DoctorSIM Review 2022 – Know Everything About doctorSIM

In this doctorSIM review, smartphone users will know whether they should employ doctorSIM for unlocking their mobile devices. Today, we come across so many smartphone users who think about how to get rid of the carrier’s restraints on their devices.

It is quite difficult for users to fully access their mobile devices with such limitations. Usually, it is the case that the same users begin researching the best unlocking services to carry out the task.

If you fall under the same category, then there is nothing to worry about. It is possible for users to get rid of carrier locks on their mobile devices through various unlocking services. One such unlocking service is doctorSIM. Using this unlocking service, you can unlock your device in a few simple steps.

Through this doctorSIM review, you will know whether you should use doctorSIM for unlocking your smartphone or not. Here, we are going to discuss its benefits, limitations, and its alternatives too.

Part 1: Should You Trust doctorSIM: doctorSIM Review


doctorSIM provides users with various types of smartphone services. So, here are some of the primary services offered by this unlocking tool:

  • Unlock your mobile device from its carrier
  • Examine if your smartphone has been reported as lost, stolen, or blacklisted
  • Buy a phone credit top-up from anywhere across the globe

Now, it is normal for users to be skeptical about websites like doctorSIM, considering that many users believe just hackers could unlock mobile devices from their carrier. However, this unlocking service is different. This method does not involve any black-hat hacking. doctorSIM is a professional unlocking service.

From a personal experience of unlocking a device using this website, we believe that the unlocking process is relatively straightforward. Plus, there was not any hiccup. Although a turnover could take about a week, it fulfilled our order within just four days.

Now, it is time to introduce some pros and cons in this doctorSIM review about employing this unlocking service to unlock a device.

1. doctorSIM Review: Pros of doctorSIM

So, when we talk about unlocking a smartphone using this service, here are some pros:

  • The tool supports the unlocking of every major phone brand and even several lesser-known phone brands
  • Android and iPhone smartphones do not require to be rooted or jailbroken for unlocking
  • This unlocking service is available to all users residing in any country across the globe
  • It features a flawlessly easy process. All you need to do is to put in some details, place the order, and the program will follow everything from there on
  • Users can even check if their smartphones have been blacklisted and also can compare the mobile plans
  • This unlocking service is reasonably priced as compared to having the carrier unlock the mobile device

2. doctorSIM Review: Cons of doctorSIM

So, there are several drawbacks to using this unlocking service to get your smartphone unlocked. In this doctorSIM review, it is time to have a look at its downsides.

  • This service can sometimes take around a week to unlock your smartphone. So, if you cannot wait for such a long time, then this is not an ideal option.
  • There are various reports that state that this unlocking service was not effective. However, doctorSIM offers a 30-day money-back guarantee.

After reading the pros and cons of this unlocking service in the doctorSIM review, you can take a final decision. It is obvious that its pros outweigh its cons!

3. doctorSIM Review: Is This Unlocking Service a Scam?

The answer to this question is no. doctorSIM is definitely not a scam. This unlocking service is effective and legit for eradicating the restrictions put on by the network carrier on mobile devices. Plus, users can run several checks on their devices and even top up their credit while traveling.

So, the doctorSIM review is entirely based on our personal experience. In case you do not believe our words for it, then just have a look at doctorSIM reviews. With more than 18,500 reviews over the platforms like Twitter and Trustpilot, it is difficult to rule out the efficiency of the facilities they offer.

4. Things to Remember Before Unlocking

The most significant thing that you should keep in mind before you use any unlocking service for iOS devices is to check your device’s blacklist status using a reliable IMEI checker. When your mobile device is listed under the blacklist (reported as lost or stolen), then you cannot unlock your smartphone through any means unless you first remove your device from the blacklist section.

Things to Remember Before Unlocking

PS: let’s figure out how to perform LG Unlock with ease.

Part 2: Best Alternatives to doctorSIM: doctorSIM Review

After reading the doctorSIM review, you may find that doctorSIM is not for every user. We understand this fact clearly. For providing users with a solution, we have carried out research and gone through a few doctorSIM alternatives.

So, here are some amazing alternatives to doctorSIM that we discovered. We have tested these unlocking services for ourselves, which are quite similar to the doctorSIM unlock tool.

