Simple Methods to Combine iTunes Libraries Easily

Since Apple products are very popular nowadays, some people may have not just only one Apple device. You may have an iPhone as your communication tool, an iPod as your music player and an iPad to enjoy the wonderful movies. And conveniently, all media saved on iOS devices talked above can be managed by an identical tool – iTunes. Thanks to that, you can enjoy the same content with all your iOS devices conveniently by syncing the playlists and media amongst all your devices with iTunes, such as combining two iTunes playlists or adding media from one iTunes library to the other.

All information of your media on iOS devices such as iPhone, iPad, iPod, are saved as two iTunes media library files: the iTunes Library.itl and the iTunes Music Library.xml. These two files can let you have the possibility to enjoy the media of the same playlist on different devices easily. However, you may have some different iTunes libraries, which saved different content respectively, and many times you need to merge two or more libraries to a single one so that you can access to all your media with whichever of your iOS devices, and here are three methods will help:

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Method 1: Combine iTunes Libraries directly on Mac

You can absolutely combine two or more iTunes Libraries with iTunes directly even if it may cost some time.

You need to not only merge content from two Media folders together but also their information.

Firstly, go to the Media folder on iTunes, this folder should contain the media file you want, and then click “File“-> “Library“-> “Organize Library“. Then check “Consolidate files” and then click “ok”, iTunes will copy all the media files used by it to the default Media folder.

Secondly, create a new playlist, drag and drop all content you need from iTunes Media folder to it. And then click “File“-> “Library“-> “Import Playlist“, select the iTunes Library.xml file of the other iTunes library, to add it to the created playlist. And then media from two iTunes Libraries will be merged together.

However, there may be some duplicates of two libraries, which will make the merged library huge. We should find out the duplicates and then merge them. Fortunately, iTunes will show you the duplicates: In Music Library, tap “Option” key on your keyboard and then click “Show Exact Duplicate Items“. iTunes will find out all duplicates for you so that you can merge them successfully.

Note: When merging the content from two iTunes Libraries via the method above, the ratings and play counts won’t be retained.

Method 2: Combine iTunes Libraries with a third party tool

Another ideal method is to turn to a capable third-party tool to help you finish this task. iMusic is such a power tool which can let you merge the libraries of iTunes from several iOS devices easily. This powerful iTunes merge tool is designed for recovering music libraries from iDevices and moreover, merging multiple music libraries from different iDevices such as your iPhone, iPad and iPod. It also supports transferring the iTunes media content from the old iDevices to new ones. More importantly, it is very easy to use. And you can see the summary operational steps below:

Step 1: Install iMusic on your computer.

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Step 2: Run iMusic and connect your iDevices

Open iMusic on your PC or Mac, and then connect your iDevices, for example, your iPhone to the computer. This application will identify it quickly.

Step 3: Transfer the playlists and content to iTunes Library on your computer

Now select the playlists on your iPhone you want, and then iMusic will transfer both the playlists and the media content and add them to the iTunes Library on the computer. Besides, all your song ratings, skip counts and play counts will also be kept to the iTunes Library. And then you can follow the same steps to merge other playlists and content from other iDevices.

Step 4: Sync iTunes Library to your iDevices

Now you should get an iTunes Library contains all the content from your iDevices on your computer. So you can just sync the content of iTunes Library to your iDevices. With iMusic you can do this very easily. Just connect your iDevices, and then select the content you want such as music, video, photos and so on, and then transfer them to your iDevices, that’s all.

Method 3: Combine iTunes Libraries from other places

If you have the iTunes library saved on an external hard disk, you can also combine the iTunes library with the one on your computer easily. However, you have no way to do this job directly with iTunes on account of that iTunes does not support to do that, so you need to know how to make it manually by yourself.

Firstly, run iTunes on computer, and then connect your external hard drive to computer with USB cable. Go to the iTunes folder on the external hard drive. Then go to iTunes Music folder and then select the content you want and drag them directly to the “Library” section of iTunes. After that, iTunes will start transferring the content you selected from the external hard drive to the iTunes Library on your computer. When you see the section turns blue, which means the data have been transferred successfully, and the Library on the external drive, has been merged to the iTunes Library on your computer. However, you still need to know that all the ratings, play counts and some other media information will be lost at the same time.

Tip: If you’ve saved the iTunes libraries on some other places, for example, on the flash disk or other computers, you can also follow the same method. However, as what I have said, all the star ratings, play counts and skip counts of the media of iTunes Library will be lost when transfer them to the library on computer, so I still recommend you to do this job with iMusic.

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