Best Way to Convert M4B to MP3

Audiobooks are one of the greatest forms of entertainment nowadays that all groups of people get to enjoy.

There are audiobooks of novels, textbooks for students, and general learning audiobooks. iTunes Store offers hundreds of thousands of audiobooks for everyone to choose from, but the format they are downloaded as doesn’t have widespread support.

In other words, the only way you can listen to an audiobook from the iTunes Store on a different device is to convert M4B to MP3 and then transfer it.

If you want to do this, then there are two issues: how do you extract the audiobook, and how do you convert it?

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Why Audiobooks Are Great

So, let’s start by thinking about something important: what is it about audiobooks that make them amazing? In addition, why is it worth making an effort to turn M4B to MP3?
Firstly, time is a big thing to consider. The fact of the matter is that we don’t always have the time to sit down and read a book.

Secondly, listening to audiobooks is just more convenient than reading. All it takes is putting your earphones in, pressing play, and closing your eyes before you drift away. For many people, this can make it easier to focus on the book itself rather than being distracted by the noise around them.

And finally, to add to the previous point, reading can be difficult if you’re traveling. As appealing as it is to read a book on the way to work, public transport is noisy and so are workplaces. On top of that, if you’ve got children, then your home will also be noisy. So, in today’s world, finding a quiet place to read and hold your attention on a book is extremely difficult. Audiobooks let you listen to a book instead of reading it, and there’s less room for distractions.

Introducing Wondershare UniConverter

Now, that’s why. Let’s take a look at how. Finding a sensible and reliable way to convert M4B to MP3 takes lots of research and time; that’s why we took care of it for you. Wondershare UniConverter is a fantastic program for converting videos or audiobooks; however, that’s not all it can do.

  • Convert thousands of video and audio formats
  • Add audiobooks to a queue for bulk converting to MP3
  • There is no effect on the quality of audiobooks
  • Download videos/audio files from the internet using the downloader
  • Burn audiobooks to a CD and video files to DVDs
  • Converts audiobooks 30x quicker than most other converters
  • Transfer converted files straight to another smartphone, tablet, or USB device
  • Includes a toolbox that can compress music and videos, edit metadata, screen record, convert images, create GIFs, and more
  • Compatible with Windows Vista and newer, and Mac 10.6 and newer

Get UniConverter

These are the most notable features that Wondershare UniConverter brings to the table. Grab a copy of the free trial version, and you’ll have the chance to fully grasp everything that this amazing piece of software has to offer.

How to Convert M4B to MP3

We have no doubt about Wondershare UniConverter being the best program to take care of this conversion. So, in order to get you started, this is how you can easily convert M4B to MP3 using UniConverter.

  • #1 – Start by downloading and installing UniConverter onto your computer.
  • #2 – Launch UniConverter and click “Convert” on the main menu bar at the top of your screen.
  • #3 – Click the “Add Files” button and add any audiobooks that you want to convert. Alternatively, drag and drop the files on the program’s interface.
Wondershare UniConverter m4b to mp3 Converter
  • #4 – Next, click the drop-down menu next to “Convert all files to” at the top-right, and press the “Audio” tab.
  • #5 – Use the list on the left to select an audio format, in this case, MP3, and then choose an audio quality too.
Wondershare UniConverter
  • Reminder: if you want to save storage, then a lower quality may be preferable, but it also compromises how the audiobook sounds.
  • #6 – After that, you can change the save location of the files after they’ve been converted by clicking the “Output” menu at the bottom-left.
  • #7 – If you want to merge the audiobooks into a single file, enable the slider “Merge All Videos” before clicking “Convert All“.
convert m4b to mp3 Using Wondershare UniConverter

There are a handful of benefits to using UniConverter, including the fact that you can choose specifics for converting audiobooks (such as adjusting the quality and combining audiobooks). Given how quick it is to use this method, it’s definitely at the top of the list. Converting M4B files couldn’t be any easier, and as the features above show, it’s capable of more than just converting.

How to Transfer MP3 Files

Perhaps you are converting M4B to MP3 because you want all the iTunes audiobooks you purchase to be on an Android device instead. Transfer those MP3 files to Android with these steps.

  • #1 – Open UniConverter and connect your Android device via USB.
Wondershare UniConverter
  • #2 – Click the “Transfer” option from the top menu, and the device drivers will begin installing.
Wondershare UniConverter
  • #3 – Before proceeding, you will be instructed to put your device into USB debugging mode, and instructions for doing this will display onscreen.
Wondershare UniConverter
  • #4 – After doing that, go to the “Convert” tab and click “Converted“.
  • #5 – Once all of the files you converted are listed in front of you, click on the “Add to Transfer” button next to each of them.
Wondershare UniConverter
  • Note: to transfer videos after downloading them, go to the “Download” tab and follow the same steps.
Wondershare UniConverter
  • #6 – Next, go back to the “Transfer” tab, and the queue should include everything you want to transfer to your Android device.
Wondershare UniConverter
  • #7 – On the right side, you can choose the device to transfer the MP3 files by clicking the drop-down menu.
  • #8 – Lastly, click on “Transfer All,” and UniConverter will put them onto the Android device.
Transfer m4b to mp3 with Wondershare UniConverter

By doing this, you can take full control of handling audiobooks with Wondershare UniConverter. It will convert the M4B files, and afterward, users have the ability to transfer the new file to a different device.

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Converting MP3 to M4B Using iTunes

Perhaps you aren’t converting M4B to MP3, but instead, you want to turn an MP3 into an audiobook. iTunes provides users with this ability, so if you’ve used UniConverter to download audiobooks from YouTube, all you have to do is import them through iTunes.

  • #1 – Open iTunes and navigate to the Library.
  • #2 – Click the “File” tab and select “Add File to Library” or If you want to add multiple MP3s, click “Add Folder to Library“.
  • #3 – Choose your MP3s and add them to the library.
  • #4 – Next, go the “Songs” section of the iTunes library (this is where iTunes adds MP3s).
  • #5 – Right-click the MP3 you added and click “Song Info“.
  • #6 – Once the information window appears, go to the “Options” tab.
  • #7 – Next to the “Media Kind” option, switch the drop-down menu selection to “Audiobook“.
  • #8 – Finally, click the “OK” button and repeat this with all the other MP3s you want to convert to audiobooks.
convert m4b to mp3 with iTunes

In addition to having iTunes create audiobooks out of MP3s, adding them to your iPhone is convenient. Just connect the device to your computer with a lightning cable, sync the audiobook, and that’s it!

Similarly, since Wondershare UniConverter is compatible with thousands of formats, users can convert MP3 to an audiobook format as well. However, we completely understand the convenience of using iTunes, given that plenty of people use it as their default iOS data management program.

Conclusion on M4B to MP3 Converter

To sum up, converting files to and from audiobook format isn’t as difficult or tedious as it was in the past. Wondershare UniConverter specifically makes it amazingly simple to convert M4B to MP3, and after that, you can transfer it to any device you want. Furthermore, UniConverter comes with a toolbox that is full of tools that come in handy every so often. From the GIF maker and photo converter to DVD/CD burner and screen recorder, users of this software will not be disappointed.

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