Why You Cannot Connect to iTunes Store and Ways to Resolve it

Apple is popular among the masses for the perfect features it offers. We all know how the impeccable design and various other attributes of an iPhone/ iPad make mobile users go gaga over it. The latest additions to the iPhone market are iPhone 8 and iPhone X.

iPhone 8 has the amazing feature of Hexacore performance. It has an Apple A11 bionic chipset. It also has an internal memory of 64 GB as compared to 32 GB offered in the previous iPhone versions. On the other hand, iPhone X is regarded as the most exciting product offered by Apple due to its ultra-slim nature and exceptional face-scanning features.

However, sometimes issues occur on an iPhone as well. For instance, the occurring of ‘cannot connect to iTunes store‘ error. So in this article, we will discuss the underlying causes related to this issue and how to resolve them. This article also talks about the ‘we could not complete your iTunes request’ error and how to move music from iTunes to an iPhone using a third-party software called dr.fone-Transfer (iOS).

Part 1: Reasons and fixes to avoid ‘cannot connect to iTunes store’ issue

There are a lot of reasons why you are not getting connected to the iTunes store. Try keeping these pointers in mind if you are unable to connect to the iTunes store. Let’s shed some light in this area without any further ado:

1. A faulty internet connection

The reason behind the fact that you cannot connect to iTunes store is a faulty internet connection. Make sure you are connected to the internet. Also, check if you have a slow internet connection. These are the most common issues faced by an iOS user.

2. No mobile data reception

This issue is generally faced by many iOS users. If you make use of mobile data to access the internet, then follow the following steps:

1: First turn your mobile data on and then turn it off again.

2: Try accessing another website to make sure if the problem is caused by the mobile data carrier.

3: Do check if your data pack hasn’t ended.

3. The Date and time

You sometimes cannot connect to iTunes store because of the incorrect date and time on your device. Yes, this is true! Follow the below steps to prevent such a problem:

1: Select Settings, choose the General option, and then select ‘Date & Time.’

2: Select On mode for ‘Set Automatically.’

3: Try relaunching the iTunes application now.

4. An outdated iOS

An outdated iOS may be the reason why you cannot connect to iTunes store. You can resolve this issue by clicking on Settings and then selecting ‘Software Update.’ Also, ensure that your Mac has an updated OS with an updated Safari version.

5. Enable/Disable Parental Controls

One of the reasons you cannot connect to iTunes store is that the ‘Parental controls‘ option is getting in the way. This issue shows up a message called ‘we could not complete your iTunes request.’ Follow these steps to change the Parental Controls:

1: Firstly, launch iTunes and then under the iTunes tab go to ‘Preferences.’

2: You will find the ‘Parental Control‘ option. In the Disable option, you will find iTunes Store under which “allow access to iTunes Store” is written.

3: Close iTunes and restart it. Go back to the ‘Parental Controls‘ menu.

6. Firewall interference

On your PC, the firewall can be the reason that you cannot connect to iTunes store. Go to the accessibility settings and let iTunes use your internet and disable the proxies if you want to. You can also call your internet provider to authorize the proxies and ports.

7. An older version of App Store

One of the main causes that you cannot connect to iTunes store is that you must be using an older version of App store. After updating the App store app, relaunch the iTunes application. Following these steps will ensure that ‘we could not complete your iTunes request’ error is sorted.

Part 2: Some other solutions for fixing ‘cannot connect to iTunes store’ issue

Sometimes issues related to establishing a connection with iTunes can occur without any particular reason. These are some other solutions that you can follow if you want to fix the issue of not getting connected to the iTunes:

1. You can remove and reinsert your SIM in your iPhone. Remove the SIM card only after switching off your phone. This method can come handy if you cannot connect to iTunes store.

2. Try rebooting your iPhone device. This method is the easiest as compared to the other methods. Doing this will refresh everything on your device from the internet connection to the App store. Another method to reset the device can be the Hard-Reset option, which you can do as follows:

1: Press the lock and home button together.

2: Hold both of them until the screen goes blank.

3: Now press the home button and wait for the Apple logo to show.

3. This method can seem peculiar at first but can help you when you cannot connect to iTunes store. Try switching from mobile data to Wi-Fi mode or vice versa and then try restarting the iTunes application.

4. You may also be accessing the app store while it is getting updated, so avoid doing that.

Part 3: Features of dr.fone-Phone Manager (iOS)

iTunes requires a lot of RAM (Read Only Memory) to run. Sometimes it simply doesn’t work or seems too complicated. If you try dr.fone-Transfer (iOS) software, it will be useful at the times when you cannot connect to iTunes store. It will help you move your music from iTunes to your iOS device. It is a quick and tested way of performing transfer of music from iTunes to an iOS device. And it also comes with the following added advantages:

  • Apart from importing and exporting music, it helps to import/export photos, contacts, apps, SMS, videos, etc.
  • Helps to back up and restore photos, contacts, apps, SMS, videos, etc.
  • Moves and handles photos, contacts, apps, SMS, videos, etc. from one device to another
  • Moves files between iTunes and iOS devices
  • Well-suited for iPads, iPods, iPod Touch, and iOS 14
  • Is available on Windows and Mac computers
  • Comes with a 30-day free trial period
  • Solves the problem of quality download of audio files
  • Offers a secure method of transferring files

Get dr.fone – Phone Manager (iOS)

Part 4: Using dr.fone-Phone Manager (iOS) to move music from iTunes to iPhone

We all need music in our lives as music has become indispensable. Music is needed to make each one of us feel better after a long day. If one has an iPhone, it becomes difficult to access iTunes sometimes. But one need not only depend on iTunes to play music bought from online suppliers, CDs, or Apple Music Store. Using trustable software makes it easier to transfer all our songs from iTunes to iPhone.

This part will tell you how to move music from iTunes to iPhone using dr.fone-Phone Manager (iOS).

Following the below steps will come in handy in the times when you cannot connect to iTunes store.

1. Download the dr.fone software to your PC. Select the downloaded software and then start following the instructions given on the screen of the PC. The software will now get installed.

Download dr.fone – Phone Manager (iOS)

2. Connect your iPhone to your PC by the help of a USB or lightning cable.

3. Select the ‘Phone Manager‘ option appearing on the main menu.


4. Now select ‘Transfer iTunes Media to Device.’

dr.fone - iPhone Transfer

5. The software will start scanning the iTunes library, displaying you all the found files.

6. Select the songs that you want to move to your iPhone under the results window.

7. Lastly, Click on ‘Transfer.’

Hence, we can see how we sometimes can not connect to iTunes store due to a variety of reasons. Following the step by step guide given in this article can surely help us through the problems we face while connecting to the iTunes store.

This article also tells us about the software, dr.fone-Phone Manager (iOS), which is the best solution for transferring media, especially music from one iOS device to another. Due to a variety of features it offers, using third-party software like this will help tremendously in the safe and reliable transfer of media from one iOS device to another.


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