If you are a Nokia user and are tired of using the same platform, maybe Motorola Moto G (2014 2nd Gen. Supported) or Moto E (2015 2nd Gen. Supported) is quite a good choice for you. Moto G and Moto E are both Android smartphones developed and manufactured by Motorola Mobility. The phones aim at lower-cost class market and are of high-cost performance compared to other phones in its class.

So when you change your old Nokia into the new Moto device, the first of the steps is to transfer contacts from the old device to the new one. Thus you can share the things you want with your friends and families in time. But here comes the problem. How to transfer contacts from Nokia to Moto G2, Moto E2, Moto G or Moto E, the two completely different operating system? Let's assume you don't keep too many contacts on your original phone, then you can add them one by one to your new Moto phone manually. But what if there are hundreds of them? It is definitely not possible to add the contacts manually.

Transfer Nokia Contacts to Moto G or Moto E in One Click

You can relax now. It is not that difficult to transfer contacts from your old Nokia to Moto G5/G4/G3/G2/Moto E3/E2/Moto G/Moto E. With dr.fone – Phone Transfer, all these problems won't bother you anymore. It is a powerful and professional tool that enables you to easily transfer contacts between two completely different platforms. You are able to transfer not only numbers of the contacts, but also the addresses, emails, job titles and company names.

In the following part, you are about to learn the transferring process in details. Before the steps, you need to download the number one  Motorola Migrate tool – dr.fone on your computer. There is a free trial version for you to download.
Note: dr.fone fully supports all Nokia phones which run on Android and Windows Phone.

Download dr.fone – Phone Transfer

Step 1: Get dr.fone installed on your computer

To start with, get dr.fone installed on your computer and launch the program immediately. After a few seconds, you will see the main interface of the program on the screen.


Step 2: Connect your Moto G or Moto E and Nokia to your computer

Use a USB cable to connect your Nokia and Moto device to your computer. The program will recognize your devices immediately. You will find your Nokia phone on the left side while your Moto device on the right. There is a Flip button lying between them. Click the Flip button will allow the two devices to change the places of each other.

nokia to moto g contacts transfer

There is also a choice “Clear data before copy“. It means to wipe out all the data on your Moto device in order to save the files from Nokia. You can tick it or not based on your needs.

Step 3: Start to transfer contacts from Nokia to your Moto G5 or Moto E3

We have to point out that you can also transfer text messages, videos, music and photos at the same time as well. You just need to check the files you would like to transfer.

Here comes to the point. Click the button “Start Transfer” to initiate the transferring process. You just need to make sure the devices are connected to the computer the whole time. When the process is finished, click OK to confirm it.

transfer contacts from Nokia Phone to MOTO E

Don't wait and give it a shot right now!

Download dr.fone – Phone Transfer