How to Be Better At Creating Daily Vlogs? – The Dos and Donts

If you are a YouTuber and are looking forward to being more creative, then creating daily vlogs can be an ultimate challenge.

Things like VEDA, influencers telling about the importance of daily content creation, etc. might have come to your notice.

The central point of all these things is daily vlogging, which has become the most popular trend these days.

We are going to tell you about the important aspects of it and how you can be better at it.

Why Do Daily vlogs At All?

The practice of daily vlogging has several benefits in shaping up your approach toward video blogging and enhancing your creative levels. Let’s see what you get out of the amazing routine:

1. Practice makes a man perfect

What, according to you, is the best way of becoming the best at something? You may say the right technique. However, even the best techniques and approach comes to be known only after years of practice and knowing what works out and whatnot. So the key to becoming amazing is, practice!

If you are aiming at becoming the best and most popular video creator, then you must strive to become excellent at what you are doing, pick up the best ideas and put them in your videos, increase your fan base as much as you can, then vlogging at a daily basis is going to be the boot camp you need.

2. Discipline matters

Just like staying fit requires daily exercising, accompanied by a healthy dietary intake, vlogging also demands a full commitment to it along with full discipline. Practicing is a must but do practice daily in a systematized routine.

Such dedication is only going to pay off in the longer run. The most important contribution that daily vlogs make to your personality is accountability.

For any artist, making videos only at times when an idea pops up in the head is not enough; there should be a sense of accountability, and a daily kick might be the need of those times.

3. Need to acclimatize with the YouTube algorithm

Youtube algorithm puts out very strict policies where it demands consistency from the vlogger in posting content every day. The content must be fresh and catchy. Youtube analyzes such videos, and the metrics that it uses to do so are called the View Velocity.

According to this, each video that is uploaded is analyzed by the algorithm according to its performance in the subsequent two days from the date of upload. If it does well and is seen by a considerable number of people, then youtube will lift the video by making it more prominent in the view suggestions of the users.

This way, it becomes important that you publish daily vlogs as it is a great view of increasing the chances of getting more viewers as well as subscribers.

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How should you go about daily vlogging- dos, and don’ts?

Practice and discipline, we have already discussed two critical elements of the vlogging regime. Now is the time to talk about another indispensable part, which is the approach. There are two parts of the approach that build up what to do and what to avoid.

Positives for Daily Vlogs

● Experience is imperative

If you have decided to make a status for yourself on the platform YouTube, you must first take some firsthand experience. If you have already made a few videos, then you can first attempt to increase the frequency of uploading videos gradually. This is just like training for a marathon, you increase the speed gradually, or you would end up hurting yourself.

You may have uploaded 1-2 videos in the beginning. The next step is to become frequent and upload vlogs weekly for a few subsequent months. This will help you to get a hold of the YouTube algorithm and the performance of your videos.

It is after gaining these insights that you will feel better prepared for uploading daily vlogs. You will be able to analyze for yourself if what you are doing is right and going in the right direction if the responses to it are positive enough, and if video creation is giving you the satisfaction that you expect from work.

All these things go a long way in making you better at what you are doing and saving the joy of the job.

● Proper planning of the day

There are a lot of things that happen in anyone’s day, like having to go a place, meeting someone, having a lunch date, taking a specific route to home for avoiding traffic, and many others.

Imagine having these many things to do and making a video on top of them. The day becomes even longer. Now, logic says that all of it would become very easy if you have your day pre-planned.

You don’t have to plan the days compulsively as you might think that over-planning will kill the serendipity of moments. Let life happen too. Also, avoid shooting videos at night as that time must be reserved for rest. Don’t let stress take over by pulling all-nighters, and don’t let it become a habit.

● Edit the videos with shortcuts, hotkeys, presets, and templates

Editing is important, but you don’t have to put all your time into it. Use all the available chances of cutting down on editing efforts. You can try a few things for it-

  • Create templates and save them properly for future reference
  • Add effect presets
  • Learn to edit the hotkeys as that helps to streamline the process

● Always keep a camera handy

Out of all the things, the camera is the most important equipment in the daily vlogs creation process. Life is pretty surprising, and having a camera near always will help you be ready for those unpredictable moments.

