How to Download YouTube to iPhone X With Ease

Why Need a Professional YouTube Downloader for iPhone X?

The iPhone X and iPhone 8 are the latest models released very recently by Apple. These are models with the most up to date technology and design, one of which is the new augmented reality feature. The iPhone X is 40% more costly than the iPhone 8 device itself, due to of its most advanced features, which have attracted a lot of attention all over the whole world. Due to such increasing popularity of these new iPhone devices, it is most imminent to address the new generation of iPhone users and attend to their intricate queries and doubts, regarding the device. In this column, we are particularly going to discuss the iPhone X and its large array of facilities and features.

If you are a new iPhone X user, you will obviously need to prioritize your music facilities first. Music can move our souls, and it will do the same for you, on the high-quality iPhone X sound system. We can offer you the finest and most used YouTube downloader for iPhone X along with showing you how to download YouTube to iPhone X.

Such a downloading of YouTube videos on the iPhone device can be done quite easily with or without the use of your PC. In this generation of innovation in science and technology, a large array of apps have come up, which can be employed for both iPhone and PC for downloading any number of desired YouTube videos. The method entailing a download YouTube to iPhone X is actually quite easy to use and can be followed by anyone without the requirement of any former technical knowledge.

The YouTube downloader for iPhone X that we are going to discuss in this article is called iMusic. It can be used both as a program on the PC or as an app on your iPhone X. Read the following segment to know more.

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How to download YouTube to iPhone X effortlessly and quickly with the PC

The iMusic app is a wonderful program that has been most advocated by its users for its easy to use interface and efficient results in downloading desired YouTube videos on iPhone X. It is essentially desktop software, with which you can easily use to download YouTube to iPhone X. This program has been highly rated by its users, owing to its advanced techniques and sleek design. This program has a plethora of features, which are not commonly found and used by most other programs of the same genre.

Hence, this program is at present, one of the most used and most excellent music converting program for solving any device to device tasks and problems. It is the best YouTube downloader for iPhone X, which you will ever find in this present decade. For your essential information, we have enlisted a small list of chief features of the iMusic program.

KEY FEATURES of the YouTube Downloader for iPhone X:

  • 1. The iMusic software can download any desired music files from more than ten thousand song and video sites, which can range from Adobe TV, Hulu, FunnyOrDie, Metacafe, BlipTV, Lynda, Dailymotion, Break, , Veoh, AOL, Deezer, Megavideo, MyVideo VideoBash,, LiveLeak, Vimeo, Nico Video, Veevr, and much more.
  • 2. This program is capable of recording song files in their original quality along with routinely splitting the tedious ads.
  • 3. Through this program, you can download and discover song files from over three hundred thousand songs.
  • 4. It can transfer any number of music files among different kinds of devices directly devoid of iTunes.
  • 5. The iMusic program can fix and manage your music library smartly using the right ID3 tags.
  • 6. Using its multi-thread programming, the iMusic program can allow you to make downloads of with three time’s faster speed in comparison with other common downloaders.
  • 7. The program can record video files from whichever online site you want. It can record capture TV shows, online videos, and streaming videos from many sites, ranging from Hulu, Netflix, BBC and more. Through this program, you can also capture live videos concurrently.
  • 8. Finally, it can support over one fifty file formats, ranging from Android, WMV, AVI, PSP, MKV, iPhone, and the like.

Download iMusic Free

The steps below provide valuable information on how to download YouTube to iPhone X. Follow the steps carefully for satisfying and effective results:

To initiate this method, you would need a few essentials:

  • iMusic
  • A Windows operating PC or Mac for downloading desired songs
  • Your iPhone X along with the USB Cable

Step 1: Start by opening the YouTube site using a browser of your choice and decide on the video file that you want to download to your new iPhone X. Then copy URL of the video.

Step 2: Next, you must launch and initiate the iMusic program on the PC. On its main program interface, you must choose the ‘DOWNLOAD‘ option from the ‘GET MUSIC‘ icon on the main toolbar. Then paste URL that you have copied previously on the search bar of the program and choose your preferred format option ranging from MP4 or MP3. Finally, tap on the ‘Download‘ button to start the process.

Step 3: As soon as your YouTube music file is effectively downloaded, you will be able to see in among your ‘ITUNES LIBRARY‘ list located under the ‘Downloaded‘ menu on the program’s upper left menu bar.

Step 4: Finally, you can make desirable transfers on your iPhone X device. To do this, you must link your iPhone X to the PC, and choose the number of downloaded YouTube files from the ITUNES LIBRARY in the Downloaded menu. You must right-click on these selected files and choose the particular iPhone X name from the ‘Add to‘ drop-down list.

Having followed these steps, you can finally download YouTube to iPhone X using the best YouTube downloader for iPhone X. These are well-researched steps, which you can follow with use without needing any prior technical expertise. You can teach these efficient steps to show and teach your friends as well on occasion of a new handset device.

Additionally, the iMusic program is the best YouTube downloader for iPhone X for meeting any sort of device to device transfers and for downloading needs to be met smoothly. This program is guaranteed to satisfy you in performing any such iPhone X tasks in quick time.


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