How to Download Deezer Music on Windows Computer

How to Easily Use Deezer on Computer

Deezer is a music service for the Windows computer on the Internet, which can be used in more than 180 countries. Now, you can download this nice app on almost all the Windows computers, like Windows 7, 8 and 10, and more. For the users of Windows 8, you can get a year access to this service, which is of complete functions and of no ad. You can use it on either the desktop or the laptop of Windows. The database of the Deezer is large, more than 20 million tracks according to the official data, and you can find all the music you like with this service.

If you have downloaded the Deezer on your Windows computer, you will find it of a clear interface, which makes the operations on it easy and simple. By double-clicking on the start icon of the Deezer, you will see the next primary windows of it. And then, on the search bar, input the keyword of the music that you want to download. It is convenient that the Deezer helps you find the relevant songs of the same playlist, album, or the channel of radio. The editorial teams of the Deezer will find the new songs and recommend them to you.

Since the Deezer can be easily available with Windows 8, I think you will not miss out on it. There are some more interesting features of the Deezer awaiting you. For instance, you can easily switch to another application from the Deezer, like the email, browser and so on.

As said before, there are many songs available on the Deezer. But it is a pity that all the songs are there for listening online, instead of downloading for offline playback. Thus it is not convenient for us to use it, because we always want to listen to music when we are on the way, like on foot or on the subway. Now, let's think another way out.

How to Download Deezer Music via iMusic in 1-Click

Where there is a will, there is a way. And here we have the way out. We find a tool that can work, named the iMusic. This is a nice application which works as an excellent alternative of the iTunes. You can use it a music manager on either the Windows computer or the Mac computer. Here are some features of it:

iMusic Key Features:

  • 1. LoudTronix free MP3 downloader supports both the Windows computer and the Mac computer.
  • 2. It can help you download or record the music online that are not easy to be download.
  • 3. You can transfer the audios between any two devices with the help of this application.
  • 4. You can manage the music file on your computer with this application, including editing and ID3 tags, creating backups of the audios, removing the duplicate music file, deleting damaged files and so on.
  • 5. This tool also makes it possible to use iTunes on the Android phones.
  • 6. The audio files this application download are of the same quality of the original audios.
  • 7. Unlike the other third party tool, the iMusic will help you to recognize the information of the audio files like the titles, artists, albums and so on.
  • 8. If the playlist is too long, you can use the iMusic to split it into two playlists.
  • 9. There is no ad on the primary window of the iMusic.

Get iMusic Now

Now, let me show you the detailed way to use iMusic to free download Deezer music in the following passages:

Step 1. Download the iMusic

Download the iMusic and install it on your computer. Remember that you need to choose the right version of this application, or it will be hard to go on. And then launch it by double-clicking on the start icon. And soon, you will get the interface of the iMusic on your computer.

Download iMusic Free

Step 2. Go to the “Record” function

On the left column of the iMusic, you can easily find the button of “Record“. Click on it and then will you see a big disk on the right column with a button of “REC” in the center.

iMusic - Record Music

Step 3. Record the Deezer music that you like

On the Deezer, search for the music that you like, and then go back to the iMusic, and click on the “REC” button. Again, go to the Deezer, and play the music you have just found. In fact, the iMusic is recording the sound on your computer. Thus, make sure that there is no other sound on your computer. Or there will be some noise in the audio file you get afterwards.

Step 4. Store the audio file recorded

Once the Deezer music stops playing, the iMusic will detect and then stop recording too. If you want to stop halfway, you can click on the “REC” button again. When it finishes recording, you will get the audio file you like. Although it is recorded, the iMusic will help you recognize the title, artist, and album, and therefore, you will get a complete audio file just like it is downloaded from the Deezer.

iMusic - Recorded Music in iTunes Library

Step 5. Transfer the audio file to iTunes

As the iMusic can not serve as a music player, you can transfer it to the iTunes for offline playback. There are two ways of doing this: you can export the audio file from the iMusic to the iTunes, or you can launch the iTunes and then import the audio file to it. After transferring to the iTunes, you can feel free to listen to the audio file on your computer as well as on your Apple devices.

For the non-Apple users, you can also transfer the audio file to some other music players or your mobile phone. The simplest way is to connect your mobile phone to your computer, and then draw and drop the audio file to it. And here is the best Android audio manager for those Android users to manage audio files effortlessly.

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