This is the first step of being technically prepared always. What were you even thinking about vlogging without a camera?

● Watch the other vloggers

We are not asking you to have a compulsive admiration, but seeking ideas is not a bad thing either. Watch different videos from other vloggers, understand the nicks and nacks involved, learn about content development, and understand ways to make a community.

You can also try interacting with other content makers as well. Support increases the motivation, and you can be a part of the vloggers’ community to share your experiences and reach out for any help.

● Set goals

Know your aim and set goals for achieving it. This will help you understand your expectations out of work and decide how long you are going to stick with it. It is cool to be spontaneous and be a journey lover, but knowing the goals makes you stay motivated for that journey.

As long as you will keep noticing the accomplishment of goals, you will know how much fuel you are left with. This will then take you further with vlogging to another height.

Negatives for Daily Vlogs

● Filming everything is not necessary

So if you are a vlogger and do video blogging daily, then this doesn’t mean that your camera must be on all the time. Remember, it is not important to record everything that you come across. Doing this harms the effectiveness of your efforts only and let us explain how.

Having too much content brings up difficulties in editing it, as you have to decide for every second of the video if to keep it or not. The amount of content you cut out is the amount of time wasted.

You won’t be able to meet the daily deadlines that way—the idea is to start with editing, as in record only what is needed. Being excessive will only waste time and add to unproductiveness.

YouTube video

● Don’t be too focused on the script

The main idea of daily vlogs is to pour out your heart and mind and showcase your skills. The beauty of the videos doesn’t lie in the recitation of flowery words. Your focus mustn’t be on by-heart memorization of the script each day. Instead, you can try doing these things-

  • Prepare an outline that has the key points of the theme.
  • Have an idea where you want to place the video cuts

It is to be noted that you don’t have cut short the script entirely. You just have to be specific and focus on getting the work accomplished decently enough.

● Do not miss out on labeling the content

The organization is a very important aspect of any activity, and the same applies to daily vlogs. Its importance increases further as you gain more followers because you have to publish more content then.

It may feel tedious in the beginning, but it’s a good habit to keep, and it saves a lot of time as well as effort. It is better to remember where you kept the videos so that you can find them easily.

● Don’t worry much about the equipment

Fancy equipment won’t help bad content. So focus on what is necessary. The main idea is that you record whatever you have in your mind, tell the story, edit it, and then upload it.

On days when your fancy camera isn’t ready to help you out, don’t think of giving up the whole project just because of that reason. Carry out the project with whatever equipment you have like any smartphone or even a webcam.

However, the only thing that is attention-worthy is the sound. The audio of the clip matters and you should make necessary arrangements for keeping it better. In case you don’t have nice gear, avoid noisy places to keep the sound better the best possible.

YouTube video

● Don’t forget the audience

The audience is another indispensable part of the entire process of making vlogs, and every effort boils down to the fact that is the target audience likes it? The main purpose of the videos is to entertain, and if that doesn’t get fulfilled, then your motive might not be getting accomplished.

Keeping the audience engaged is difficult and becomes even more challenging when they start liking your work, and you have to be more consistent now. Stay tuned for the feedback.

● Don’t neglect health

Having talked about all that needs to be done, it is also important to remember that you don’t have to overdo anything that might turn to impact your health or being. Working hard is good but pushing the limits only to the extent where it doesn’t put your mental or physical health at risk.

Only you can take care of yourself by understanding what you are doing. If you don’t feel right with doing daily vlogs, introspect your thoughts, and move out.

Final Words about Daily Vlogs

Embarking on a journey of creating daily vlogs is not an easy one, but the achievements will surely make you proud once you look back at them.

Follow our suggestions as we are sure they will help you enjoy the process more. Stop being skeptical and be a sport!



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