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With the rapid progress of IT industry, there are a great many of soft wares such as transfer contacts and SMS from BlackBerry to Samsung Galaxy Note 5, are created to help users manage Samsung Galaxy Note 5 files. However, these transfer programs have a lot of shortcomings. As a matter of fact, many people are in trouble with data transfer and backup. The tools recommended by the web tend to be unprofessional, slow and inefficient, so they can’t deal with this issue well. But that will be a major concern to a business person who pay more attention to the time. To help users get out of this dilemma, tips and tricks on data transfer will be introduced to you then.


Transferring data from BlackBerry devices to other places without its Desktop Software can be difficult enough, much less transferring all your BlackBerry-style contacts, text messages or other types of personal data to a totally different platform. Although some closed, proprietary operating systems such as BlackBerry and iOS can keep your individual data safer and prevent your device from attacking by malicious virus, they also bring about some difficulties of data transfer and management. If you need to copy your personal data from BlackBerry to new-purchased iPhone, it will cost you lots of time on copying the data to computer from BlackBerry with its Desktop Software, and then transferring them to iPhone via iTunes. However, some types of data which can be identified on BlackBerry, may not be identified and used on iOS again. So what you need to consider about is not just how to transfer, but also how to convert the data format so that they can be used on the other platform.


If you just changed your old BlackBerry P9982, BlackBerry P9983 to Android Phone, you should know that the two platforms are completely different, which make the transferring process between the two devices difficult. Do you know how to transfer useful data like contacts and SMS from your old BlackBerry P9982, P9983 to Android Phone such as HTC and Samsung? If not, we can still help you with that. We will show you how to transfer files from BlackBerry to Android device step by step. All the problems and questions regarding file transfer will be solved and answered in this article. Just go ahead reading.


The reason people don’t want to change their cellphone may be because of the barriers of transferring the old data from the old device to the new one. Such problem can get worse when they switch from one platform to a new one. For example, if you purchase a new Samsung Galaxy S6 Edge, to replace your old BlackBerry, you will come across some problems because of the differences between Android and BlackBerry. Just like iPhone, BlackBerry has its own data management suite, which enables you to manage the data saved on your BlackBerry device, import, back up the data or more in convenience. However, to transfer the data to Android, you still have some limits and could not do it directly and efficiently. In this case, it is necessary for you to choose a powerful third party BlackBerry to Samsung Galaxy S6 Edge data transfer tool for help.


How to transfer contacts and SMS text messages from your old BlackBerry device to the new Google Nexus 6? It can be a common question you may ask when you are trying to switch from a platform to another. As we know, BlackBerry has its own operating system, unless you get a powerful tool, you may have no possibility to transfer the contacts and text messages from it to Android easily.