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How to transfer contacts and SMS text messages from your old BlackBerry device to the new Google Nexus 6? It can be a common question you may ask when you are trying to switch from a platform to another. As we know, BlackBerry has its own operating system, unless you get a powerful tool, you may have no possibility to transfer the contacts and text messages from it to Android easily.

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iPhone has taken up a lion share in the smart phone market, what is the brand of the smart phone that you are using now? And look around, what is the most welcome brand of the smart phone? The time of HTC and Nokia has gone, iPhone achieved its great complement with its both excellency in hardware and software. Then here comes the trouble, trends changes everyday, what if you have been changing a new phone, for example, a Nexus phone? But you have already spent so much money on your iTunes store for the music, is there any way that you can transfer your iTunes music to your new Google Nexus 7, Nexus 9 or Nexus 10 without rooting your new phone?