Destiny 2 Sleeper Simulant – How to Get It With Ease

Destiny 2 is a great spectacular guardian game; the game has an awesome list of weapons and coolest looking guns. One of the best guns in Destiny 2 is Sleeper Simulant, but getting the Destiny 2 Sleeper Simulant will have you to put maximum effort and time because it’s not an easy task to achieve. The Sleeper Simulant gun will be worth the time and resources that you put in the game. The Sleeper Simulant can do powerful damage to the enemies. The sleeper simulant is a linear fusion Rifle, not just any normal fusion rifle like it was in Destiny 1. The Destiny 2 Sleeper Simulant also has a power slot unlike in destiny 1.

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The first thing for acquiring the Destiny 2 Sleeper Simulant, you’ll have to finish the main campaign story for the wall mind expansion. Then you have to speak to the character ‘Ana Bray‘, and then you’ll have to speak to ‘Zavala.’ This is where he gives you the location you where you have to go back to Ana Bray, and she will have a couple of missions ready for you to perform. Then you have to complete the mission ‘legacy code‘; after that immediately, she will hand you another mission called ‘A piece of the past.’ And you have run through both of these missions when complete the piece of the past mission.

How to Get Destiny 2 Sleeper Simulant – The Quest Mission


Then you’ll get the AL Kalos legendary hand cannon and then need to go back to Ana Bray once again. She’ll have a new quest called violent Intel, and here you’ll have to kill hive and cabal with headshots in the mars locations. This will take a little while to do public events and things that are going to be really useful but generally. You’ll have to kind of run around in a loop and make those kills.

But once you have made those kills, you’ll have a new step called Rasputin’s culling, and here that time needs to defeat powerful enemies. This is any yellow bars and things something like that and most efficient to do this would be some of the public events or adventure on fallen glimmer extraction in events, once you have made to the powerful enemy kills though you will have to complete heroic strike.


Then you have to return Ana Brey one-time IKELOS for pick up new “pursuit,” that task which makes will be completing and open so many open-world while you play. You have to find Lost Sector on mars after bang-out patrols. When you are doing all these activities, you’ll start to see these things called resonant stems start to drop. Four of them combined will give you an override frequency to open the sleeper nodes, which are those floating triangle things. You see all over the map now; You can open or two waits until you get to the end of the nascent dawn quest. You’ll Have to open one to get the first Arctic weapon from Anna Bray but save the rest of them.

You are going to need as many as you can find a little later on, so focus on killing hive and cabal while looting resonance once the quest is complete. It will drop the second part, which is called Rasputin’s Culling. You have to kill majors or ultras with the hand cannon so any yellow bar orange bar VIP public event boss strike boss etc. Those count towards completing this quest once try to multitask here and do various things in the open world while trying to kill these harder enemies.


How is a difficult strike right now? And if you haven’t played them, 16 or 17 teams that have beaten it across the world. It’s just impossible tasks like no doubt experience house those PvE environments can be enemies are stronger there, of course, a higher power level than you when starting out. I think the minimum for royal tracks is like 350 Delta scaling been increased, so enemies take the longer kill. They hit much harder all of that. These strikes any things if touch you’ll be instant death, even with your super and full masterwork Armor on it still was instant death.

It was crazy, and we wiped tons of time, so be aware of your modifiers when entering a heroic strike. Also, at least for me, there was an extremely annoying glitch with this quest step. You have to complete five heroic strikes with the Eye close hand cannon equipped. You do not physically have it in your hand at the end of the strike. It will not count, so as soon as the strike boss dies immediately, switch to the eye close hand cannon and keep it out, while picking up your rewards do not have any other weapon in your hand or you are complete this strike.

The heroic strikes around about 337, there are a little bit tougher much more like an eyeful level difficulty eCourse if you are a higher level, then it will get easier. Still, you have to complete the five heroic strike. Once you have done this, you will get another step called nodes and protocols, and this is where you need to clear escalation protocol and access sleeper nodes, so the easiest way to do this is to go to Mars and complete the first couple of waves of escalation protocol. If you are under level right now, of course, you are perfectly capable of completing the entire thing, then that’s fine. Still, if you are under level, you can do your first wave, and that will count as a wave completion once you have done all of those you’ll have to access sleeper nodes.

