go to the camera app.
  • Tap and ‘Force Stop‘ it. Reboot afterward.

This simple solution can take care of the minor issue that your camera was facing.

4. Clear App Data and Cache to Fix ‘Android Camera Not Working’

Another way for you to solve the notorious camera not working problem is by trying to clear the app data and cache. Follow the steps given below to know how to go about doing it:

  • Go to “Settings” from your phone’s home page and tap on Apps.
  • Find the camera app and tap on it. At the bottom of the screen, you will have an option to clear data and cache. Tap on it and confirm the action.
  • Restart the phone afterward and switch on the camera app to check if the issue is resolved.

5. Reset Every App Preferences to Fix ‘Android Camera Not Working’

There is another simple way to fix the ‘Android camera not working‘ issue, and that has to do with resetting preferences for all apps. Here’s how to do it:

  • Go to Settings from the Home Page and open Apps or Apps Manager.
  • Find All Apps. Find the menu icon at the top right corner and tap on it.
  • Tap on “Reset App Preferences.”

6. Uninstalling Third-Party Camera Apps

If the aforementioned steps haven’t worked for you, then you invariably have to get rid of any and all third-party camera apps that you have on your Android device. It is possible that your device received an update while your camera app is still outdated. The camera app has to be compatible with your device in order to avoid android camera not working issue.

Furthermore, try to remember the last app you installed before the issue came up. That particular app may be the root cause of all such problems. Uninstall that app and check to see if your camera is now working. You should also periodically check if any of your device apps are due for an update. If they are, update them and restart your device. It is possible that alone will be enough to fix the ‘Android camera not working’ problem.

7. Factory Reset

When all else fails, your only option remains a factory reset. This option will wipe away everything from your phone and will require you to set up your phone afresh. Therefore, it is highly recommended that you back up your data before you attempt a factory reset.

Here, we provide two ways by which you can factory reset your phone. The first method requires you to reset through Recovery Menu and can be done as follows:

  • Turn off your phone.
  • Press down the volume button and the power button together to start your device.
  • The Android mascot will appear on the screen.
  • Go to the option that says Factory Reset and confirm via the power button.

The second method to factory reset to resolve camera not working issue is as follows:

  • Go to Android Settings
  • Go to Personal and tap on Backup and Reset.
  • Tap on Factory Reset and confirm your action.

If this method also fails, then it is not a software problem that you are dealing with. Instead, there is a problem with the hardware that needs to be fixed. To do so, you will have to seek assistance from a trusted repair center for phones where they might be able to diagnose and fix the problem. If you are unsure whether or not it is a software or a hardware problem, you can always wait for the next system update, which might be on its way.

8. Solving the Android camera not working issue through Fixppo for Android

When nothing seems to work, the best way for you to fix your camera not working issue is by using the Fixppo for Android. If you ever need help resolving any internal problem with your phone, then this amazing software is it. Not only is it extremely simple to use, but it also ends up resolving most issues with a single click. Some of the features of Fixppo are as follows:

  • It doesn’t require one to be tech-savvy. Even amateurs can easily use it to fix errors like Android camera not working and other such problems.
  • It has the best repair rate and provides a full guarantee.
  • Plenty of Android devices are supported, and it also is compatible with many different Android versions.
  • It contains a user-friendly interface that provides al the instructions on the screen itself. This makes it easier for people who do not know much about Android technology.

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9. Fix camera not working in 1-Click by Tennorshare ReiBoot

With a free and professional boot repairing software – Tenorshare ReiBoot for Android, you don’t have to worry about the Android Camera Not Working issue. Follow up below a simple tutorial to fix your problem right now.

Tenorshare ReiBoot for Android Features:

  • Be compatible with various Android devices
  • Easy-to-navigate user interface, very easy to use
  • Solve 50+ Android problems, including Android Camera Not Working, app crashing and more

Step 1. Download ReiBoot and launch it.

Step 2. Run ReiBoot on your computer and connect your Android device to your computer. Then click the ‘Repair Android System.’
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Step 3. Tip ‘Repair Now’ and select your Android smartphone.
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Step 4. ReiBoot will then download the correct firmware for your Android phone.
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Step 5. Tip ‘Repair Now’ to fix your Camera Not Working issue now.
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We hope that you have found this article useful and have been able to fix your camera not working issue by following the instructions properly. The problem can be solved in a short time if you go through the different methods. However, if you want to get solutions for your problems every time, then a professional tool like Fixppo is a must.

Fixppo is a powerful software that can resolve all ‘Android camera not working‘ issues as well as any other issues that might come up in the future with only a few clicks. No more would you have to fumble around looking for a way to solve your Android device issues. Start using this software and get your Android device repaired in no time.

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