Method to Clean Up Your iTunes Library

Have you ever been annoyed by duplicated songs occupied your storage space? If you have a big music library, it will be very hard to delete the duplicated files manually. Also, you may download the songs with incomplete or wrong information such as artist, genre, album, track number and so on. iTunes can add the vacant information, however, mismatching occurs frequently. So without correct album information, users have a bad experience of visual effect. What’s worse, every time you check the information of one song, you need one click. Moreover, you can’t duplicate the information when you want to listen to music on other mobile device or music players. Do you want to end up in this situation? Let’s talk about two efficient ways to clean up your iTunes Library.

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Way 1. Use a Tool to Delete Duplicate Music and Fix Information of Songs in iTunes Library

In this part, we will show you how you are able to clean up your iTunes library with the use of iMusic. This includes deleting duplicate music, fixing missing tags, missing album covers, and more.

There are two ways of doing this. Both methods use our program iMusic although one method consists of allowing iMusic to automatically fix all of the errors in your iTunes library, and the other method allows you to go through each song with needs to be dealt with and fixing these errors manually.

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1. Delete Duplicate Music & Clear Up iTunes Library Automatically

Step #1 – If you haven’t already, go ahead and download the iMusic program, install it accordingly, and launch it.

Step #2 – Once the program has launched and has successfully loaded, click on the “iTunes Library” option on the top panel and click on the “Music” icon on the far left.

Step #3 – Next, click on the “Sweep” tool at the far right side below the top panel.

Note: you are also able to direct yourself to the “Toolbox” option on the top panel and click on the “Clean Up iTunes Library” rather than locating the “Sweep” tool.

Step #4 – A window will be displayed showing you what the “Sweep” tool does, simply click on the “Scan” button.

Step #5 – During the scan, iMusic will look for any missing data (including missing covers, missing tags, duplicate tracks, and missing album tracks).

Step #6 – The length of the scan depends on how much music you have within your iTunes library, so be patient.

Step #7 – Once the scan has finished, you will be shown how much missing data iMusic has spotted and will be given the option to fix these issues. Simply click on the “Clean Up” option.

From here you will be able to go through each “Clean Up” stage and select which you’d like to be dealt with.

  • Fix Music Tags. After clicking on the “Fix Music Tags” tab, click on the “Fix” button for iMusic to fix the missing music tags that it has discovered.
  • Fix Music Covers. After you have clicked on the “Fix Music Covers” tab, click on the “Get Covers” button.
  • Delete Duplicate Songs. Once you have clicked on the “Delete Duplicate Songs” tab, click on the “Delete Duplicates” button. iMusic will then remove the duplicate music tracks that it has discovered in your iTunes library.
  • Clean Missing Tracks. Once you have chosen the “Clean Missing Tracks” tab, select the “Clean” button.

After that, you’ll be able to look at your iTunes library and see nothing but properly displayed music. If you aren’t looking to do this to your entire iTunes library, then read the next method and find out how you are able to clear up iTunes library selectively.

2. Selectively Clear Up iTunes Library

Step #1 – If you haven’t already downloaded and installed the iMusic program, do so now. Once it has installed, launch the program.

Step #2 – After the program has loaded up, choose the “iTunes Library” option from the top panel and select the “Music” icon on the far left.

Step #3 – Select a song from your iTunes library that you would like to clear up.

Step #4 – After it is selected, right-click on the song and click on the “Edit music info” option.

Step #5 – From here you are able to manually change details about the song including the music cover, the name of the song, the artist, the album it is from, the genre, the year, and the track number.

Step #6 – Once you have edited the necessary info, click on the “Save” button.

It’s that simple. All you have to do is go through each song that you see has wrongly submitted information, change it accordingly, and click on the “Save” button. If you have a huge iTunes library and you notice that only a few of the songs there have wrong information, then this is the best course of action to take. Although if you have a huge iTunes library and there are several errors that you’ve spotted, use the previous method.

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Way 2. Free to Delete Duplicate Music, Videos, Apps, Books and More

If you want to clean up iTunes yourself rather than with the help of any tool, this way is more suitable for you.

Please do as the following steps to clean up your iTunes Library:

Run iTunes, then select the category of media of the library.

Note: I just introduce how to clean up the duplicate songs because the steps to clean up duplicate files are the same for other types of media such as books, apps and more.

Select View, then select Show Duplicate Items.

The duplicate songs will be shown on the window.

Press control then clicks or right-click one duplicate song, then select Delete button, it will pop out a window, select Delete Song again.

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