How to Get Destiny 2 Sleeper Simulant – Sleeper Nodes


Sleeper nodes part very cringy part; around Mars, there are actually 40 of these different boxes that you can open, and you will need to do a bit of grinding if you would like to open all of them. Once you know how to open one of the boxes, you can go and start opening all of them. Order to get started on this, you will have already needs to complete the war mind main storyline and all of the quests located on Mars from Ana Bray. Once you do this, you will start gaining these resonant stems for each patrol mission. That you complete now on top of doing a patrol mission, you can also do some public events, and heroic will reward you more every time you complete them.

If you are trying to get, this done faster, so once you have four resident stems, you can convert it into an override frequency. Now every time that you make an override frequency, it will tell you a message on it, and it’s very important ta take a look at what that message says because it will tell you exactly where you will need to take this key in order to get your rewards. When you craft your key, you are going to see a cone on it saying CB NAV, every time it’s going to start out the same with those exact letters. Those letters aren’t important, and instead of it, you want to look at are those last of words on this one. It says Aurora Mind Lab and observation as we pull up our map what we will see is that, but code on the key actually lines up with a location on the map.

So all you really need to do once you have your key created is go under your map and see what lines up with the code on your key. So this code lines up with the word Aurora on the map, so as we head over to those locations we will notice that our screen will start to become distorted. This is the sign that you are on the right track; once you have found the box, all you will need to do is hold square, and you’ll never have to find that box again. However, there are 40 of these boxes scattered all around Mars, meaning you’ll need to do somewhere around 160 public events around 80 heroic in order to get this entire planet completed. And it can be quite frustrating trying to find some of these boxes as they are tucked away and some pretty unique hiding spots.

How to Get Destiny 2 Sleeper Simulant – Escalation Protocols


You have to advance three levels in escalation protocol; for those who messed around with it immediately after the campaign, those bosses are so powerful, and they get harder as the level increases.

Basically, rewards are splits into three categories

  • Vanity: Exclusive Ship, Sparrow, Ghost.
  • Weapons: Shotgun, Sniper Rifle, SMG
  • Armor: Full set


These rewards here are a low drop chance and come out of any of the chests and escalation protocol that you open during the event the further you get in the maximum chance to the chest to approve EP vanity items. However, even if you can only clear up to wave three the first wave spawns a chest upon completion, then you can get a chance although it’s going to be pretty low at getting one of the new vanity items so some of these rewards an exclusive ships a sparrow and a ghost.


These weapon here are going to be your herbal grind rewards they don’t drop as power upgrades past the soft cap so you won’t infuse them into something if you are past 340, but you can spend as much time chasing them in a week as you want these are a load wrap chance the wave seven final bosses, also keep in mind that the reward pool changes for a different boss so there now is going to be the same three of the bosses have a specific weapon between shotgun Sniper Rifle and an SMG and they will only drop that specific weapon. The other2 bosses can drop any of the three weapons if you want to grind and roll the dice.


The Armor set comes from you can guess it the chest appears after beating the final boss on wave seven. The thing is chest requires a key to open you do this by playing other activities to build-up and charge that key something else. You are going to want to know before you start grinding for hours is that these Armor pieces come out in a certain order. You also won’t see any repeats until you have collected. The entire Armor set, so here is what the order looks, so you got class item-> Legs-> Arms-> Chest-> Head. That is the exact order that these Armor pieces are going to drop, and after you have collected all of them, it’s going to be random.

The Final Conclusion on Destiny 2 Sleeper Simulant


The final story mission called 360 power there will be a little beacon marker thing on your map that you can go to there is nothing else that is different about mission except for that 360 power the boss fight might you a little bit longer to do. Still, you can wait for the Valkyrie and do your damage that way. In the fifth and final step, you are going to need to complete the will of the thousand story mission and make sure that you when starting this mission. At the node located near the braid technology future scape spawn, if you try to start it as the daily or something like that. It might not count, so make sure that you use the node to start the mission.

When you get through, the mission kills all at the end. Once you finished this out, you will need to go and complete on more missions with the ick wheels hand cannon equipped now keep in mind even for the nodes. If you do not have that hand cannon equipped when you are opening up those nodes, they will not count, so make sure.

Once you have finished that mission, you head back to Ana Brey. And there is your sleeper. It behaves pretty much the same from destiny one except now the laser splits into five beams, whenever it hits a surface. This is pretty interesting. There are only two shots instead of three due to how destiny two handles power weapons, which is it’s fine for the damage comparison videos for this weapon versus other weapons after getting them all.