How to Download All Photos from iCloud

The iPhone X and the iPhone 8 mobile devices are the most sought-after devices all over the world. These devices by Apple are geared with all fresh features, which have never been seen before, like new augmented reality, super retina screen, all screen look, among others.

It is a common fact that pictures carry sentimental value for everyone. They are remembrances of an occasion or a moment. Yet, with the space restriction in iPhone, people often make backups of their images, so that it can be viewed on other iOS devices whenever and to make space on the iPhone device. It is known for a fact that the iCloud app will save photos automatically as they are taken. The instant you click photos, they all get synced with the iTunes app. The question is how to download all photos from iCloud in case of a problem. In this guide, we are covering all approaches to solve such a query.

PART 1: How to download all photos from iCloud using Photo Library of iCloud

You can achieve your result in 2 different means –one for the Mac OS and a different one for the Windows PC.

Download all photos from iCloud to the Windows PC:

In the first instance, you will need to download the individual iCloud version for Windows app and install it. Subsequent to this, you must carry on with the steps below to download all photos from iCloud:

Step 1: Start by launching the program. Sign in via the Apple ID, from the control panel.

Step 2: On the left-hand side of this program, you can check out the offered services. You can tap on the ‘Photos‘ option and choose the ‘Apply‘ icon.


Step 3: Hit the button of ‘Options‘ after setting the Library of iCloud Photos.


Step 4: Now, you can browse all the available pictures on the given account. Choose all or selected images, and download all of them to your Windows PC.


Download all photos from iCloud to the Mac OS device:

Step 1: To begin with you need to verify if you are using the most recent Mac version. To do this, pilot to the menu of Apple and select the ‘About this Mac‘ option and tap on the ‘Software Update‘ button.

Step 2: Navigate to the Apple menu’s system preferences after update of the program.

Step 3: Opt for the ‘iCloud‘ option and sign in by typing your Apple password and ID.

Step 4: subsequent to carrying out the process of signing in, choose the service of ‘Photos‘ from the left panel.

Step 5: Then, tap on the ‘Options‘ button, given next to the feature of ‘Photos‘ for activating the Photo Library of iCloud.


Step 6: Having done this, you are letting iCloud synchronize all your photo data with Mac, on the photos library. After doing this, you can directly check all your pictures.


PART 2: How to download all photos from iCloud using iMyfone iTransor and without loss of data

The iMyFone iTransor software is a visionary app that can aid you in the extraction of data from a backup created by the case of iTunes and iCloud. This can further be used by you in creating backup files with no difficulty. Seeing that it supports more than twenty diverse file formats, the program is fast in the file format recognition, which you want to haul out from a previous backup. In addition, you can download a partial or an entire backup & fix the WhatsApp iCloud Backup Stuck issue, thus making it a crucial tool for all users of iOS.

iMyFone iTransor Key Features:

  • iMyFone D-Port Pro can flexibly download more than 20 data types from the iCloud back up in addition to the iOS device or iTunes back up.
  • It can efficiently Restore WhatsApp from Google Drive to iPhone, restore partial or full backups completed by iCloud, iTunes, and back up made by means of iMyFone iTransor to all iOS devices.
  • Backup all your valuable data files on the iPhone device or just partially back up your WhatsApp data, Messages, or WeChat data files.
  • The program can also download all photos from iCloud to the PC & complete the WhatsApp backup and restore in 1-click.

Learn more About iMyFone iTransor

Step 1: Initiate by downloading and installing the iMyFone iTransor (formly name:D-Port Pro) program on the PC. After having completed the installation, proceed to launch the program interface. From the main window, opt for ‘Extract Data from Backup‘ and pick on an iCloud back up.


Step 2: In case your back up on iCloud is not listed, you can make use of your Apple ID for accessing into iCloud. Subsequent to logging into your iCloud account, you will be capable of seeing all the available backup files, along with dates and sizes. Single out the backup file, which you need and tap on the ‘Next‘ icon for downloading your content data from the backup file on iCloud.


Step 3: following the download completion process, the iMyFone D-Port Pro software will request you to choose the data, which you want to download. These will be shown to you, in a fresh window after the conclusion of the step above. Choose the ‘Photos‘ option, and let the iMyFone D-Port Pro software scan for your content through the downloaded back up file (s).


Step 4: After the completion of the scan, the software will show you the details on a fresh screen. These content files can be reviewed by you. You must now mark al your desired files, which you want to download or else, choose all of them, and hit the ‘Extract’ icon at the base for saving them to the PC.


PART 3: How to download all photos from iCloud by means of Dr.fone – Recover?

If you are on the lookout for a reliable, trouble-free, and fast way for accessing your iCloud photo files on the PC, then you can simply make use of the dr.fone program as a tool. Essentially, this tool is employed for recovering the lost data files on the iOS device. What’s more, you can also make use of it for accessing your photo files from a prior iCloud back up as well. This way, you can back up your desired photos selectively. Get to know more about it by the full dr.fone reviews.

dr.fone – Recover (iOS) Key Features

  • dr.fone is the world’s first iPad and iPhone Data Recovery program, it can recover data on your iPhone 7 Plus easily.
  • It can offer three distinct ways of recovering your iPhone data.
  • The program can retrieve deleted Kik messages & scan all iOS devices for the recovery of contacts, messages, photos, video, notes, et cetera.
  • It can extract files and preview your entire content in any iCloud or iTunes back up files.
  • Selectively restore all content from an iCloud or iTunes back up to the desired device or the PC.
  • It is compatible with the latest iPhone model devices.
  • Dr.fone – Recover is available on both the Windows and Mac operating systems.

Learn more about dr.fone – iOS Recover

Step 1: Initiate by launching the dr.fone software on the PC and choose the ‘Data Recovery‘ option from the main screen.

dr.fone Pin

Step 2: Then link the device to your computer and wait for some time as dr.fone detects it.

Step 3: On the left pane, tap on the option of ‘Restore from iCloud Backup File.’


Step 4: Doing so, will launch an interface. Just enter your credentials of iCloud account and log in through the main program interface.

Step 5: Soon, a list of your entire iCloud backup data files will be shown with basic details. Just choose the backup file on iCloud, which you want to restore.


Step 6: This will display a pop-up box, where you can pick the data type that you want to back up. For accessing the iCloud photos, you must check the associated options in ‘Photos & Videos‘ category.


Step 7: Tap on the ‘Next‘ icon for proceeding.

Step 8: Wait for some time as the dr.fone program downloads the chosen back up and then retrieve the content.


Step 9: subsequently, your photos can be previewed by you that you can restore to the local storage system or the linked device directly.

Tips: After downloaded your photos from iCloud, dr.fone – Backup & Restore (iOS) is able to help you Restore iCloud Backup to your new iOS device effortlessly.

By following the steps above, you can proficiently download all photos from iCloud. These are the few ways in which third-party tool can come of great use. Both the iMyFone iTransor and dr.fone – iOS Data Recovery program can offer you the fastest and simplest means to download all photos from iCloud to the PC. These tools are conveniently available for use in both Windows and Mac.