1. DirectUnlocks

doctorSIM Review and alternative - DirectUnlocks

DirectUnlocks is an amazing alternative that we used. It offers an incredible experience when it comes to unlocking a mobile device. DirectUnlocks is a website that provides users with carrier unlocking service, FRP removal, and iCloud unlocking service.

So, how does this unlocking service work? All you need is to enter some details regarding your smartphone and a negligible fee. Presently, the delivery period is around 1-24 hours for many network carriers in various countries.

However, the time might increase based on the orders that DirectUnlocks presently needs to process.

Special Features of DirectUnlocks:

  • This tool is capable of unlocking most of the latest Samsung/iPhone models as well as the earlier ones too.
  • One can use this unlocking service for removing the iCloud Activation Lock from iOS devices.
  • The device can be unlocked within just 24 hours. However, the delivery time can differ between different carriers.
  • iCloud and iPhone unlock just cost about $19 each, which is better than other competitors offer.
  • For placing your order and getting your device unlocked, you need to provide some details, such as your network carrier and IMEI number.

Out of the three doctorSIM alternatives that we have used, this program is the one we liked the most due to just one reason. As you all know, user experience plays a crucial role when it comes to unlocking a device.

Needless to say, our order was successfully fulfilled within just 24 hours as the tool promised. So, if you are not content after reading the doctorSIM review, then do not go for doctorSIM instead, choose DirectUnlocks to have the best phone unlocking experience.


2. ExpressUnlocks

In our doctorSIM review, it is time to learn about another amazing alternative to doctorSIM. This is ExpressUnlocks which allows users to unlock IMEI numbers primarily. When reading its reviews online, you will find that customers have praised this tool a lot. This is what we feel after trying this program ourselves.

While employing this unlocking service, our team found everything to be tremendously straightforward. Plus, our delivery was made smoothly within just two days, even though it could take around three days. Our devices were successfully unlocked without any problem. So, here are some features that make this service a good one:


Special Features of ExpressUnlocks:

  • This unlocking service is one of the cheapest unlocking services.
  • ExpressUnlocks is available for Samsung/Huawei/LG/iPhone/ZTE/Motorola/Alcatel/Sony phone models across the globe.
  • The program can unlock iCloud Activation Lock or IMEI.
  • The delivery could take around three days for various network carriers.

Although this unlocking program works fine, there is just one drawback of employing this service to unlock smartphones. The drawback is that this alternative takes a bit longer than other unlocking services available out there.

However, the good thing is that it is available at a cheaper rate. Having said that, this tool unlocks your device hassle-free.

3. IMEIDoctor

In this doctorSIM review, learn about the last but most effective alternative to doctorSIM. IMEIDoctor aims at unlocking iPhone, carrier checks, and iCloud Activation Lock.

This service is very effective when it comes to unlocking a device. However, there is only just one disadvantage, which is that this unlocking service works just for the iPhone.

However, if you let go of this point and just focus on some amazing features that IMEIDoctor offers, it is incredibly fantastic.


Special Features of IMEIDoctor:

  • For all network carriers, this service costs around $28 for unlocking an iPhone.
  • Once you have placed your order, you can easily track your device’s program in terms of unlocking using the feature ‘Order Tracking.’
  • A trained team of professionals takes care of iPhone unlocks.

Regarding negative points, there is nothing much to say. It is obvious that you cannot unlock Android devices with this service. However, that is about it. Plus, the delivery time is longer for several carriers, which could be annoying for some users.

So, these are some of the doctorSIM alternatives. You can use these unlocking services if you cannot wait longer to unlock your locked mobile device with doctorSIM.


So, this is all about doctorSIM in this doctorSIM review. If you ignore the negative points that are there for using this unlocking service, it is definitely a good option available out there for unlocking a device.

However, we can totally understand that some users cannot wait for such a long period of time to unlock their locked phones (how to unlock Samsung phone lock password).

Meanwhile, you can even try out the alternatives to doctorSIM. The doctorSIM alternatives mentioned in this doctorSIM review work only for iPhones. These unlocking services cannot unlock an Android smartphone.

Thus, if you use an Android device, doctorSIM is an ideal choice for you. Use this unlocking service and get your device unlocked effectively!



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