How to Change Apple ID Email Address With Ease?

It can be an annoying instance when you want to change your Apple ID, but you can’t do it. In fact, many individuals want to change their Apple ID due to various reasons, and some find it difficult. If you wonder how to change your Apple ID email or create a new one, don’t worry.

With this article, we will teach you how to change your Apple ID email easily and start using your iPhone. So, stop pulling your hair out and keep reading this article.

As you may already know, Apple presumes that you already know your Apple ID and its password. They also expect you to remember your credentials forever. So, as they assume, logging into your Apple account is not a big deal.

If you actually remember the password and Apple ID, you can scroll down on their help page. Then, you can find a section that mentions how to change your Apple ID email address. However, if you have tried that and succeeded, you might not be reading this article. You are probably here because of you;

  • Want to change the existing Apple ID and assign a new email address to your device.
  • Want to create a new Apple ID, but you get an error message. It says, ‘That email address is already used as an Apple ID‘.
  • Don’t know the password you have used for the device, and you want to start from scratch.
  • Had an Apple ID but you have totally forgotten the ID. You also have forgotten the password.

Those who work in Apple Stores might have come across this matter many times.

This Issue Can Occur Due to Two Basic Reasons.

  • A new user is setting up a new iOS device (be it a Mac, iPhone, or iPad). The respective user tries to create an Apple ID providing all the information but fails when pressing ‘Done.’
  • A new user is trying to change the Apple ID they use to a new email address. When the user updates it, the iOS device will notify that the email address is already in use.

PS: Click here to learn how to update Apple ID settings.

Important Things to Consider Before Proceeding

Let’s pay attention to a couple of important things before proceeding to change the Apple ID email.

Make Sure That the Accounts Are Separated with Different Passwords

As you already know, every Apple ID is linked to a particular email address. However, the Apple ID and email address are kept as separate accounts that should have separate passwords. For many novice users, this can cause some sort of confusion.

Both the accounts have the same username, and yet the accounts serve different purposes. This instance can change only if you have created an iCloud email address for the respective account.

Even if you know the password of your email, the Apple ID password would be a totally different one. You can have the same password for both, but that should be done when you create the account.

Your Email Account (which is Linked to the Respective Apple ID) Must Be Accessible

If you wonder how to change your Apple ID email, first you must have access to the email access. That is because Apple sends a verification email on that account when you change your Apple ID email. If you don’t have access to the respective account, you cannot use the same Apple ID.

Just assume that you want to create an Apple ID using so you should have access to it. Otherwise, you will not be able to begin the process. Make sure that you remember that the accounts will appear the same, but the passwords are different from each other.

What if the Email Address is Assigned to an Apple ID or Not Available?

When you try to create a new Apple ID, it must be available (must not be in use already). If you see the text ‘Email Address is already an Apple ID’ as a message, it already exists. You cannot assign the same name to your account. It might have been created by you, and now you have completely forgotten about it.

Or, someone else with the same name might have created it and used it. Regardless of the situation, you cannot actually use the same ID if it is already in use. Also, you cannot create a new Apple ID if the same email address is assigned to an Apple ID. In simplest terms, one email address per one Apple ID and that’s basically it.

Mentioned below is a simple example so you can get a better idea of this process.

  • this is the email address you are currently using.
  • this is the email address to which your Apple ID should be changed into. Even if you don’t remember that you have previously created such ID, it actually exists.
  • You will be changing your Apple ID to this respective address. If it is necessary, you can even create a free email address using Gmail.

How to Change Apple ID Email Address (Already Existing)

In order to change an Apple ID email address which is already existing, you should follow the steps below.

  • First of all, log into the (as per the example above) on Apple’s ‘Apple ID‘ page.
  • Now, change the Apple ID Email Address from to As a result of this, you will be able to move the old Apple ID and assign the current one.
  • Sign out from the page ‘’
  • You should now check for the verification email, and it will be available on your Click on the link and follow the verification process. Remember; you cannot change your to until you verify the process.
  • Now, log into by using the website
  • You can now change Apple ID’s email to

Issues Associated with Password

If you don’t remember that you have created an Apple ID, there is hardly any chance to remember your password. If you have faced such an issue now, you should follow the steps mentioned in this section. Well, if that is the case with you, go to the Apple ID webpage and click on ‘Reset your password.’

If the respective email address is already being used, you should have the password of the Apple ID. Also, you need the password of the Apple ID linked to the email address you intend to change. Otherwise, you cannot complete this process.

Apple Makes Things Unnecessarily Difficult when You Change Apple ID

As you would realize, Apple makes things pretty complicated when you want to change the Apple ID. When you read Apple’s article about this, you can realize that it is a pretty inefficient and lengthy process.

You will experience plenty of popups and warning signs when you update the Apple ID. However, the truth is that these warnings are for your own benefit.

In terms of security, these warnings play a very impressive role. So, don’t get annoyed because those warnings are there for a very good reason.

In Apple’s help article, it is recommended you sign out of the services that are under Apple ID. For instance, services like iTunes, iMessage, App Store, etc. on your iOS device can be mentioned.

As a general recommendation, it is much better to change the Apple ID on all iOS devices. So, all the devices you use will come under the new email address. You will be able to enter the updated information when the respective device asks you to do so.

In fact, that process is pretty convenient compared to following the process of going through ‘Settings‘ on the device.

Change Apple ID Email

In this section of our article, we explain how to change your Apple ID email.

  • First of all, you should go to and click on the option called ‘Manage Your Apple ID.’ Then, sign in using the ID.
Change Apple ID Email Address via
  • Now, click on the ‘Edit‘ option located towards the right of the email address. This can be found under the section labeled ‘Apple ID and Primary Email Address‘.
  • Enter the new email address for Apple ID.
  • Click on the button labeled ‘Save‘.
  • Go to your email account’s inbox, and you will see an email about ‘Verify your Apple ID‘. Click on the option ‘Verify Now‘ on the respective email.
  • Now, you should log into Apple’s website and complete the process.

Now that you did change your Apple ID email, you can start using the iPhone, Mac, or iPad again. To use it, you can easily use a different, new email address.

As you would realize, the process is surprisingly complicated. We sincerely expect that this process helped you to get the issue solved and use your phone again.

In other words, now you know how to change your Apple ID email despite its complicatedness. If you have further questions related to this, please let us know in the comments section below.


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