Method to Delete Duplicate Files in iTunes Library

Is your iTunes Library in a mess? Too many duplicate files are hidden in your huge iTunes Library. Your hard disk space becomes more and more narrow. You don’t have enough space to download what you like. Now it’s time to delete duplicate files in your iTunes to make your Library clean. If you are annoyed by the question of how to delete the duplicate files, this article is what you need. Here I sincerely introduce two simple but useful ways for you to delete duplicates in iTunes.

Way 1: Clean Up Duplicate Files in iTunes Manually

iTunes has a function to find out duplicate files and shows them to you, then you can delete them manually.

Please do as the following steps:

1. Run iTunes, then select the category of media of the library.

Note: I just introduce how to clean up the duplicate songs because the steps to clean up duplicate files are the same for other types of media such as books, apps and more.

2. Select View, then select Show Duplicate Items.

3. The duplicate songs will be shown on the window.

4. Press control then clicks or right-click one duplicate song, then select Delete button, it will pop out a window, select Delete Song again.

Way 2: Use a 3rd Party Tool to Delete Duplicate Files in iTunes

It is a good choice when you don’t have too many duplicates. However, you probably don’t want to use this way when there are hundreds of duplicates in your iTunes. A 3rd party tool may help you remove the duplicate files. iMusic is an easy-used software to help you find out and delete duplicate files.

Note: This software can also work for Android. When you use it to delete duplicate files in iTunes, you don’t need the Android device.

1. Click Download button to download the tool on your computer with the right version.

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2. After launching the program, please select “Clean Up iTunes Library” under the “TOOLBOX” on the main window.

3. Then you will see a dialog, just tick “Scan” button. This tool will search for duplicate songs and the songs without the right information automatically. The result of searching will be shown for you, including the duplicates and missing music information.

When the window is popped out, click “Clean up“. iTunes starts to delete duplicates and fix the information of songs.

4. Please find below picture, you can tick “Delete Duplicate Songs” and then click “Delete Duplicates” button on the right to delete duplicate files only.


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Tip to prevent duplicate files from being imported in iTunes

To prevent duplicate files from being imported in iTunes, you can select two options to set the iTunes.

  • 1. Run iTunes, select Edit>Preferences…>Advanced.
  • 2. Select two options: Copy files to iTunes Media folder when adding to library or Keep iTunes Media folder organized

When two options are selected and you import files to iTunes Library, the files will be duplicated to iTunes folder. So next time, if you want to import the duplicate files, you will be forbidden by iTunes.

Way 3: Delete Duplicate Files in iTunes Library Simply by TunesFix

iMyFone TunesFix is a professional tool to fix your iTunes errors as well as to clean your iTunes in one place. With two cleaning functions: Deep Clean and Quick Clean, you are able to choose anyone for your needs.

Download iMyFone TunesFix

Step 1. Just choose the clean mode

After download and launch TunesFix, please choose the clean mode when you are in the home interface.

If you just need to clean iTunes media, iOS backups, cookies, cache, logs, software updates, and other junk files, you should choose the “Quick Clean” mode.

If you wish to remove iOS backups created by 3rd-party tools completely, “Deep Clean” is just for you.

Step 2. Scan your iTunes and then select data to delete

TunesFix will start to scan your iTunes when you click the “Scan” button. After that job finished, you are allowed to preview and choose the unwanted data to delete.

Note: All data in your iTunes will be checked by default, you are allowed to uncheck data you wish to keep.

Step 3. Clean iTunes files

After data selected, you should click the button of “Clean” to start the job, TunesFix will delete all checked data from your iTunes.

When it’s finished, you can check how much storage space has been saved.

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