How to Sync/Copy Photos from iPhone to iPad Mini / iPad Pro / iPad Air

Wondering how to sync photos from iPhone to iPad Mini, iPad Air or iPad Pro without losing anything? The guide is to show you the best tool to do it.

When you want to sync files including videos, photos, audio and app to your Apple device such as iPhone or iPad Mini, you can turn to iTunes for help. iTunes can do the sync for you in an easy way. However, iTunes cannot do everything for you. Many people have both iPhone and iPad. They want to sync their iPhone and iPad. In this condition, iTunes cannot help. in order to sync the two devices, you will need some third party iPhone to iPad synchronization program for help.

In this article, I will tell you how to sync/copy photos from iPhone and iPad in just one click. You can now try dr.fone – Phone Transfer. As a professional phone to phone synchronization tool, you can sync your device iPhone and iPad in an easy way. If you are still wondering whether the tool does help, you can now download the free trial version to experience first. The tool can sync files between tablets and devices running Symbian, Android, and iOS in just one click.

Here are steps for you. You can learn how to copy photos from iPhone 5 to iPad Mini in an easy way. Please download the free trial version of dr.fone below. Then please install it on your computer and then run it by double clicking. Then just follow me now.

Download dr.fone – Phone Transfer

Simple steps to Sync/Copy Photos from iPhone to iPad Pro/Air/Mini

Step 1: Launch iPhone to iPad synchronization program


See the starting window on your computer? You will be required to connect a destination phone via USB first. The program will display them on the window with iPhone on the “source” and iPad on the “destination”.

copy photos from iphone to ipad

If you want to empty photos on your iPad Air or iPad Mini, you can click “Clear data before copy” to make room for imported photos from iPhone. If you don't want to do the empty, just ignore it.

Step 2: Copy photos from iPhone 5 to iPad Mini

Now, you will see all files including contacts, photos, video, and music all be marked by default. If you want to sync photos only, please remove marks from music and contacts. Then click on “Start Transfer” button. The tool will then start transferring files for you automatically. When the process comes to an end, just click “OK” to finish it.

photos from iphone to ipad mini

During the process of copying photos from iPhone 5 to iPad Mini, you can see the schedule in the starting window. You ought to keep your two devices connected to your computer so that the process can run successfully. In addition to syncing photos, you can also transfer other files such as video, music, etc.

Also, the program enables you to sync or transfer all other files between Android phones, Apple devices. It's the professional dr.fone Phone Transfer phone to phone data transfer program for all phones and tablets. Want to have a try? Just join us to learn more!

Download dr.fone – Phone Transfer

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